Sunday, 29 January 2012

Morten Faerestrand: Half Sweep Lesson

Half Sweep Lesson - Guitar Lesson by Morten Faerestrand

Cris Bertini: Classy Italian Jam

Cris Bertini Jam

Yasi Hofer: tributes to Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix-Little Wing played by Yasi

Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland played by Yasi

Andy James: ESP NAMM 2012

NAMM 2012 Andy James ESP

Blues Saraceno: Dirty Boy Pedals NAMM

NAMM 2012 Blues Saraceno Dirty Boy Pedals

Jacqui Taylor: "Kamikaze Guitarist"

Jacqui Taylor plays the track "Kamikaze Guitarist" from her forthcoming album working with film director Peter Glyn Jones. A Kamikaze Guitarist is driven by passion without judgment, moderation or reason! The direct translation for Kamikaze is best written in English as "reckless wind".

Kamikaze Guitarist

Andy James: New album available from Jam Track Central

Jamtrackcentral.comYou can now download Andy James self-titled album in MP3, AAC and Apple Lossless versions from, while you await his debut JTC package 'Custom Metal Series 1'!

Brian May: discusses and demos Vox AC30s

Brian May on Vox AC30s

Phil Hilborne,Pascal Mulot: NAMM 2012

Phil Hilborne & Pascal Mulot.wmv


Phil Hilborne and Pascal Mulot at NAMM'12

Phil Hilborne and Pascal Mulot #2 At NAMM '12

Sloth Chubsteen: Plenty of practice pays off in the long run

Jamming some Zack Wylde

Petey Graves: Mayones Regius 8 string - Skye Playthrough
Here is our guitarist PeteyG playing through his parts of the track Skye.
The guitar used is a Mayones Regius 8 string custom loaded with Bare Knuckle Pickups (Rebel Yell bridge, VHII Neck). The audio for this was recorded using an Axe FX Ultra channelled directly into Logic 9.

Here are some links to some of the equipment and software that we use to make our music:
Mayones Guitars - Knuckle Pickups - Custom Speaker Cabs - Guitars - Guitars - Guitars -

Toontrack Drum Sampling -

PeteyG - Skye Playthrough

Cinthya Blackcat: The Flight of the Bumble bee

Cinthyablackcat "The Flight of the Bumble bee" arrangement by Luis Moreno

Jeffrey Thomasson: tackling Allan Holdsworth.

Jeffrey Thomasson - The way I play Devil Take The Hindmost by Allan Holdsworth

Brian May: interview appealing against badger cull

Brian talks to Alan Titchmarsh about impending slaughter of thousands of largely healthy badgers in bovine TB cull. URGENT to visit 38Degrees website and sign the petition YOU FOR SUPPORTING - PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR CONTACTS

Brian May interview appealing against badger cull 27 Jan 2012

Kevin Peters: OneThataps back for the tap!

Kevin Peters arpeggios_012412-01

Kevin Peters - RoyalBloodSolo.wmv

Anthony McLeod: Boss pedal competition

Hey guys! I'm holding a solo contest. I guess I'm feeling a little nostalgic as I watched the solo contests that PetrucciFever held some years ago.
  • 1st Boss GE7 Equalizer pedal 
  • 2nd Scaller F121 Volume pedal
  • 3rd Pack D'Addario Guitar Strings
The backing track is an excerpt from one of my original recordings, "Reason and Meaning". I thought it would be cool to hear the world's approach to this little progression.

Anyway, download the backing track here:

I'll be announcing the other Judges soon. Remember you have until Feb 19th 2012 TO GET YOUR ENTRY IN! Tell your friends and spread the word!!!

Message me if you have any other queries!
Good Luck to all Entrants!!!

Guitar Solo Contest 2012!!! Presented by Anthony McLeod (Guitarant06)

Esteban D Mello: Mozart Alla Turca two hands - two necks

Mozart - Alla turca (Vadrum's Version) in Two-handed Guitar Tapping

Anouck André: Hybrid Picking with BT and Tab

Anouck André:  Here is a cool lick to improve your Hybrid Picking Style !enjoy :)
Download the mini free package here : cool Backing track and Guitar Pro file!

Super Fusion Lick #3 : Hybrid Picking Pentatonic (Free BT and tab)

Tommy Denander: rocking NAMM 2012


Andy James: NAMM 2012 ESP Guitars clip

Andy James - NAMM 2012 ESP Guitars

Tomo Fujita,Eric Gales: Little Wing Eminence at NAMM 2012

Little Wing - Tomo Fujita and Eric Gales with Eminence at NAMM 2012

Ron Thal: TonePrints for TC Electronic's Shaker Vibrato NAMM

Bumblefoot doing TonePrints for TC Electronic's Shaker Vibrato

Doug Aldrich,Guthrie Govan: interview NAMM 2012

Guthrie Govan and Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake) visited the TC Electronic booth at NAMM 2012 for a bit of playing, signing, and verbal riffing (as evident in this video).

Doug Aldrich and Guthrie Govan interview Namm 2012

Alex Feather Akimov: Now Teaching At Guitar Master Class

Alex Feather Akimov teaches guitar on Guitar Master Class

Alex is a session musician - guitarist, composer and producer from Los Angeles, USA with a rich experience both from studios and touring. Born in 1986, he was just an 11 year boy when he started playing his first chords on his mother's old guitar, inspired by his first idols - The Beatles.

Educated from Moscow College of Music and graduated from LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy) learning jazz and classical guitar, he is now the master of fusion style.
He usually gets his ideas from something he would hear as a good beat, here and there, but people who support him like family and fans inspire him the most.
Alex is always searching for More and New in all aspects of his music. His favorite guitarist is Greg Howe whom he learned from on LAMA. The two of them recorded together an instrumental song called “Search”. Among other songs on his albums, he recorded a single track with Frank Gambale called “Beautiful Lani” which is featured as his first guitar lesson on Guitar Master Class and will be officially released in the following months. He worked with many famous names like Greg Howe, Steve Vai, Britney Spears, Irene Nelson, Rihanna - "Love The Way You Lie Heavy Remix" and others. His third album is being recorded and will be released this year.

When talking about the best promotional tools for a musician, Alex says that fans are the most valuable ones, of course if they like your songs. He believes that the future of music is not on labels anymore, rather on social networks. The musician has to work on his own promotion all the time in order to reach as many fans as he can. His first numerous fans made over 350 thousands of views on his YouTube single “All About The Rain”.

Alex Feather performed more than a 100 shows all around US with great artists. He also worked with famous producers like Skip Saylor, Steven Orchard, Brian Garcia.
Alex made a sound track for the movie: “Live Fast, Die Hard”.

Alex is now going to share his guitar knowledge and wide music experience online, on one of the biggest guitar lesson communities: The Guitar Master Class - which will be celebrating 15 000 members in February 2012. Alex is producing lessons in fusion/funk/jazz style and is available for any questions or just hanging out in the GMC forum

Zoe Thomson: guitar prodigy gets on CBS news

Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson: Steppin' Out NAMM stunning solo shoot out

Steppin' Out - Joe Bonamassa and Eric Johnson - January 19, 2012 - HD

in case you missed it

Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa - January 19, 2012 - Hollywood HOB

Rob Balducci: NAMM 2012

Winter NAMM 2012 - Rad Guitarist

Guthrie Govan: Masterclass - series

Guthrie Govan: Masterclass

Bryan Beller: Erotic Cakes and Blues F***ers NAMM 2012

Bryan Beller Plays "Erotic Cakes" by Guthrie Govan at NAMM 2012

Bryan Beller Plays "Blues F***ers" by The Aristocrats at NAMM 2012

Sarah Longfield: one woman band returns

Sarah Longfield:
alright, so don't be too mean please? This is my first vocal cover and my screaming range (as of right now) is kind of similar to the stuff in OMAM's first album (i think), so i figured I mind as well practice up on my video editing skills and do like a super cover? :D it's all figured out by ear so there might be a few mistakes :P all exhales (i don't understand how to inhale scream lol)

check out my demo! - (all written, recorded, mixed and produced by yours truly :D)

find me on facebook! -!/pages/Sarah-MissSmiles4u/203122436372395

Second and Sebring - Of Mice and Men cover -Sarah :D