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Tosin Abasi: guitar Magazin video interview

Siebensaiter Friends beware! here it is now, the workshop interview we did together with Tosin Abasi at this year Ibanez Guitar Festival for you. future reference you can the workshop with Tosin as always in the (current) guitar 9/13 . Whoever let the issue directly free shipping send home, as it can always order under Have fun playing! your guitar-editors

Tosin Abasi Guitar Interview Part 2

Tosin Abasi Guitar Interview Part 3

William Dotto: Suhr two handed , 8 finger tapping noodles

William Dotto improvising over a free jamtrack called 'bluesy jazz' downloaded from

SUHR SHRED solo by William Dotto

William Dotto plays an italian famous tune called "pop porno" by IL GENIO band, rearranged for chordal tapping technique as well :)

morning star vinnie moore

pop porno IL GENIO by William Dotto

Wayne Krantz: All That Jazz - Guitar World - 2012

The following content is related to the September 2012 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:

This month I'd like to discuss my approach to chord playing — how I look at the structure of chords and create solo lines and licks that incorporate fragments as well as fully voiced chords

All That Jazz: Wayne Krantz - September 2012

All That Jazz: Wayne Krantz - October 2012

All That Jazz with Wayne Krantz: The Art of Songwriting, and How to Play "War Torn Johnny," Part One

All That Jazz with Wayne Krantz: How to Practice with a Metronome

Brian Larkin: monster licks in the channel sampler

From NAMM 2013

This one's really meant for first-time visitors to my channel who don't necessarily want to sit and sample every video. I've been devoting all of my free time to the completion of my album... Stay tuned...

Channel Sampler (2007-2011)

Daniele Gottardo: Vigier noodle time NAMM 2013

Daniele Gottardo stopped by the Vigier stand to try out some of the fine instruments. So spends a little quality noodle time as people talk and walk past...NAMM 2013 baby.

Daniele Gottardo: Vigier noodle time NAMM 2013

Brennan Dylan: jamming to Empire State Of Mind, with thanks to Jay Z and Alicia Keys

Here is my Improv solo to Empire State Of Mind. I hope you guys like it!

Jay Z- Empire State Of Mind feat. Alicia Keys - Brennan Dylan Improv Solo

Victor Solis: 60 second Solo Contest Entry

Here is my entry for this contest: David Walliman's 60 Second Solo Contest

60 second Solo Contest Entry : Victor Solis

Jimi Hendrix: Jimi's memorial is on September 18

Tina Hendrix
Jimi's memorial is on September 18. The family will be at his graveside to pay our respects with tributes. The fans are invited to participate as well. More details will be coming soon, but one thing that never ever changes is the dates: November 27 Jimi was born, September 18, he moved on into the universe. Peace Love and Harmony to the fans, because Jimi's fans are the best fans ever!!! Thanks for the love!

Daniele Gottardo,William Stravato: improvised jam Aug. 4, 2013

Improvisation on the spot during a William Stravato masterclass in Monteroduni Italy.

Improvisation on the spot during a William Stravato masterclass in Monteroduni Italy.

Andy Wood: awesome tones and on fire and smoking in lime green!

Andy Wood playing awesome. With his new band Drunk with guns. Riks music Whammy bar cafe. 6-8-13

Andy Wood playing awesome

Andy Wood demos axe fx and plays Tom Sawyer

Andy Wood talks gear and sponsorships

Drunk with Guns-Tom Sawyer (live @ Tin Roof Birmingham

Drunk With Guns Rap

Marcin Duński: stunning drawing of Joe Satriani - flying in a blue dream?

Marcin Duński posted this amazing drawing in what looks like blue biro!

Martin Miller: answer fusion questions on

Your alternate picking technique is unfathomable. How did you develop such control and speed? (I saw your alternating picking on Petrucci's Glass Prison Arpeggios) and I can't even play it sweep picking.
I was pretty obsessed with it in my teen years. Paul Gilbert "Intense Rock II" definitely made a huge impact on cleaning my technique up and putting the quality of tone (of the picking motion, not the gear) first. Not even the actual exercises, which I never bothered learning, but just hearing Paul play with such a dry, unforgiving tone made me realize that even at ridiculous tempos his two hands were still at perfect sync. Before that I thought fast picking was all about spastically wanking away with your right hand while cranking up the gain on the amp.

Also I kept a log with some quick recordings, bpm numbers, all that nerdy stuff to keep me motivated :)

The intervallic thing that seems to become my specialty (arpeggios, bebop lines, etc.) kind of developed by itself after having a solid technical foundation to base it upon. In my college years I was playing all kinds of music from all kinds of instruments. Also my scalar picking chops were pretty much useless anywhere I played, so when I tried to make use of my technique I had to adapt musically and play more melodic, musical lines fast, which usually involve a load of string crossing.

Hi martin! as I can get those licks Bebop? when guitar will influences?

I'd prefer to teach you the fundamentals of Bebop music as opposed to a couple of licks. If you're just interested you best take them where they came from: the most influential players and their recordings.

if I got Skype lessons with you, would you be able to teach me jazz guitar from the basics upwards? i'm struggling to find a teacher where I live, but I have been trying teaching myself some stuff, also what is that Ibanez guitar you have in some videos?

Yes I could totally do that. I have a very methodical approach to teaching jazz based concepts. It's actually very satisfying for a teacher to be able to teach someone a certain topic from the ground up, so there's no clash of approaches happening. Be sure to get in touch through my website!

That guitar was an AT-300 and has by now been sold and replaced by a Suhr Pro S1.

I'd just like to say first off, you're a f***ing amazing guitarist. And now my question! I am looking to do my grade 8 guitar soonish, have you got any tips for applying some more interesting modes and intervallic ideas to lead guitar playing?

It is not nearly about learning or applying a certain scale as people think. It's what you make out of them. To be honest I think that's because some might expect you to show them a bit of a cheap trick that immediately transforms anything they play into something interesting and exciting.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. Usually the chord or accompaniment dictates the mode, not the soloist.

2. A great player will sound great using the "stock" modes and scales, while a less educated player will sound bland using even the most exotic of scales.

You said that you think in terms of intervals most of the time. How did you work on this?

Here's an answer I gave before that might be helpful:

"Yes, I do think about the intervals almost all the time, in some cases I'll think about the key center more but usually I try to follow every chord as it goes by. Let's say we were going to play Autumn Leaves in Bbmaj/Gmin and I were to play an Eb over each chord, here's what my brain would tell me upon doing it:

  • Cmin7: b3 (playing Eb over Cmin)
  • F7: b7 (playing Eb over F7, simile)
  • Bbmaj7: 4
  • Ebmaj7: 1
  • Am7b5: b5
  • D7: b9
  • Gm7: b6
Of course I don't always spell these things out loudly in my head, especially at higher tempos. After a while it becomes like recognizing colors, you don't have to think about whether something is red or green anymore."

1) Is there any particular track/solo that will help me further develop my hybrid picking. 2) Please do a video on how you play the opening lick! to this video ITS KILLS EVERYTIME!!! Thank you from Ireland! \m/

You might wanna have a look at this, different notes but identical concept:

Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson #7: two Hybrid Picking Ideas by Martin Miller

As for your first question, if your music requires hybrid picking your technique will eventually catch up. Keep your nails in proper condition, learn to play some polyphonic arrangements, transcribe your favourite licks, always make sure that quality of tone has the highest priority in your hybrid ideas, rest is going to happen over time.

Asl Martin more fusion questions:

Sam Bell: I love Ibanez RG's, my fave guitar is my RG1527 he tells a loyal fan!

When first learning guitar who were your major influences? Also how do you go about composing and breaking down riffs? Some of your compositions are mind blowing.

Thank you for you're kind words :) I was brought up on Bob Dylan, Talking Heads, Thin Lizzy, and quite a few blues artists too. When i first saw Yngwie in a guitar magazine 7/8 years ago I decided to give guitar a "proper" go. When it comes to composing, I wish i knew, creativity is such a strange thing. Most of the time its through what i hear in my head, humming melodies, hearing them, feeling a groove, or even when working on a technique, something pops out from the unknown. And when it does, its really fun, i love writing music, i wish i could tap into my creativity and inspiration more

sam, did you ever played a scalloped frets guitar ? and what do you think of it ? i know it's a matter of personal preference i just want your opinion about them , cheers‎

I have played a few scalloped fret guitars, not long enough to really have a preference though! They look pretty cool though, I always wanted a YJM strat when i started playing haha

what was the most comfortable guitar you have ever played since you were a beginner til this day ? and if one day you'll have a signature guitar , what brand would it be ? and what are the features you want them in it ? what pickups ? what bridge do you like ?

I love Ibanez RG's, my fave guitar is my RG1527 (7 string) it feels really comfy, my friend/bandmate Reece Fullwood has a couple and sets them up amazingly! I love my RG2228, and the RG2550. They all feel good to me! If i were to have a signature model it would be ibanez, it would be HSH, 8 string, scratchplate, edge zero floating, and it would be colourful.

Have you got jumbo stainless steel frets on your guitars?

Probably, I like big frets. :)

hi :) how do you compose guitar parts?

I wish i knew. I spend a lot of time jamming ideas, listening for things in my head and trying to play them. I just wish i could think of decentish things more often! It cant be forced!

what is a ting doe?
its a kind of bird invented by Olly Steele.

If you could have an artist sig ibanez what number would you give it (name) to match your personality :)

'IBNWBTM01' otherwise known as 'I bet nobody would buy this model even once'

do you ever use the whammy bar ? and which type of whammy bars do you like (the kahler or the floyd rose ) ?

I love whammy bars, I did this tune using a lot of whammy action:

I much prefer Ibanez Edge trems, because they don't stick into my wrist, they are really easy to adjust and they stay in tune well enough to session with them.

is there any sort of specific things on guitar which you want to achieve but completely fail at?

Yes. Everything. I fail at Guitar and music everyday. There are too many specific things i want to achieve!

what's your approach when it comes to creating lead tones? Estimate how many rhythm tone patches you use

I have one main tone, which i add a bit of verb/delay to for lead, thats for recording at home though. I much prefer a real amp, when i use a real amp, i have one tone and control as much as i can from the guitar end of things :)

What do you recommend for players who are burned out?

I think i find music funny, and playing music is quite funny. So thats what usually gets me through tough spots. Other than that, maybe work on a different technique/style/aspect of you're playing, jam with someone on a totally different instrument, just switch it up!

What are your thoughts in the Iron Label series Ibanez guitars, and do you think they're worth the price tag? Also: which overdrive pedal would you choose for a bass? I've heard the B7K is top-notch, but I'm not rolling in the cash and can't afford it...haha.

The Iron Label series guitars are awesome, especially the 8 string, great value for money. Overdrive pedals for bass? The bass player in my band has a Darkglass something or something, his name is George Bell, he is on facebook and knows more about bass than I do :)

Ask away

Thomas Lang: Drumming Boot Camp - Melbourne, Australia November 2013

TLDBC Melbourne, Australia November 15th - 17th


Last time we were in Melbourne we hosted some of the BEST camps we have ever experienced! The students and our partners DrumTek and Australia's #1 drum magazine Drum Scene help make these camps an exceptional experience for everyone! What can we say -- the TLDBC Melbourne WILL be the place to be. Sign up EARLY for this camp - it will sell out quickly!

Takuya Yada: 7 fragments of the unconscious, the 1st solo album

Takuya Yada 1st solo album called 7 fragments of the unconscious
is released on the 21st june.2013

more information. please visit

Takuya Yada: 7 fragments of the unconscious
1 I.D.S

Takuya Yada 1st solo album 7fragments of the unconscious promotion video

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Ibanez fr420 - Melodic guitar - Italian Heart - Polish style

Great melodic playing from the stylish Tomasz Andrzejewski, a track from an upcoming album.

"Italian Heart" on my new CD soon!

Playing with Ibanez FR 420 guitar.

Please watch in HD!

Tomasz Andrzejewski - "Italian Heart" (Ibanez fr420)

Gary Husband,Steve Hackett,Alexander Shulgin: working on upcoming Skaska project

Gary Husband,Steve Hackett
Gary Husband
Pictures from the upcoming Skaska project - piano arrangements of Alexander Shulgin compositions with guest musician Steve Hackett. — with Gary Husband,Steve Hackett, Steve Hackett Appreciation Society andAlexander Shulgin.

Gary Husband Well we did a very nice track together. It's a featured piece of the album that I arranged for piano and acoustic guitars. Steve gave a beautiful and very atmospheric performance and I'm really happy it'll be available soon.

Al Joseph: The Shores Of Cybertron - Jam Track package

Get the jam track package here:

The Shores of Cybertron is taken from Al Joseph's debut jam track package Progressive Developments at JTC. Containing three progressive metal style tracks, Al has created a superb series that showcases a blend of classic rock/blues style licks in a metal setting as well as his incredible talent of creating melodic lines that get stuck in your brain. Al leans on his major influences throughout, including John Petrucci and another JTC artist Marco Sfogli and the results speak for themselves. There is a lot to learn from these 3 tracks!

In true JTC style you get the solo, solo backing and extended jam tracks, as well as the video performances and TAB and notation which was created by Al himself. Al has also written some track notes to accompany the package too.


 3 solo example tracks
 3 solo backing tracks
 3 extended jam tracks
 3 videos by Al
 TAB & Notation in PDF / Powertab
 Bonus track notes

So...great tracks, great playing....what are you waiting for?!?

*NEW* Al Joseph 'The Shores Of Cybertron' at

Fernando Soto: Melodic String Skipping, Tapping and Sweep Picking

Lick Example - String Skipping - Tapping and Sweep Picking in F # Minor
All music created recorded and performed by Fernando Soto
Fernando Soto uses Ibanez Guitars Ibanez Prestige SV 5470OF

Fernando Soto - Guitar Tips Nº 3: String Skipping, Tapping & Sweep Picking

"Desobediencia" - Solo

Alex Hutchings: Craig Blundell Roland Hybrid tour - 8 String guitar heaven

Clip from the recent clinic tour featuring Craig Blundell on drums and Alex Hutchings on guitar. This was filmed at the Manchester Drum store on Aug 21st.

8 String guitar solo. Alex Hutchings and Craig Blundell Roland Hybrid tour. AUG 2013

plus Alex goes nuts on the first song of this gig, no warm up, straight into it.
Live at the Woolley Bradford on Avon. Watch to the end for full shred... ;-) Captured by an audience member on the Iphone 4.

Shred-tastic..!! Alex Hutchings

Tony MacAlpine: Autographed Tour Posters now available

Tony MacAlpine

Autographed Tour Posters! We had a few posters left over from last year's tour, so Tony hand-signed each of them and they're now available in the store:

Plus! we have a sale on Tony's 2011 solo album and merch bundles:

Lorenzo Venza: Melodic ballad - Italian style

Searching for a new tone!

Robbert Hanenberg: Melodic Improvisation

Melodic Impro - Robbert Hanenberg
Some melodic stuff.

Robbert Hanenberg_Some semi clean stuff.wmv

Stel Andre, Dhalif Ali: Melodic Sessions

You've seen our very first successful Melodic Sessions episode and because of continued support and encouragement from all of you, here is Melodic Sessions 2 !
Stel Andre is playing an Ernieball Musicman JP6 through GuitarRig 5

Dhalif Ali is playing an Ernieball Musicman Silhouette through LINE6 POD X3 Live

Rick Graham: The Lucid Legato One

17) Rick's Quick but Slick Licks - The Lucid Legato One
Loads of licks like this in my new lesson! Get it here:
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Hi guys, please visit my website where you can subscribe to receive free guitar/music resources:

You can also purchase high quality full HD video lessons in the HD Video Lessons section:

I hope you enjoy this lesson and please leave a comment in the comments section if you have any requests. Tons more to come!

Sam Bell, Arsafes: Above The Earth - Fatty Boom Boom

Exclusive video from the UK TechFest 2013.

Chris Gordon: Giant Red Shreddy Steps

Giant Red Shreddy Steps
Goofing around with my Red Special playing over the Giant Steps changes.

Sergio Paganini: Slippery Wonderful Thing?

Wonderful Slippery Thing - Guthrie Govan
by Sergio Paganini

A different take on this classic

Wonderful Slippery Thing - Guthrie Govan

Chris Bieniek: Ibanez AS200 - Arapaima

I was trying to think of a 'South American-esque' name for the this tune but fortunately the TV show 'River Monsters' aired recently featuring one of the Amazons biggest fish the Arapaima ( pronounced Ara - Pie - Ma).

The clip starts just before the solo section and the head of the tune starts at: 1:48

No Amp used. Just a virtual software amp called 'Guitar Amp' with guitar straight into protools rack for convenience.

The guitar used is an Ibanez AS200 ( same as Scofield uses) but with an EverTune bridge installed. The guitar was a real dog with tuning/ intonation before I had the EverTune bridge installed. You may have seen early videos with this guitar featuring a tuner on the head stock.

I used to have to tune up every few minutes just about but now I can record/ play all day without tuning once. I'm a big fan!

Chris Bieniek: To Speak

Chris Bieniek: EQ

Jason Sadites,Alex Machacek: Broken available in physical format for the first time

Still raising funds for a great fusion album


Jason Sadites: Please excuse the extraordinarily high volume of e-mails recently, lots of things happening at the moment :-)

My last album Broken which was originally available only as a digital download is now being made available in physical CD format in limited quantities. It is available now as a pre-order exclusively through Abstract Logix records. After the official release date it will be available in other locations also.

If you would like to own 'Broken' which features performances by Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller, Adam Nitti, Martin Motnik, Kenny Aronoff and Alex Machacek you can do so by purchasing it here:
Jason Sadites,Alex Machacek: Broken
Guitars: Jason Sadites, Alex Machacek (Solo 1& 3 on track 8) Bass: Bryan Beller (track 1), Martin Motnik (track 2,3,5,6,7), Adam Nitti (track 4), Tony Levin (track 8) Drums: Marco Minnemann (track 1,4,5,7,8), Kenny Aronoff (track 2,3), Goran Rista (track 6,9)
'Broken' picks up where Jason's 2009 release 'Weve' ended. Featuring brilliant performances by Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Martin Motnik, Adam Nitti, Alex Machacek, Bryan Beller and Goran Rista, the compositions on 'Broken' center around great arrangements, strong melodies, virtuosic playing and odd time signature twists and turns. For fans of progressive rock/fusion this is a must have album. From the odd-time rock/fusion of the opening track 'You're Gonna Feel That Tomorrow' to the more sensitive and melodic closing track 'Ty', 'Broken' has something for fans of all styles of music.

Jack Edwards,Luke Allat: UK rockers Piston - Playin With Fire EP reviewed

Piston - Playin With Fire EP Self-released, 2012

With their five-song EP, Playin With Fire, this is Cannock, UK band Piston's first 'big' offering, one to garner some well-deserved buzz. The band's logo reads 'est. 2012', so at one year of age, this band is storming out of the gates, ready to roll.

Playin With Fire is a catchy, straight-ahead, driving rock & roll disc, right from it's opening. It is a full band effort, not a release to showcase one member. The band really draws a listener in to hear what they're about: aggressive, blues-tinged rock and roll. This disc isn’t trying to overwhelm their listener’s senses. Piston deliver solid, well-crafted songs with a dash of flash, and an overall in-your-face demeanor. There are four originals and one cover tune present. The cover, Credence Clearwater Revival's "Proud Mary", has definitely been changed and 'made their own' with a very updated, heavy, modern rock vibe.

One test to employ is: 'if so-and-so recorded this, what would you say about it?' and replace 'so-and-so' with one of your favorite artists from the genre. This will give you a much more detailed opinion then simply saying 'this is a good record'. Bands who come to mind while listening to this include AC/DC, The Cult, perhaps a touch of earlier Deep Purple, and a variety of 'arena rock' type sounds from the late 1980's. A 'modern' band who was playing music similar in style was Black Country Communion.

The EP has a fine clear production, not as crisp as some, lending it a warm, 'alive' tone. The band produces quality songs that have the right amount of smoothness, or 'ebb and flow' to them. Bass guitar lends a monstrously heavy underpinning in "A Hand In Yours". If you're in to really virtuosic "shred guitar", the speed isn't going to faze you too much. If this is your 'gateway' to fairly flashy hard rock, then you're going to think the world of some of it. Enjoy the coda of "A Hand In Yours" for what it presents: high-speed hard rock guitar. There are a few textures or accents present, and the flash is one of 'em. Drums are solid and lend interest to the tunes. "Misery" has some quirky syncopation at the beginning, without losing heaviness. The lyrics are sung clearly but the mix on this album sort of buries them, so they're not as intelligible as you might expect. It lends an almost 'live in concert' feel to the tunes. Vocals are full, emotive, and powerful.

Playin With Fire is, pretty much, good rock 'as you'd expect': it's got the little drum fills, vocal effects, and chord accents in all the right places, plus it's neither overplayed nor underplayed. The EP has been 'mixed loud', so if it's played without adjusting the volume down a little, it may sound like TV commercials used to: much louder then 'the pack'. In at least two tunes, the bass line follows the guitar, so either it's done to thicken the overall sound, or as a new band they just haven't explored all of the nuance a 'different' bass line can offer a good rock band. Each song has one commonality: the ending. Every tune has a crisp, sudden ending. Listeners can't expect the same amount of variety as on a full-length disc, so this seems deliberate. It's an interesting anecdote. This EP doesn't attempt to re-invent the genre, it simply does what it does, and does it well.

For fortunate fans, the band entertains with their energetic live shows. It's a young band, but the members have some obvious real-world music experience behind them. Playin With Fire jams with nice, heavy tunes, not 'your elders' rock n' roll'. The band would be well-served to pursue a full-length release. Future Piston releases should definitely be put on 'watch lists', for these guys have a lot of potential locked up in those heavy riffs and thick grooves.

- Iris North

Piston EP 'Playing With Fire' Teaser

Rating: 8/10

Track Listing:
Dark Angel
A Hand In Yours
Playin With Fire
Proud Mary (Credence Clearwater Revival cover)

Band Lineup:
Steve Nunn – Vocals
Jack Edwards – Guitars
Luke Allat – Guitars
Stuart Egan – Bass
Brad Newlands – Drums


Tatsuya Dejima: Masterful two handed tapping

Tatsuya Dejima: Masterful two handed tapping
Music has an expressive ability far greater than that of mere words, being able to communicate in whatever way one is willing to listen.
My style of music making is a spontaneous one, not rooted in contrived training; thank you for listening to these pieces ...Tatsuya DEJIMA
Tatsuya Dejima

Position of Love in the Equation / Tatsuya Dejima 「数式に記された愛II/出嶌達也」.

In The Kitchen / Tatsuya Dejima (イン・ザ・キッチン / 出嶌達也) short version

Rick Graham: develop Killer Shred Technique!

"If you are looking to
develop killer technique,
this lesson is a MUST
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Join me as I show you how to develop Killer Shred Technique!
In the 1 hour 6 minute long FULL HD VIDEO, I take you through 21 killer shred lines, which use a combination of Sweep Picking, Speed Picking and Legato techniques. The licks that are contained within the lesson have been taken from my 'Warming up at Licklibrary' Youtube video, which has been described as 'an awe-inspiring demo of insane technique and musicality' and has caused a stir within the guitar community. The original solo demo video is included in the package in FULL HD. All examples are demonstrated in a clear and concise manner and both the left and right hand fingerings and patterns are explained in depth.

If you are looking to develop a killer shred technique, this lesson package is a must! The Lesson download consists of:

  • 1 hour 6 minute long FULL HD VIDEO
  • Original 'Warming up at Licklibrary' solo video FULL HD
  • Accurate and detailed transcriptions of all examples in PDF format
  • Guitar Pro file of all examples

What people are saying:

Hey Rick, I just bought your Killer Shred Technique video, man, all I gotta say is WOW. I've been stuck playing the same licks over an over for the past few months, feeling a bit un-inspired. Your instructional vid is just what I needed, some really fresh ideas in there mate!! thanks! now, back to practicing.......

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Marcelo Donoso: D.U.B - new to Jam Track Central

Marcelo Donoso: D.U.B
Marcelo Donoso returns with the second full length track, D.U.B, from his upcoming debut EP....and once again Marcelo displays an incredible sense of originality, mixed with a series of fantastic solo runs that utilise the whole of the fretboard.

This guy breathes innovative solos. Catchy hooks, blistering runs and some really cute ideas pretty much sum up Marcelo Donoso and D.U.B. With this in mind, you will have lots to learn here. In true JTC stye however, we will aid you with the included video and Tab/Notation (which was created by Marcelo himself!)

So, remove yourself from your comfort zone and jump headfirst into learning something different... like D.U.B!

*NEW* Marcelo Donoso 'D.U.B' at

Davide Contu: Acoustic blues guitar experience

A standard blues/bluegrass progression played by Davide Contu.
Tanglewood TF2 with 012-056 martin strings
Shure SM-57
Focusrite scarlett 2i2

Acoustic blues guitar experience - Bluegrass guitar solo, Davide Contu