Alex Martinho: Universo Em Mim new CD

Alex Martinho - Universo Em Mim (CD)

Contradicao (1:53)
Revolucao Interna (5:53)
Insonia (3:31)
Alma (4:35)
Antiteses (4:13)
A Chama Se Apaga (3:09)
Tao Longe (3:55)
Porcelana (4:35)
Metades (5:01)
Caminhos (4:17)
Saudade (3:39)

Offering nine instrumental tracks and two vocal numbers, Universo Em Mim delivers some outstanding shredded, high tech hard rock from Brazilian guitarist Alex Martinho. Martinho has a recognizable style that he uses to great effect on the mostly instrumental disc, using knowledge acquired at the Guitar Institute of Technolgy in Hollywood to create a work still sought out by savvy hard rock fans. Real drums (Rodrigo Martinho) and s team of six bass players gives Martinho room to blaze and splay legato lines all over tracks such as "Revolucao Interna" and "Alma". Pick this one up on disc while you still have the chance.