Wayne Krantz: Write Out Your Head new album available for preorder

Write Out Your Head
by Wayne Krantz Write Out Your Head https://waynekrantz.bandcamp.com/album/write-out-your-head

1.Kulturny 03:46
2.Well-Spoken Astronaut
4.High 70s
5.Write out Your Head
7.Hello World
8.Magic 44

The first studio album from Wayne Krantz since Good Piranha Bad Piranha that focuses entirely on compositions. Releases in January 2020
releases January 14, 2020

Gabriela Anders (Voice/Percussion), Keith Carlock (drums), Will Lee (Bass, 3,5,7), Tim Lefebvre (Bass, 8), Orlando Fleming (Bass, 1,4), Pino Palladino (Bass, 1,4), Chris Potter (Saxophone)

2 Drink Minimum
by Wayne Krantz https://waynekrantz.bandcamp.com/album/2-drink-minimum

1.Whippersnapper 06:37
2.Dove Gloria 05:05
3.Shirts Off 07:30
4.Dream Called Love 09:23
5.AFKAP 07:14
6.Isabelle 08:21
7.Alliance / Secrets 06:39
8.Lynxpaw 01:52

Long To Be Loose
by Wayne Krantz https://waynekrantz.bandcamp.com/album/long-to-be-loose

1.These Instrumental Pieces Were 02:03
2.Not Consciously Written About 06:49
3.Specific People, Places, Things Or Ideas 06:41
4.(Although One Began 07:04
5.From A Little Croaking Sound 05:06
6.A Friend's DAT Machine Makes). 06:56
7.What They Were Written About 06:31
8.What They Were Written About 06:18
9.But I Know It When I See It 06:39
10.And, Hopefully, So Will You. 07:40