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Enver Izmailov: Green Jazz Fest 5 in Green Pyramid

ENVER IZMAYLOV available for international tours, festivals and any commercial events. Please, contact giorgi goderdzishvili:

Enver Izmailov Green Jazz Fest 5 in Green Pyramid

John Kiefer: serpent canon - another amazing classical etude

John Kiefer: serpent canon - another amazing classical etude

serpent canon (voice 4)

Misha Mansoor: Breaks Down His New Signature Models

With several new Jackson Misha Mansoor signature models now available, the Periphery guitarist sat down to run through his namesake axes.

Misha Mansoor Breaks Down His New Signature Models

Vincent Bigos: Bach The Well-Tempered Clavier, Praeludium as recommended by Jason Becker

Jason Becker  Really nice, my friend!

Bach (JS): The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 - 1. Prelude & Fugue #1 In C, BWV 846 - 01. Praeludium

Charles Altura: Terrence Blanchard's E Collective "Soldiers" - Paris 2015

Terence Blanchard and the E-Collective at Duc des Lombards in Paris - 8 July, 2015. Soldiers. Featuring Charles Altura (g), with Fabian Almazan (p), Donald Ramsey (b), Chris Bailey (d). Some technical difficulties with the drums and cell phone interference (?) with electronics, but a great solo by Charles

Terrence Blanchard's E Collective "Soldiers" - Paris 7-8-15

Gus G: The Quest - From the forthcoming Brand New Revolution album

From the forthcoming Gus G. album, Brand New Revolution, available July 24!

Gus G - "The Quest" Song Premiere!!

Alex Skolnick, Stuart Hamm: Live in New York 2015

Alex Skolnick, Stuart Hamm: Live in New York 2015

Alex Skolnick and Stu Hamm, Live in New York 2015

Alex Skolnick and Stu Hamm, Live in New York 2015

Yvette Young: Covet - UK and European dates announced

So Covet and halfsleep are making our trek across the pond to Europe and we're so excited to be playing music for people in other countries. Come out and hang!

Texas Sendoff Shows

7/28 - Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill W/ Cleanup, Vasudeva & Biscuit Head

7/29 - Denton, TX @ Dan's Silver Leaf W/ Vasudeva

Europe Shows

7/31 - Dublin, IR @ The Workman's Club, Dublin

8/1 - Belfast, IR - Need Help!

8/2 - Glasgow, UK @ The Hug and Pint

8/3 - Manchester, UK @ Kraak

8/4 - Newport, Wales @ Le Pub

8/5 - London, UK @ The Unicorn *

8/6 - London, UK @ TBA *

8/7 - Guildford, UK @ Star *

8/9 - Worthington, UK @ Bar 42

8/10 - Brighton, UK @ The Green Door Store

* - W/ Maxi Curnow

More event pages and tour poster TBA

Robbert Hanenberg: Ballad Solo - Marshall JVM410h

Ballad Solo - Marshall JVM410h
Robbert Hanenberg
Robbert Hanenberg

Fuminori Watanabe: Cotton tale - Jazz guitar contest 2015 Japan

Jazz guitar contest 2015 Japan
Age 23
guitar d'quist

Cotton tale - Fuminori Watanabe

David Gilmour: Rattle That Lock - Song Interview for the new album

David Gilmour's "Rattle That Lock" album releases on September 18, 2015 Pre-order the album at

Amazon Deluxe Album
Amazon Standard Album
iTunes Download Deluxe Album
iTunes Download Standard Album

Rattle That Lock is David Gilmour’s fourth solo album and follows his 2006 #1 On An Island. The primary lyricist for the new album is Gilmour’s long-term writing partner, novelist Polly Samson, and it is co-produced by David Gilmour and Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera. Rattle That Lock’s striking cover has been art directed by Dave Stansbie from The Creative Corporation, under the creative directorship of Aubrey Powell from Hipgnosis.

RATTLE THAT LOCK tracklisting:
1) 5 A.M. (Gilmour)
2) Rattle That Lock (Gilmour/Samson/Boumendil)
3) Faces Of Stone (Gilmour)
4) A Boat Lies Waiting (Gilmour/Samson)
5) Dancing Right In Front Of Me (Gilmour)
6) In Any Tongue (Gilmour/Samson)
7) Beauty (Gilmour)
8) The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Gilmour/Samson)
9) Today (Gilmour/Samson)
10) And Then…..(Gilmour)

The title track, “Rattle That Lock”, is available now to download and stream worldwide. The song begins with the four notes, created by Michaël Boumendil, which precede announcements at French SNCF railway stations which David Gilmour recorded on his iPhone at Aix-en-Provence station. Polly Samson’s lyrics are inspired by Book II of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which features in her recent acclaimed novel, The Kindness. The single also features The Liberty Choir and singers Mica Paris and Louise Marshall.

David Gilmour will be undertaking some live dates in support of the album: across Europe in 2015 and in North America in March / April 2016. See for details.

Martin Miller: Laney L5 Studio + Ibanez AT100 Outtake

Laney L5 Studio + Ibanez AT100 Outtake
Martin Miller

Here's some cool, raw outtake footage Marius Leicht and I shot after a long promo shot for Laney. Listen to that obscenely good rock tone of the Laney Amplification IRT-Pulse going into the clean channel of the L5 Studio (serial nr. 1!!!) running through a 2x12. This thing is LOUD! Rawk!!! Stay tuned for more...

Song: A Test in Time by Martin Miller

Ryan Carraher: Modern 2-5-1 Jazz Guitar Lesson

Modern 2-5-1 Jazz Guitar Lesson: #1 Chord Scales

This lesson is part 1 of a 5-part free guitar lesson series by Ryan Carraher.

In this lesson we will learn how to apply the altered scale to a 2-5-1 progression. We will also explore non-diatonic passing and neighbor tones as well as employing string skipping and position shifting to create a less “scalar” sound.

Modern 2-5-1 Jazz Guitar Lesson - #1 Chord Scales - Ryan Carraher

Drewsif Stalin: How to make music related clickbait videos

How to make music related clickbait videos
Drewsif Stalin
I got bored. Not poking fun at anybody!

George Lynch: shufflin live show with the Texas Tornado

I GUARANTEE you won't see this combo live anywhere else! EVER

Killer riff from Jerry Don (newly ordained Texas Tornado) and with the DOJO "shufflin' it" with Redd!
Too close to get the vox, but JDB is one fine singer, as you know. See these two around TEXAS live, anytime.

Mike Gage........... Drums
Aram Doroff....... Bass

Shuffle off to TEXAS.. George Lynch, Redd Volkaert, Jenn Leigh & Jerry DON Branch

Al Joseph: Melodic Phrasing Masterclass!

*NEW* Al Joseph's Melodic Phrasing Masterclass!

Download Link:

Welcome to the debut of our brand new ‘Masterclass’ series, and who better to usher us in than the incredible Al Joseph!

Al says ‘In this tutorial I'm going to answer a lot of the questions I've been getting over the last couple of years: ‘How do I write solos?’, ‘How do I come up with melodies?’, ’What facilities on the guitar do I use when it comes to phrasing?’, ‘What am I looking at when it comes to visualising all these patterns and things on the fretboard?. I'm going to explain all this to you.

I'm very exciting to break this down; I learned a lot about my own playing through this process and I’m sure you will learn a lot about your playing as well. Hopefully my fans get the feeling that they're going to actually learn how to play like me - something I always wished my heroes did in the past!’

So there are 6 videos in this masterclass. Al starts with a quick introduction video moving onto 'Melodic Phrasing Essentials’ and 'Melodic Phrasing Utilities’. In these, Al gives you all the tools and tips you'll need to work through this course. He then follows up with 'Time Feel' (detailing how he uses rhythmic methods and time feel to generate creative melodic ideas) and 'Melodic Phrasing Motifs' in which he explains his methods behind actually creating his phrases.

Then you will find 10 awesome extended phrases for you to master. Each making great use of the tools and tips detailed in the masterclass section, and each coming with its own slow video and accompanying breakdown video where Al takes you through each lick step by step. We've even included some brief text notes alongside Al's explanations to help you work out what's happening in the phrases.

Inside these phrases you'll find plenty of theory and technical devices such as string skipping, chromatic ornamentation, 3 notes per string shapes, legato workouts, a plethora of cool arpeggio ideas and melodic development/motif building.

Once you've nailed all the extended phrases it's time to put all the material to the test and prove your newly earned skills over the highly jammable backing track. This is your chance to create your own licks and jam out the example phrases in the package. We’ve even included a slow version of the phrase backing track to help you get those tough lines up to speed!

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*NEW* Al Joseph's Melodic Phrasing Masterclass!

Claudio Pietronik: Hybrid Picking Development Through Improvisation - Live sections

Hybrid Picking Development Through Improvisation - Live sections
Claudio Pietronik
A few notes from my clinic called Hybrid Picking Development Through Improvisation at Sonika (FE, 05-07-15), in collaboration with Modern Music Institute (MMI).

Milan Polak: tracking rhythm guitar for "Insomnia" feat. Thomas Lang

tracking rhythm guitar for "Insomnia" feat. Thomas Lang & Fabio Tre...
Milan Polak

Milan Polak - guitars, Fabio Trentini - bass, Thomas Lang - drums

Music Man Axis Supersport with DiMarzio Norton & Air Norton pickups, Blackstar HT-Metal into Cubase Pro 8

Please support me by purchasing my music:

Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and other popular sites.
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© 2015 Milan Polak. All Rights Reserved.

Yvette Young: plays "Sea Dragon" live on EMGtv

Watch Yvette Young perform her original piece "Sea Dragon" live on EMGtv. The Guitarist, illustrator, and front woman for the band Covet, brings her hypnotic finger style playing against a background of drums and bass with the clarity that EMG pickups are known for. Hear the responsive clean tones of the EMG 57-7H and EMG 66-7H pickups on her seven string guitar. Subscribe to EMGtv to get updates on our weekly videos.
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Produced by:

Yvette Young plays "Sea Dragon" live on EMGtv

Yvette Young was asked by Ola Strandberg to create her own original design for a new .strandberg* guitar... check out what she created!

The clean body arrives

The Template with design in pencil

The stunning design

Job done

Catch Yvette Young live on tour with Chon and Polyphia

Jul 15
Brick & Mortar Music Hall - w/ Polyphia, Yvette Young San Francisco, CA Tickets RSVP
Jul 17 The Irenic - w/ Polyphia, Yvette Young San Diego, CA Tickets RSVP
Jul 18 Constellation Room - w/ Polyphia, Yvette Young Santa Ana, CA Tickets RSVP
Jul 19 The Echo - w/ Polyphia, Yvette Young Los Angeles, CA Tickets

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther meets Glenn #= top 5 five riffs of all time!

Asking Steel Panther the really important questions about guitars, amps, and other tools of the trade. I'm not promising any answers! Filmed aboard Steel Panther's tour bus, at Casino Rama, Ontario. Opening for Judas Priest!

Steel Panther meets Glenn!

STEEL PANTHER on The Top 5 Guitar Riffs of All Time | Gear Gods

Gary Willis: Larger Than Life - more details about the upcoming release


(Los Angeles, CA - July 16, 2015) Gary Willis, one of the world’s leading bassists, has delivered his fifth album Larger Than Life—a delicious collection of fusion-funk for the twenty-first century. Joining Willis on this set of twelve tracks are Gergo Borlai on drums, long-time Tribal Tech band mate Scott Kinsey on keyboards, Steve Tavaglione on saxes and EWI, Claudia Bardagí on voice and Llibert Fortuny on tenor sax and voice.

At the core of Larger Than Life is the trio of Willis, Borlai and Kinsey. Willis and Kinsey have had a great rapport going back to Tribal Tech, the fusion juggernaut that Willis co-led with guitarist Scott Henderson, and Willis’ albums No Sweat (1996) and Bent (1998). Willis first met Borlai on a concert in Budapest in 2009. They had so much fun that it planted the seeds for this album, which eventually took root at a recording session at Kinsey’s California studio, followed by more jamming with Borlai in Barcelona. From there, Willis arranged, reassembled, and “reverse engineered” the original tracks into the finished songs heard on this album. The epic title track, for instance, comes from the trio session at Kinsey’s. “It started as an intense 17-minute jam,” says Willis. “then Kinsey edited it down to its current length and I did some more writing to give it substance. Tav added some layering and colors, and Claudia sang the melodies. This all happened while passing the music back and forth from Barcelona to LA, that’s how we make music these days.”

Funkiness is never far away when these guys get together, and after the full ensemble wails on “The Professionals,” the trio gets down on Willis’ slinky tune, “Everything’s Cool,” which he originally recorded on Bent. His solo here is a fretless tour de force with lightning quick runs, chord passages and harmonics. They tear it up on “Hipster,” a neo-swinger that features Willis’ take on the walking upright. The tune’s initial lo-fi, quasi-absurdist drum part is actually Borlai playing “finger drums,” in which he triggers drum samples from a keyboard. “He can play the hell out of the drums that way,” says Willis. “anything he can play on real drums he can do on the keyboard, it’ll blow you away.” And the trio absolutely flies through Kinsey’s aptly named “2Fast,” a flat-out fusion burner. “The thing is, when the three of us play together, it just flows,” says Willis. “It’s effortless. We don’t have to talk about things, we don’t have to discuss direction; it just happens, especially with Gergo. Playing with him, all possibilities are open and they will all be taken to full advantage.”

Kinsey is in top form throughout—a master synth player and programmer with sounds as modern as they get, but grounded in an electric piano approach that harkens back to the best of Weather Report. “There’s nobody out there like him,” Willis says of Kinsey’s mix of old school/new school. “He nailed everything on this project, and his Rhodes playing is just killing.” Steve Tavaglione turns in some tasty soprano sax solos (“Larger Than Life,” “Solaris”), but his command of the EWI—a kind of wind synthesizer—puts him in a category of his own. His contributions loom large, whether it’s expressive soloing or adding layers and color. “Tav is another one of those incredibly unique guys,” explains Willis. “It’s amazing what he came up with. Some of it I wrote for him; in other places he just improvised amazing stuff. He spends most of his time creating music for film so he thinks and plays very cinematically.”

Several tunes on Larger Than Life are enhanced by Claudia Bardagí’s wordless vocals, which accentuate Willis’ lyrical melodies. “I intend for melodies to stand on their own,” explains Willis, “and Claudia’s voice gives them a human quality that adds another element to the music.” Llibert Fortuny rounds out the ensemble, and his tenor sax shines on “Vendetta,” an ominous-sounding Willis tune whose soundscape is heavily shaped by the versatile Borlai’s programming.

Another Willis composition, “Beast Mode,” was written specifically for Borlai, whose stunning chops are on full display. “It was the last thing that we did,” says Willis. “I sent the tune to Kinsey and he and Gergio recorded it in one take. They sent it back to me and I did a couple of takes, and that was it.” “Alien Head Explodes” started life as a Willis-Borlai jam, but “whatever I played didn’t inspire that song,” says Willis. “Gergo rewrote it and came up with a whole new direction and I added my parts later.”

Anchoring it all is Willis’ instantly recognizable bass work. His beautiful tone is put to good effect on “Say It Ain’t So,” a poignant ballad that Borlai wrote upon learning of Joe Zawinul’s death in 2007. Of course, all fretless players owe a debt to the legendary Jaco Pastorius, but Willis moved out of Jaco’s shadow long ago, forging a unique voice on the instrument, both in tone and style. Dig “Source Code,” a classic Willis composition that gradually builds in intensity as his broken bass figures give way to a stunning solo that in turn launches the band into a smoldering climax with Willis percolating underneath. The group-composed “Superhero” closes out the music in anthemic fashion, underpinned by Willis’ hypnotic groove.

The album’s accompanying artwork, by Brazilian artist Rafael Sarmento, binds the tracks together in a kind of fantastic visual and aural universe. “In working with Rafael, what I’d like to do is push people toward listening with their imagination,” Willis explains. “Hopefully, my music inspires some kind of other awareness or consciousness—another world to escape to.” Indeed, for seventy-plus minutes, Larger Than Life does just that.

Ney Mello, Matthew Mills, Felipe Cantuaria: The American Guitar Trio

The American Guitar Trio, Featuring globally celebrated Guitar Maestro Ney Mello, world renowned virtuoso shredder Matthew Mills, and extraordinary talent Felipe Cantuaria, showcases emotionally charged original acoustic guitar music based on sources such as Flamenco, Jazz, Bossa Nova, and Classical music.
The Trio's stylistic hallmark is the ever-exciting element of spontaneous improvisation which takes enchanted concert audiences in a unique new dimension of musical experiences.


-- MATTHEW MILLS & NEY MELLO -- The American Guitar Trio --

Rob Garland: Eclectic Trio Live Jazz Rock Fusion Power Trio Guitar Mesa Boogie LS TrueFire Lessons

Footage from the first 3 shows by Rob Garland’s Eclectic Trio, live at TRiP Santa Monica, June/July '15 *SONG CLIPS 0:00 Intro
0:09 Purple Koan (R. Garland) iTunes:
0:54 Take These Blues From Me (R. Garland) iTunes:
2:18 Jamming #1
2:42 M.M. Swing (R. Garland)
3:15 Shapes Of Things (The Yardbirds: P. S. Smith/K. Reif/J. McCarty)
4:40 Song For Jade (R. Garland) iTunes:
5:11 Jamming #2
5:44 Black Market (Weather Report: J. Zawinul)
7:16 Bass Solo
8:28 Dark Places (R. Garland)
9:12 Jamming #3
9:34 Purple Koan #2 Guitar Solo (R. Garland)
10:40 Temptation (T. Waits) w. Gyllian Morris Lozano (vocals/piano)
11:00 Mercy Mercy Mercy (J. Zawinul)
12:14 Jamming #4
12:41 Ten Funk (R. Garland) iTunes:
13:17 Bass Solo
14:39 Peace Love & Understanding (N. Lowe) w. Gyllian M. Lozano
15:21 Jamming #5
15:45 Drum Solo
16:22 Freeway Jam (Jeff Beck: J. Hammer)
17:43 Purple Koan #3 Thank You & Goodnight!

The Band:
Rob Garland (guitar/vocals) - Austin Underhill (bass) -
Carl Thomson (drums)

Playing original music and a few other selections encompassing jazz, rock, fusion, blues, funk & more!

Guitar Gear:
Tom Anderson Classic
Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special Custom w. 12" extension cab
TC Electronic Corona (Guthrie Govan "Colin" Toneprint)
TC Electronic Polytune
D'Addario Strings NYXL 10-52
Super Black picks by Hell Guitars (2mm)

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Rob Garland's Eclectic Trio Live Jazz Rock Fusion Power Trio Guitar Mesa Boogie LS TrueFire Lessons

Sam Birchall: Friday morning jam

Friday morning jam