Mozart Mello: beyond mello fusion

Some great fusion video of Mozart Mello on You Tube

Mozart Mello 01

Mozart Mello 02

Mozart Mello 03

A translated interview with Mozart Mello on guitar x

Brazillian, Mozart Mello has been around the music scene since 1967. He is best know for shred fans as the man that gave Kiko Loureiro guitar lessons. He has also worked with bands Fush, Mona, Strip of land, Knee of Pig, Trielo, Acoustic Strings, Trio D' Alma with Andres Geraissati and Ulisses Rocha, João Bosco, Landmark Pear tree, Zimbo Trio, Festivals of Jazz, São Paulo Express.

Other artists and musicians he has played with include Fábio Júnior, Pete Dunaway, Eduardo and Silvinha Araujo, Dry and Wet, João Ricardo, Laura Finokiaro, Andres Christovan, Grupo Carmina, Elinho de Jesus, White Valtel, Carlos Lucena, Carlinhos Vieira, Consiglia Latorre, Ruthe London, Nélson Mota Melo, Group AIR, Heraldo of the Mount, Vitor Biglione, Pixinga, Duda Neves, Luis Melo, Nico Assunção, Dom Beto, Joe Moghrabi, Alvaro Gonçalves, Faíska, Tomatti, Cássio Polleto, Arismar of the Espirito Santo, Thiago of the Espirito Santo, Manny Monteiro, Geraldo Vieira, Infantozzih Albino, Ximba Uchyama, Jose Valter Fields, Kiko Moura, Kiko Loureiro, Alfredo We read, Rainer Pappon, The Scrutinizer Band, Douglas Las Houses, Alaor Neves, Renato Martins, Giba Favery, Jammie Findlay, Nelson Farias, Greg Bissonette.

He has also been a music lecturer since 1977 including some Schools and Conservatories, the tutoring coordination of the IGT (1988), Workshops, Seminaries and Courses for all the country, five books, 2 video-lessons (Fusion/Blues) and a video show with Infantozzih Albino.

It collaborated with the magazines: Tok pra who Toka, Cover Guitarra and Guitar Player. Courses in the College Carlos Gomes and for pupils of the FAAM and Marcelina Saint. Courses in the Conservatories Souza Lima, Fruitful Viana and D.