Toomas Vanem: great Tapping and Sweep picking lesson

Hi Mates,
I am writing/producing a series of guitar video lessons, based on my own compositions and guitar solos. So for someone who in curious, how I play some of my stuff, this material may be inspirational/educational ... whatever, to discover and master those techniques that 21-st century guitar players use a lot.

The first one is tapping and sweep picking exercise, in a key of C major, and it starts with a tapping melody, that is taken from my composition "Birthday Illusions"- from my forthcoming solo release.
I split this particular lesson into four sections, so you can learn those sections slowly and practice every phrase to the perfection.

As a matter of fact, we have some odd timing signatures ( 5/8 ) here at our lesson, check them out as well!
The chord changes for this lesson are:

// Am9 / Am9 / G2 / G2 / FM7 / FM7 /
/ BbM7 / BbM7 / FM7 / FM7 //
// Am9/E / Am9/E / Eb2 / Eb2 /
/ F#2 / F#2 / Eb2 / Eb2 / C2 / C2 /
/ Am11 / Am11 / FM7 / FM7 /
/ F/G / F/G / CM7 //

Special thanx goes to Mr. Martin Miller for that major seven FM7 chord tapping arpeggio idea ( bars 9-10 ). I don't know, is this monster his original? ...but I got it from him, so thanx Martin. You can expand this tapping arpeggio idea to another kind of chords ... which we are going to talk later.
The main point is, you should/must do your own tricks/mystery/stuff on your guitar, but to be able to do that, you have to master certain amount of technique and knowledge ... the rest is up to you.
And don't listen to anyone who says "Man you sound different/...I don't understand what/why you are playing " -- It is cool to sound different!

So like one of my favorite guitar player said, "Grow Your Own Moustache"!

P.S. backing tracks & tablatures available at

Guitar Extravaganza Lesson1 - "Tapping & Sweep picking"

Toomas Vanem - "Lonely Proton"