Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bela Fleck,Jimmy Herring: Warren Haynes Xmas Jam 2011

Bela Fleck,Jimmy Herring: Warren Haynes Xmas Jam 2011

Jude Gold, Carl Verheyen: NAMM times

Jude Gold
NAMM tip: At 1pm tomorrow Hosting a clinic with the amazing Carl Verheyen at the NAMM HOTZONE, second floor, room 204B. Then part of a panel on music and technology led by Michael Molenda.

Be there!
MI Technology Forum |
Thursday, Jan 19 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday, Jan 20 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday, Jan 21 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday, Jan 22 10 a.m.-5 p.m. *Levels 2 & 3 and Hall E open at 9:30 a.m.

Nico Schliemann: Tom's in NAMM... time to Jam on Tom Quayle's backing track

Jamming on a Tom Quayle backing Track

Daniele Gregolin: Euro Groove back in summer 2011


News: NAMM Exhibitor Appearances, Events,Directory, Concerts

Exhibitor Appearances & Events

Wednesday, Jan 18 | Thursday, Jan 19 | Friday, Jan 20 | Saturday, Jan 21 | Sunday, Jan 22
Show Directory
Concert Performances
Show Location & Hours
Anaheim Convention Center
800 West Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92802
Thursday, Jan 19 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Friday, Jan 20 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday, Jan 21 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sunday, Jan 22 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
*Levels 2 & 3 and Hall E
open at 9:30 a.m.

Allan Holdsworth,Tim Pierce: Rockett pedals appearance NAMM

ROCKETT PEDALS USA Saturday, Jan 21 |
1112 (Hall E)
Tim Pierce will be stopping by to say hello on Saturday morning. Look for the new Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost in the very near future.
Allan Holdsworth 4pm Saturday the 21st. Allan is there to help debut the new Allan Holdsworth Signature OD/Boost and sign autographs.

Martin Taylor,Andreas Oberg: Artistworks newest online learning school NAMM

ARTISTWORKS, INC. Thursday, Jan 19
E15 (App & Gaming Pavilion)
No time specified
ArtistWorks debuts and samples its newest online learning school, The School of Dobro with Andy Hall. Come see a demo of how Video Exchange™ Learning really works.
Martin Taylor and Andreas Oberg perform.
Martin Taylor and Andreas Oberg perform.
Martin Taylor and Andreas Oberg perform.

News: NAMM Interactive floor plan

Interactive floor plan

Craig Goldy: NAMM appearance

Craig Goldy and bassist Rudy Sarzo will be signing Thursday, January 19th at 1:00pm at the Dean Markley booth (Hall B, #5710), and Craig will also be at the ENGL Booth (Hall B, #5824) on Friday, January 20th 20 at 2:00pm. Rudy will be back at Dean Markley on January 21st at 4pm for the "Gaggle of Bassists" signing.

On Friday, January 20th, Simon, Rudy and Scott will be getting together for a jam session with Robin McCauley, Frankie Banali and Robert Sarzo in the lobby of the Anaheim Convention Center from 5:00pm - 7:00pm, so when you're done with the convention, come on over!"

Uli Jon Roth: Live In Hollywood DVD

"Live In Hollywood" is an NTSC-only DVD which contains footage of Uliplaying material from the SCORPIONS, solo and ELECTRIC SUN. This is a very limited pressing and is only being made available for Uli's North American tour in January and February. Once sold out, it will not be pressed again.

"Live In Hollywood" track listing:

01. Intro Jam
02. Firewind
03. Land Of Dawn
04. We'll Burn The Sky
05. Fly To The Rainbow
06. Pictured Life
07. In Trance
08. Polar Nights
09. Going Down
10. Sails Of Charon
11. Catch Your Train

Michael Schenker: audio interview

Michael Schenker Interview 16/01/12 by BLACKDIAMOND

Ronny Heimdal: Flusion?

The Flu. by Ronny Heimdal

Tom Quayle: Giant steps with an unusual gate...

Giant steps in Dmaj - with some dodgy bits. by Tom Quayle

Eric Gales:That's What I Am - LIVE in Memphis 2012

Eric Gales - That's What I Am - LIVE in Memphis 2012 by Eric Gales

Eric Johnson: "Once Upon A Time In Texas" - Live at The Loop

Eric Johnson - "Once Upon A Time In Texas" - Live at The Loop

News: 10th Anniversary party for Schecter at NAMM

10th Anniversary party for Schecter  at NAMM 

News: Loud Guitars NAMM giveaway... be quick and be at NAMM!

We have 4 passes to give away for the Satchurated 3D Pre Screening in Anaheim Email with the Title "ME" we will pick the winners at Random Tomorrow 12:00 PM PST.

Phillip Jarrell: Jarrell guitars at NAMM

Jarrell Guitars Debuts "Monte Pittman Signature" Guitar At NAMM 2012

"As part of NAMM Show 2012 being held on January 19-22 in Anaheim California, Phillip Jarrell will showcase the latest and greatest creations in the Jarrell Guitar collection. Featuring the debut of the revolutionary Monte Pittman Signature Series of 3 guitars: MPS.1, MPS.f, and the MPS*Classic, attendees will have the opportunity to get 'hands on,' up close and personal with the new line, experiencing the unique vibe for themselves at the Jarrell Booth (4198). A press conference will be held on Saturday, January 21st at 11 a.m. with Jarrell Guitars, Seymour Duncan, Orange Amps, and Monte Pittman.

After a year of prototypes and tests, the first live performance on the new final design, Monte Pittman Signature Jarrell MPS will be at Super Bowl 2012, played by Monte Pittman himself during pop superstar Madonna's half-time show. Pittman has been Madonna's guitarist for the last decade.

News: Truth In Shredding 1,550,000 Visitors!

  Average Per Day1,347  
  Average Visit Length1:51  
  Last Hour97  
  This Week9,429  
  Average Per Day2,295  
  Average Per Visit1.7  
  Last Hour155  
  This Week16,066  

Thanks for your support.... lets hope SOPA does not stop the guitar flow!

Eric Johnson: Jim Dunlop Signature Series namm

For more information please visit:
Dunlop continues its series of intimate portrait videos of legendary and influential musicians who have chosen to include Dunlop electronics and accessories as an essential element of their craft. We focus this time on Eric Johnson, who speaks about the things that brought him to a life a music, the emotions and opportunities that life choice has resulted in, and what in it continues to inspire him to this day.
After years of careful and detailed experimentation and one-on-one work with Dunlop engineers, Eric and Dunlop have hit upon the very specific recipe for two crucial elements of his tone: his Signature Fuzz Face and his Signature Classic Jazz III Pick. For a man who can tell the utmost subtle differences between all the things that make up his signal chain- from the feel of the pick to the age of the amp's tubes- Dunlop is very proud to present these two customized products to the public that meet up to the high standards Eric demands of all his gear.
When you think about Eric Johnson, you think tone, and the tone he's best known for is his sweet, singing, lead tone. His choice for getting that tone has always been the Fuzz Face. EJ worked closely with Fuzz Face guru Jeorge Tripps to create his signature pedal. It is inspired by EJ's prized personal Fuzz Faces and is built to his incredibly strict specifications, featuring hand-selected BC183 silicon transistors (for higher gain), custom repro '68-'69 knobs, and a vintage-style hammertone finish. The result: a beautifully dynamic, expressive, and powerful pedal. "I first heard the Fuzz Face when I was about 12 and loved playing through it," he says. "It's the classic tone used by Jimi Hendrix, one of my greatest influences. No other pedal gets this type of sound. It's the pinnacle of psychedelic fuzz."
To create the Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III, we laser-scanned a vintage Jazz III from Eric's collection and recreated it with the most advanced molding techniques available. The result is a Jazz III with a more refined and smooth tip, more flexibility, and a matte finish with raised logos for an incredible gripping surface.
Executive Producer: Jimmy Dunlop
Producer/Director: Joey Tosi
Editor/Sound: Max Baloian
Director of Photography/Camera: Danny Nieder
2nd Camera/Gaffer: Jim Granato

Eric Johnson Signature Series: A Legacy of Inspiration

Joe Satriani: "Satchurated" Promotional Trailer

"Satchurated", Joe Satriani's 3D concert film was recorded and filmed live on "The Wormhole Tour" by award winning filmmakers Pierre and Francois Lamoureux. In theatres 03.2012 - stay tuned.

Coming soon to Theatres near you.

**** Special advance pre-screening at Winter NAMM 2012 for NAMM Attendees and Press - Saturday Jan 21st at Ultralux Theatre (Anaheim, CA) at 6:30PM

Joe Satriani - "Satchurated" Promotional Trailer

Vicki Genfan: interviewed at NAMM

Franklin Spicer speaks with guitarist Virtuoso Vicki Genfan as she shares a bit of her songwriting process, including her use of alternate guitar tunings. Find Vicki at
Find us at:

VICKI GENFAN at NAMM for Songwriters Vantage

I Wayan Balawan: ethnic two handed tapper returns


Steve Smyth: NAMM dates and time

Steve Smyth
Packing for the NAMM show! I will be appearing and signing for EVH on Friday Jan 20th at 3pm, EMG Pickups Friday Jan 20th at 5pm, and BC Rich on Saturday Jan 21st at 3pm. Hope to see you there! \M/\M/\M/!!!

Andres Ludmer: Creamy legato solo

Andres Ludmer:
if you want to listen to the whole tune, press this link
this is a solo for a tune of mine, called mayimbu. hope you dig it.
I used my diego serra strat and the axe fx ultra.

andres ludmer - mayimbu solo

full track

Andres Ludmer - Mayimbu (2011) by andresludmer

Dave Weiner: Jam With Me #4 - diminished responsibility

Jam With Me - Ep4: "A Diminished Vamp" (1/18/12)

John Huldt: negotiating a tricky Nervous Breakdown

Here's my take on The Nervous Breakdown by one of my favorite guitar players in the world. Posted a tab on my facebook page and feel free to comment and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

I'm playing a Fender 52 reissue Telecaster with a Kinman pickup on it through a George L cable into an Elmwood Stinger amp :)

The Nervous Breakdown - Brad Paisley cover + tab

Allen Van Wert: practising a solo... harder than it looks

This is showing how I learn my own solos. I just wrote this one today for the metal band I now play for called Forgotten legacy, Here are some links...

Free jamplay trial!!!!
Guitar solo practice and composition for Forgotten Legacy

Roberto Restuccia: cool rock jam... better late than never!

Roberto Restuccia:
My entry was too late

Rock Jam

Joe Satriani: Paris 2012

CHICKENFOOT - Future In The Past - Paris 2012

Enrique Romero: Dimarzio Evolution 7 Jams

Enrique Romero, burns a Carvin and Conklin all to show you the power of the Dimarzio Evolution 7's

Carvin DC727 - Dimarzio Evolution 7 Jam

and another jam on his Conklin

Conklin 7 String Jam

Chris Brooks: Guitar Licks on demand 2# and 3#

In this lick request I break down a short but sweet yee-haw lick from the tune "Velvet Claws" (full tab available at
Gear used includes Suhr Custom Standard Guitar, Koko Boost pedal and Suhr Badger 30 head, through a Port City OS212 cab. (new album available there)

Chris Brooks - Guitar Licks on demand #2: Velvet Claws

Chris Brooks - Guitar Licks on Demand #3: Feeding The Myth

Michael Lee Firkins: Novato Smokehouse series

A Joy for Michael Lee Firkins fans... many hours of the master.

Michael Lee Firkins: Novato Smokehouse series

Walter Trout: European tour announcement!

Check out the full schedule here:

1-Mar-2012 Lantaarn, Hellendoorn, NL
2-Mar-2012 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL
3-Mar-2012 Boerderij, Zoetermeer, NL
4-Mar-2012 Mezz, Breda, NL
7-Mar-2012 02 Academy, Newcastle , UK
8-Mar-2012 Varieties, Leeds, UK
9-Mar-2012 02 academy, Sheffield, UK
10-Mar-2012 The Grand, Clitheroe, UK
11-Mar-2012 The Lowry, Salford, UK
12-Mar-2012 Arts Centre, Pontadarwe, UK
13-Mar-2012 The Glee Club, Cardiff, UK
14-Mar-2012 Robin 2, Wolverhampton, UK
15-Mar-2012 The Brook, Southampton, UK
16-Mar-2012 The Wharf, Tavistock, UK
17-Mar-2012 The Fleece, Bristol, UK
19-Mar-2012 Francis, Wetzlar, DE
21-Mar-2012 Zeche, Bochum, DE
22-Mar-2012 Meisenfrei, Bremen, DE
23-Mar-2012 Gewerkschaftshaus, Erfurt, DE
24-Mar-2012 Bluesgarage, Hannover, DE
27-Mar-2012 Reigen, Vienna, AT
28-Mar-2012 Colos Saal, Asschaffenburg, DE
29-Mar-2012 Kulturkirche, Köln, DE

Walter Trout European tour announcement!

Rob Chappers: London clinic date

Tickets are available here:

PLEASE NOTE: 14+ or accompanied by an adult for workshop. 18+ for gig. ID required!

"Guitarnivore" - Rob Chapman Clinic & Gig, 18th Feb, Soho, London

Oziel Zinho: Changeman

Changeman - Theme Instrumental

Dr.Viossy: In The Presence of Enemies

In The Presence of Enemies - pt.1 - played by Dr.Viossy

Ray Riendeau,Francesco Artusato,Derek Taylor: Star Monarchy promo



Bjorn Strid (vocals) - SOILWORK
Dan Tompkins (vocals) - TESSERACT
Rody Walker (vocals) - PROTEST THE HERO
Sean Dailey (vocals) - THE BETTER DEATH
Francesco Artusato (guitar) - ALL SHALL PERISH, SOLO ARTIST
Ray Riendeau (bass) - JAMES LABRIE, ROB HALFORD)
Alex Rudinger (drums) - THREAT SIGNAL
Danny Handler (drums) - THE BETTER DEATH
Peter Wildoer (drums) - DARKANE, JAMES LABRIE
Hannes Grossmann (drums) - OBSCURA, BLOTTED SCIENCE
Derek Taylor (guitar) - STARA ZAGORA
Thomas Pulda (screams) - ANOMALY


Dhalif Ali: Steve Vai Style Jamtrack - stylish soloing alert

Steve Vai Style Jamtrack in G#min

Chris Brooks: Guitar Licks on demand #1

You ask, I play it. First up is the intro arpeggio sequence from my song "The Axis of All Things" as requested on facebook. (Grab the album on or iTunes)
I'm using my Suhr Badger 30 head, an Xotic BB preamp, and a Port City OS212 cabinet. (Get my new album there!)

Chris Brooks - Guitar Licks on demand #1

Federico Malaman: Speed Demon Bass Maven!

Speed Demon "Live" by Federico Malaman

George Marios: Cookie Dough Trio-Ain't no Sunshine

Live in Kavala with the Cookie Dough Trio-Ain't no Sunshine

Fabrizio Leo: Live at the Bluehouse series 2012

Money zero Fabrizio Leo Live@blueshouse

SR Fabrizio Leo Live@blueshouse

Eyes of ice Fabrizio Leo Live@blueshouse

Daniele Gottardo: Paranoid Android on the way to NAMM

Daniele Gottardo - Paranoid Android (Radiohead)

Daniele Gottardo
See you all at NAMM - Hall A Booth 6853

Allan Holdsworth: Trio Brick By Brick San Diego January 2012

Allan Holdsworth: Trio Brick By Brick San Diego January 2012

I Wayan Balawan: Indonesia's finest tapper?

Balawan is a jazz guitarist from Bali, Indonesia which is famous for playing guitar technique : Tapping Touch Style. Balawan and his jazz fusion band, Batuan Ethnic Fusion that carries the exploration of traditional (gamelan) Balinese music, cekidot...

Balawan & Batuan Ethnic Fusion...

Endre Koch: new tapper spotted

Endre Koch Tapping guitar "Still got the blues/Little wing/Du skal få en dag imåra" .m4v

Tapping guitar "Still Got the blues" based on Ole Staveteig`s version