Antonello Sassone: non compos mentis

A quick round up of news for Antonello Sassone:
Antonello is featured on a new compilation CD on the song "Blue Bossa". This song also features Milan Polak and is available online.

Antonello also appears on four tracks of a Japanses compilation CD, which is also available online

Finally check out Antonello Sassone "Chops From Hell" lesson.

Antonello Sassone is still working on his CD and he is also working on another project in his studio. There is also an interview with Antonello on "Encrujiada - Melodic". While your at it check out his Inversion lesson on Chops From Hell.

Antonello has reworked his web site. He also has a MySpace web site:

He is currently working with Milan Polak on a new demo and plans also to record a CD this year. Antonello also let me know that he is currently working on some compositions that are set to be on a Italian movie.

Finally, Antonello also gets a mention in Lorenzo Venza's interview on Essential Guitarist. Check it out.

Antonello Sassone is currently working on a new CD with the aid of Milan Polak. His 2005 demo "Non Compos Mentis" got voted best demo of 2005 by Argentinian webzine Encrucijada.

You can also check some new lessons:

Some new photos of Antonello and Milan Polak playing live are available


Antonello began playing the guitar when I was about 11 but when he got his first electric guitar. His initial inspiration was heavy rock music. After completeing high school, Antonello attended University in Rome, taking a degree in Music. He bolstered his music theory with private lesson and seminaries around Italy. He decided to focus on guitar techniques, music theory and harmony.

In 2002, it paid off as he received a record deal with Azzurra Music for Last Acoustic CD. He has spent the last two years recording his 2nd with Milan Polak. He is currently putting together a solo instrumental CD and you can check out clips on his web site. He also provides some free lessons.


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