Anthony McLeod: Boss pedal competition

Hey guys! I'm holding a solo contest. I guess I'm feeling a little nostalgic as I watched the solo contests that PetrucciFever held some years ago.
  • 1st Boss GE7 Equalizer pedal 
  • 2nd Scaller F121 Volume pedal
  • 3rd Pack D'Addario Guitar Strings
The backing track is an excerpt from one of my original recordings, "Reason and Meaning". I thought it would be cool to hear the world's approach to this little progression.

Anyway, download the backing track here:

I'll be announcing the other Judges soon. Remember you have until Feb 19th 2012 TO GET YOUR ENTRY IN! Tell your friends and spread the word!!!

Message me if you have any other queries!
Good Luck to all Entrants!!!

Guitar Solo Contest 2012!!! Presented by Anthony McLeod (Guitarant06)