Todd Rose: a ghost in the machine

Pop The Sun: stone metal fire

Jose Carlos Matos: ambiguous allan

Willian Matheus: two handed beetle battler

Dimitar Bozikov: straight ahead

Anton Oparin: master unknown who am I, junior?

Mario Gorito: things that are good

Alan Renkl: above terra firma

Emiliano Sicilia: a new reality

Gianluca Galli: the 4th dimension

Who 3: return of the who

Joe Kopecky: blood red blowing

Paolo Giordano: harp of the acoustitap

Sylvain Fantino: swing king of arabia

Kevin Glasgow: no known unknowns

Antonello Sassone: non compos mentis

Pär Hagberg: octagon drive

John Ziegler: jzambo

Srdjan Brankovic: expedition delta

Joe Saggio: guitarmageddon

Jason Sturges: flux of fusion

Marcinho Eiras: two bites of the cherry

Rhys Llewellyn: empty of words

Fabrizio Sgattoni: sliding over psycology

Alex Milella: distance and desire

Tony Fredianelli: twilight of modern shred

Christian Arvan: where are they now

Perfecto De Castro: perfect player

James Muller: thrum

Mozart Mello: beyond mello fusion

Truth In Shredding says thanks you

Trey Alexander: floating down a river

Matt Konfirst: veni vidi vici

Alex Vasilenko: this guys with guitars

Robert Montgomery: hollow body sound mind

Zé Filho: q out evolution

Alec Williams: after the heat