Joe Gajan: announces new CD on the Digital Nations label

Joe Gajan

"I started guitar at the age of 10 with lessons and the Mel Bay method which I flew through, by age 12 I was performing live. My group would play whatever was on the radio - mostly Zeppelin, Hendrix, Sabbath etc. & we'd attempt fusiony stuff like Jeff Beck, Jaco Pastorius & Tommy Bolin. There was a lot of Blues stuff we'd groove on also - Luther Allison who one of our bandmates played with in the 70's and Albert King stuff also.

Soon I'd discover one of my biggest overall influences when I heard the first couple Van Halen album's. Bands like Yesterday & Today, Scorpions, U.F.O & Accept and prog stuff like Yes, Tull, Zappa, Rush I'd consider influences as well. Various bands followed through my teen years and I'd practice as much as I could as a plethora of great players came to my attention. For the next several years I gave guitar lesson's and gigged. In these years the various bands I played with secured opening slots with major label bands such as Saxon, The Outlaws, Head East and others.

I released a 4 song demo in 1988 that received some positive reviews and I continued with different projects releasing demo's regulary. In 1993 I hooked up with Roy Edwards and gigged frequently with him doing Blues based material. This lead to the 1998 release "Box O' Blues". I currently play in the instrumental based Joe Gajan Group, with Jimmy Erhardt on drums & Dave Moran on Bass."

Joe Gajan