Alan Renkl: above terra firma

Alan Renkl has added a rather nice picking demonstration to his MySpace blog called 16-seconds-of-heaven

Aaron Tanner and Alan Renkl slug it out
Guitar Duel at the Ugly Mug

Alan Renkl has set up a guitar lesson blog:

Current lessons include:
Picking Drills
Hybrid Picking Technique
Incorporating open notes
Warming up and the principles of shred physics

some licks

some more stuff

Some MySpace video from Alan:

Speed picking and sweep tapping

Alan Renkl is featured on Bieberlabs podcast. You should check out this site, down load some podcasts, listen to them on your way to work.

Alan Renkl has been playing for about twelve years. He focuses on instrumental music. You can hear tracks on his myspace web site and putfile web site. He is currently planning to release an independant album tentatively titled "Instrumental Patient".

Some of his more recent influences include Shane Gibson, Jake Willson, Francesco Farreri, Robbert Hannenberg, Dan McGann and Caleb Childress.

One of his tracks, Ex Cathedra, was was featured on Christus Vincit podcast, a catholic ministry show!

Most of all i want his guitar...