Vinai Trinateepakdee: Emotive Rock - Summer Haze

Vinai T returns to JTC with a blindingly good new series, deep rooted with emotion! These 3 tracks are Vinai showing exactly what he does best...creating heart warming, inspirational melodic solos that hit all of the right notes.

One of Vinai's heroes is Neal Schon, so we gave Dave Lockwood the brief to create 3 backing tracks in this style for Vinai to play over....and what a dream combination it has turned out to be. The backings are sublime to jam over, with a slower ballad, medium paced rock and a funk track in the mix. And Vinai rose to the challenge and blitzed it with these incredible solos.

We have set this package to intermediate as the large % of the solos fall into this category. Summer Haze and some sections of The Time Is Now and Cry From The Heart have some tougher licks to master, but as they say 'practise makes perfect'...and we all love a challenge!

The package comes with trusty JTC tab and notation, the solo, backing and extended jam tracks and videos for you to analyse exactly how to play these solos.

Check out the previews below and prepare to get seriously emotive!


3 solo tracks
3 backing tracks
3 extended jam tracks
3 video performances
Tab and notation in PDF and Powertab

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