Jose De Castro: Moments new CD

Jose De Castro - Moments (CD)

  1. On The Road (6:20)
  2. Three Monkeys (4:36)
  3. Lazy Blues (4:32)
  4. I Can't Stop (3:44)
  5. So Good (5:13)
  6. A.A. (6:01)
  7. Kick The Snare (3:56)
  8. Time After Time (2:52)
  9. Dirty (5:20)
  10. Follow The Moment (3:48)
  11. Soul (3:43)
  12. The Only One (3:21)
Moments is an all-instrumental work featuring10 songs, all composed, arranged and produced by Spanish guitarist Jose De Castro, His fourth all-instrumental CD, Moments features stellar musicians such as Jose Vera on bass and Enzo Filippone on drums, with featured appearances by Jacob Sureda and Alex Garcia. The CD was made in one of the most active times in Jopi's career, as he juggles important tours, endorsements and recordings. As always, the versatility as in styles as in sounds is present all over the CD, remeniscent in places of Michael Lee Firkins's self-titled Shrapnel debut, as well as some of Johnny A's more recent output on Favored Nations. Moments is a top to bottom K.O., as Spain's groove meister raises the bar yet again.