Sylvain Fantino: swing king of arabia

Live in Bordeaux November 25th, 2006

Speed of Life (Live in Bordeaux)

Sylvain Fantino returns with some live footage of the french guitarists' gypsy swing.

live 1

live 2

live 3

Some nice fusion tracks to hear:

Sylvain Fantino was born in Aire on Adour, France in 1976. He wanted to play piano but ended up playing guitar becasue it was cheaper than piano. He bagan at the age of 10. He took some guitar courses to get up to speed with his skills. He then took lessons with the Hermanos Sanchez brothers in flamenco. He went on to study with Mr. Morel at the music Academy of Bordeaux. He studied jazz with Pascal Rauzet.

Whe he was 18 he attended CMCN, Nancy and recieved a diploma and the best player of his year. He went on to teach music and met Joe Diorio during his training.

He has played with many bands and released an album with "Gypsy Color" called Live au "Théatre du Pont Tournant" in 2004. There are a number of audio clips to listen to.