Rick Graham: Guest Solo 'The Fourth Phase' by Kallias

Hi guys, here is my guest solo for 'The Fourth Phase' by Kallias available now. Link to the band below


Gear used;
Nicole Papastavrou- EVH 5150iii Stealth, Liuteria Rox Kratos custom 8 string, Fortin ZUUL mini, Firehose Strap
Zaki Ali- Peavey Invective, ESP LTD SC-208, Firehose Strap
Chris Marrone- Warwick custom 6, F#
John Paul Andrade- Mapex Saturn Exotic series, Dream Cymbals, Paiste Cymbals, Istanbul Agop

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Redshift Recording.

Guest Solo By Rick Graham - 'The Fourth Phase' by Kallias