Marcinho Eiras: two bites of the cherry

Lots of video of Marcinho Eiras on YouTube:

Marcinho Eiras conta piada...

Marcinho Eiras na Italia

Expomusic 2006 - Cristhiano Oliveira e Marcinho Eiras

Greece tour (wind the video on a bit...)

Marcinho Eiras born in São Paulo, Brazil and started playing the piano by ear when he was 4 years old. Marcinho Eiras is an all round musician being able to play drums, harmonica, flute, keyboards along with other instruments as well as the electric guitar.

Like Adam Fulara, Zak Kim, Enver Izmailov, Michael Bianco, Marcinho is another player who player who plays two guitars simultaneously, using the "touch technique" playing harmony and melody together like a piano player does.

His first solo CD My Project, contains Bossa Nova, Jazz and Brazilian Rhythms. It includes music from well known Brazilian artists such as Thiago do Espirito Santo, Celso Pixinga, William Caran and Clayber de Souza.

Marcinho has played in Australia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Germany, Austria, England and he has also appeared in many popular brazilian and international magazines such as Guitar Player, Cover Guitarra and Gitarre & Bass.

My Project 2
01 Imaginary Indonesia
02 Luiza
03 Beatriz
04 Vera Cruz
05 Carinhoso
06 Bachianinha nº1
07 B.B. Delicado e Chorinho Pra Ele
08 Dreamer
09 My Project