Ayu Gusfanz: Andy James - Angel Of Darkness

Meytal Cohen, Travis Montgomery: MEYTAL - Armalite (Live in LA, 7/20/19)

Kirk Fletcher: Late '50s Stratocaster Owned by Ed King.

Molly Tuttle: live performance at Carter Vintage Guitars

Marc Guillermont: Above & Below (brecker Bros)

Milan Polak: "Let You Go" guitar solo feat. Jeff Neal (Boston)

Rishabh Seen: Sitar Metal - Dreamers We Never Learn (official Video)

Allan Marcus: .strandberg* Boden Metal Neck-Thru Demo

Keven Eknes: demonstrates the .strandberg* headless ergonomic fanned fret neck-thru Fusion model

Connor Kaminski: "Eleven" on .strandberg* Boden Fusion Neck-Thru

Fredrik Thordendal: Secrets of the Unknown

Daijiro Nakagawa: JYOCHO - " a perfect triangle, rising sun human

Greg Howe: Soul Five Overdrive Pedal Rundown

Leviathan: "Invader" Playthrough - Solar Guitars

Yang Song: Liquid Oxygen Can - Bassolicious

Charlie Robbins: Someone told me I slide too much

Christone Ingram: The Sound of Christone "Kingfish" Ingram

Atanas Shishkov: Whiskey Brown Ballad - Ibanez Prestige RG2620QM-WB, 2003, Japan

Thorsten Praest: Driven Solo Playthrough

Kirk Fletcher: 10/3/19 The Iridium - New York City

Ivy Wu: Polyphia - Rich Kids

Jiazhuo Liu: Ten fingers + Black sea by Vitaly Makukin

KT Chang: Elephant Gym - Underwater, Half Cinema Sessions

EunGyu Son: Robben Ford Another Jacket and Guthrie Govan Larry Carlton style - 10 years old

Saki, Yashiro, Miyazawa, Kei, Sakura Ayumi: World Guitar Girls Collection 2019

Lari Basílio: interview with the Captain

Saki, Yashiro: Mary's Blood - release tour Sapporo 2019

Vinnie Moore: Sevilla While my guitar gently weeps

Paul Gilbert: Scarified/Technical Difficulties/Beatles Guitar Medley - Live 2019 HD

Ironbunny, Saki: RRR Studio Live

Ichika Hukui: Solo Guitar Live in Tokyo

Jyocho: a Perfect Triangle, Rising Sun Human - Math Post Rock

Andy Timmons, Jason Kui: lecture in Hong Kong

Jason Kui: @ 벨로주 Zandari Festa 2019

Eva Vergilova: GENDEM - part of one of new instrumentals

Kirk Tatnall: Morning Practice Sessions 1

Jane Getter: Scale Design for Improvisation - Intro - Guitar Lessons

Laura Lāce: Bach in Rock

Paul Gilbert, Christophe Godin: MasterClass ETM 29.04.19

Courtney Cox: Talking Shred with CC Shred

Brian Carroll: What Effects Does Buckethead use - Buckethead Equipment - NatterNet Buckethead

George Lynch: Talking Shred with George Lynch! Dokken & Lynch Mob Tour!

Nili Brosh: New Single - Primal Feels - Official Music Video

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther Watch Fan You Tube Covers and Steel Panther React to Classic Heavy Metal

Mika Tyyskä: Black Spirit 200 Floor | A journey in tone with Mr. Fastfinger and Hughes & Kettner

Laura Cox: Bad Luck Blues (Official Video)

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther's Satchel Plays His Favorite Riffs + Solos

Joe Bonamassa: Jamming on a Mint 1956 Stratocaster at home

Joe Stump: China Tour in Shanghai 10 10 2018 Full