Sarah Longfield: one woman band returns

Sarah Longfield:
alright, so don't be too mean please? This is my first vocal cover and my screaming range (as of right now) is kind of similar to the stuff in OMAM's first album (i think), so i figured I mind as well practice up on my video editing skills and do like a super cover? :D it's all figured out by ear so there might be a few mistakes :P all exhales (i don't understand how to inhale scream lol)

check out my demo! - (all written, recorded, mixed and produced by yours truly :D)

find me on facebook! -!/pages/Sarah-MissSmiles4u/203122436372395

Second and Sebring - Of Mice and Men cover -Sarah :D


  1. screaming inhaling... just dont breath with your mouth. firts step: full your down stomach zone with air,not your lungs,trying to inflate the belly zone. Second step: try to economizate the attack voice with the intensity of the screaming prhases, the voice attack must be trained for different situation, not all the time you will began with the acents in the first pulse. Third point: never breath with the mouth, it will tendese to soffocate without full the air tank: the diaprhgam. fouth step: Never ever never try to close your troath, the sour troath not is like a sane tired fingers, it can mean some broken finger ligaments. fifth step: try to project the voice energy in one point direction ,just changing with the dinamics. ( IT 's something more metaphisical than somatic theoric empty gadget). six step: Dont smoke, dont drink alcohol, take care with your food, not a lot of fat stuffs,fisical exersise can help to make you understand how works the breathing nature in humans, swiming more, Take concies about the words you scream, remember that dimensions of music words and poetry are like magic spells ( but you know that cause you are all an artist). and the last step : try to send me a mail to have a skype conversation and talk about screams, growls, barks, odd rhytms spelled words, attack voice technics, activation of acoustic resonators in the body, and some other funny mystical simple exersices with the voice. My mail is See ya!!!


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