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Josh Gooch,Jack thammarat,Alex Hutchings: jam time in Thailand

Josh Gooch Jam Jack thammarat

Josh Gooch Alex hutchings Jack thammarat Jam smoke on the water

Josh Gooch Alex hutchings Jack thammarat Jam

News: Thanakorn Guitars TKS Standard 24

TKS Standard 24

Model TKS Standard 24
Body 1Piece Hard Ash
H/S/S Pickup routing
Neck Hardrock Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Edge Scallop
Inlay Dot Mother of pearl
24 Stainless Frets Jumbo
All Access Neck joint
Neck Shape C Slim (20mm@1st Fret 21mm@12th Fret)
Radius 16"
Scale length 25.5"
Nut Width 42 mm
Hardware color Chrome
Bridge Gotoh GE1996T with body recess routing
Pickup Seymour Duncan
- Bridge Pickup Seymour Duncan JB
- Middle Pickup Little'59
- Neck Pickup Little'59
Tuner Gotoh SG503
Electronic 1vol / 1tone / 5 way Selector
Hi-gloss Polyurethane Finish
String gauge .009-.042

Thanakorn Guitars TKS Standard 24

Thanakorn Guitars TKS Standard 24 Part 2

Joop Wolters: 4 Seasons pick up clinic


Charles Macdonald: Jam over Rob Chappers Free Jam track

Free C# Mixolydian Backing Track by Chapman Guitars

Here is my short and fun improv over a backing track that Chappers uploaded for free so I have taken advantage of this fact and decided I would upload my short take over it.

Improvisation Over B Lydian BT (Rob Chapman) - Charles Macdonald - HD

Brett Stine,Eddie Head: Haji's Kitchen 1994

Old demo pulled from analog cassette tape... sorry about the quality.

Lineup is as shown in the promo pic:

Vocals - Eddie Ellis
Guitars - Brett Stine (first solo) and Eddie Head (second solo)
Bass - Derek Blakley
Drums - Rob Stankiewicz

Haji's Kitchen - Malice (AKA Satan Music) *OLD* Demo, 1994.

Achilleas Diamantis: Fake Face

Achilleas Diamantis -Fake Face

Gabriele Pala: Golden Seed CD preview

Gabriele Pala:
Hi everybody!
I am glad to announce that the new album of Goldenseed (my personal musical project) entitled "The War Is In My Mind" will be officially out worldwide for the Italian label SG Records on the 20th of January 2012. 11 tracks of prog / death / jazz / shredding metal to tease your minds! :) On vocals, in a song, there is a special guest: Stian Johansen (better known as Culto or Occultus), former member of famous Norwegian black metal acts like Mayhem, Thy Abhorrent, Shadow Dancers and many more.
The album will be available in best shops of your town, in the main metal-related mailorders, or in digital format on the mainstream channels like iTunes and similar.
Here is a promo trailer with some sample audio :)
Feel free to share and spam around ;)
I hope you will buy the album and not only download from the common illegal ways :) good music!!

Kristen T Clark: Waves (Intro)

Waves (Intro) - Guthrie Govan - Kristen T Clark

Mike Orlando, Mike Portnoy: Adrenaline Mob slim down

Guitarist Rich Ward and bassist Paul DiLeo leave the band due to other commitments.

"The core of this band has always been the three of us. The album was written and recorded that way. We later added Rich and Paul as part of the original touring lineup and we had a blast touring with them. However, they both had other projects and priorities and could not give a full-time commitment to ADRENALINE MOB. We're all still friends and we wish them all the best in their other bands, but for now, our focus is entirely on ADRENALINE MOB, the release of 'Omertà' on 3/13/12, and hitting the road hard and playing for you all soon!"

New album track listing

"Omertá" track listing:

01. Undaunted
02. Psychosane
03. Indifferent
04. All on the Line
05. Hit the Wall
06. Feelin' Me
07. Come Undone (feat. Lzzy Hale)
08. Believe Me
09. Down to the Floor
10. Angel Sky
11. Freight Train

Rick Graham: Another cool backing track free for you

Rick Graham:
Hi guys, here a free backing track for you to jam over in A Dorian. Hope you have fun with it!

'Cool 70's' Backing Track in A Dorian - Rick Graham

Eddie Van Halen: NEW She's the Woman NYC 2012

Van Halen - "She's the Woman" - LIVE 2012 At Cafe Wha? New York City

Orianthi: Alice Cooper No More Mr Nice Guy Live double CD announced

Concert Live has set a February 13 release date for "No More Mr Nice Guy Live", a two-CD remixed version of Cooper's October 29, 2011 show at London, England's Alexandra Place.

Concert Live, which enables fans all over the world to relive the experience with instant recordings of live gigs available within minutes of the last note being played, already released this concert as one of its instant live shows back in October, and the show has been aired on TV in both the U.K. and U.S., but this will apparently be a properly remixed version of this performance.

"No More Mr Nice Guy Live" track listing:

Disc 1

01. The Black Widow
02. Brutal Planet
03. I'm Eighteen
04. Under My Wheels
05. Billion Dollar Babies
06. No More Mr Nice Guy
07. Hey Stoopid
08. Is It My Body?
09. Halo Of Flies

Disc 2

01. I'll Bite Your Face Off
02. Muscle Of Love
03. Only Women Bleed
04. Cold Ethyl
05. Feed My Frankenstein
06. Clones (We're All)
07. Poison
08. Wicked Young Man
09. I Love The Dead
10. Schools Out
11. Elected
12. Fire (with Arthur Brown)

Devin Townsend: Peavy Signature PXD Vicious seven-string baritone guitar

plus another interview

Devin Townsend:
Totally. 100%. Without making that life change, I’d have been stuck where I was and the writing was on the wall and I say that and again I can say that until I’m blue in the face and people still wouldn’t get that, but staying there would have stunted me emotionally for the rest of my life, so I chose not to. It’s nothing against the music. I’m very proud of the music, I think it’s awesome, but it’s not me anymore. A lady said to me before “Why would you not do it again?” and I replied “Why would you want me to?” If I’m not there, it’s going to ruin the romance for the people who expect it to be something I’m not anymore. When I was in Strapping, I was furious and on drugs and shit, and I worked a lot of it out – it’s not like it went away, but I worked it out. I consciously made an effort to work that shit out. A lot of people are upset when you work out your anger issues, but there’s a big industry for music which is furious and angry because in my opinion, the world is looking for a justification to feel the same way. “Look! It’s popular to say “Fuck Everything” so it must be O.K!” and I don’t think it is in a lot of ways. It’s O.K when you’re younger, but when you get older, you end up hurting yourself if you still feel that way. But again, the way I chose to write music and the way Slayer write music is different – I’m not saying Slayer are unhealthy… more

Scott Mishoe: slap lesson from the master of slap guitar

Scott Mishoe Lesson 3

An example of how extraordinary this technique can be.

" Nacho Mama " By Scott Mishoe

Fred Brum: writing his little piece of history

Fred Brum gets down to writing on little bits of printed card, the inserts for his latest CD... creating for you, your own little piece of his history.

Fred Brum
‎1 -
2 - if there are any left. 40-something available at the moment, I think. Hopefully, there won't be any left by then.


Randy Jackson: Zebra - four views of just who is behind that door!


Zebra - Whose Behind The Door, Live

Zebra - Who's Behind The Door

Zebra "Who's behind the door" live in Westbury

Joe Satriani: Google Plus Hangout

Joe Satriani takes time out from rehearsal to do another Hangout with fans to answer some questions. At the end we also walk over and chat briefly with Sammy Hagar and take a quick tour into the studio with Kenny Aronoff and Mike Anthony.
Chickenfoot on Google+ - on Google+ - on Google+ - on Google+ -
Mike also had a hangout which will be available soon.
This was another Chickenfoot Google+ Hangout, this time taking advantage of the new "On Air" mode that allows anyone to watch and also saves a recording so it's easy for us to share as an archive.

Joe Satriani/Chickenfoot 1/7/12 Hangout on Air live from the Foot Locker

Mark Kroos: Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft Music Video

Mark Kroos - Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft Music Video

News: 10 hands, one guitar...

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Walk off the Earth and Sarah Blackwood perform a cover of Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know" using five people on one guitar.
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Performers from left to right:
Joel Cassidy
Sarah Blackwood
Gianni Luminati
Extra Tages:
Walk off the earth
2 guys 1 guitar
3 guys 1 guitar
4 guys 1 guitar
5 guys 1 guitar
gianni luminati
gianni nicassio
sarah blackwood
gianni and sarah
walk off the earth

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover)

News: Bi Axe Bass Guitar double neck

The Biaxe was first created in 1976 and patented in 1981 for combining standard guitar techniques with the style called "tapping," which Stanley Jordan popularized during that same period. Later versions of the Biaxe evolved into a spare neck which could be removably attached to one's own guitar or bass.

The Biaxe Guitar--Touch Style Fusion of Guitar and Bass

Andrea Maccianti: super tribute to Bicio!

Andrea Maccianti
One of my small and humble tribute to a great guitarist and friend Leo Fabrizio Bicio ... Thanks also to my friend David for Sacceddu Mix and editing of this video ... But most of all for the support and patience ..: -)


Levi Clay: tritone fascinations

Musical harmony has come a long way in the last 150 years, so far in fact that it could be easy to fall into a rut of repetition, never breaking any new ground. Bebop itself was born out of frustration and experimentation, the youth of the day pushing the boundaries and seeing what happened. Today we're going to look at some post bop experimentation that you might find in the lines of saxophonists like Michael Brecker and Jerry Bergonzi. The focus will be the synthetic scale known as the tritone scale, so come and have a look if you want to insert a little of the devil into your playing.

Michael was particularly synonymous with the experimentation of synthetic scales so check out his work with The Brecker Brothers, Steps Ahead and his solo albums (try his self titled album for something really special).
We're deep in the world of funk fusion now, so lets start this by listening to some Brecker Brothers (with Mike Stern on guitar). Michaels solo starts at 1:18 and he's really flying here, a great blend of pentatonics and fluid outside lines. If only we could be that fluid on the guitar! There is a valuable lesson to be learnt here though, drawing influence from other instruments is a great way to help develop your own voice on the guitar.

Full lesson with tab:

Eddie Jobson: UK 2012 live dates start arriving

UK "Night After Night 2012" World Tour (so far...):
dates and  link to venue:
May 04 - The Highline Ballroom, New York, USA [tickets on sale Jan. 13]
May 08 - World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, USA [tickets on sale Jan. 14]
May 11 - The Gesù Amphitheatre, Montréal, Canada [on sale now (VIP tickets - SOLD OUT)]
May 14 - The Triple Door, Seattle, USA [tickets on-sale Jan. 13]
May 17 - Aladdin Theater, Portland, USA [tickets on-sale Jan. 11]
May 18 - The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, USA [tickets on sale Jan. 15]
More dates to be added... pre-sale tickets now available at

Rocco Pezzin: Chapman Guitars new endorsee

Rocco Pezzin:
Hi everyone, I’m Rocco, an Italian dude from a little town near Venice.

Since I was a little kid I’ve always been surrounded by music, mainly because of my father’s love for British rock and music in general. Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Zeppelin were my first inspirations; they brought me to start playing drums at the age of ten, but it wasn’t until I first heard Slash’s playing in GnR that I fell deeply in love with the guitar, and started playing the instrument like a crazy mot*****er!

I’ve been in several metal bands, and I am always trying to enhance my musical vocabulary and technical skills by listening to and learning songs by a wide variety of artists.

When I started listening to bands like Periphery, Animals As Leaders and Jeff Loomis a whole new world opened up to me in terms of songwriting. I’m still trying to find my genre, but you can definitely hear the inspirations I’ve had in my upcoming material.

Throughout all these years, I’ve been a die-hard Chappers follower, and being a Chapman Guitars artist is definitely a huge honor for me.

Periphery - Buttersnips FULL COVER *Chapman ML2 Custom*

The Chapman Guitars "Heart of Fire" Competition - Rocco's Entry

Joel Hoekstra: Night Rangers guitarist in chambersofrock interview

AW: Sure and you brought Christian (Cullen – Former Night Ranger keyboardist) in on that one too didn’t you?

Joel: Yeah, Christian did some keys on it and … Lots of great musicians on both those. The first two were basically made with Virgil Donati on drums, who’s played with Planet X and Steve Vai, you know, just a massive virtuoso drummer and then the bass player on those is Ric Fierabracci who’s played with Andy Summers and Frank Gambale, Chick Corea and so really great musicians and then the ’13 Acoustic songs’ I used just more happen stance, you know more pop rock guys like Nir Z (John Mayer) did a lot of percussion on it and Daniel Adair from Nickelback did some percussion on it, you know just some guys that I’m kind of buds with or whatever that just happen to do more pop rock stuff. more

News: building custom guitars is a complex job

Drew Slaney NEW ARTICLE: More and more these days I am asked to build complex custom guitars, more than that I am being asked to build instruments with three or four separate pickup systems, with on-board effects units and tremolo systems that are increasingly complex; this is very likely my own fault, I do like to say that I will take on any feasible project as long as it is playable and pretty, but this leaves me violating a rule that I have stood by for years... simplicity is key! READ MORE HERE: