Saturday, 31 March 2012

Łukasz Kurpiewski: The Ultimate Ensemble Theory

Hi! This is one of my first compositions, the first I have ever tried to record and mix myself. The drums and bass are virtual instruments. I hope you like it! :) If you do, you can download it here: , as well as my other song, "Enchantment".
Spread the word! :)

Gear I used:
Ernie Ball Music Man Petrucci Koa Top (tuned half step down)
Flame hm-1 (tuned 3 steps down)
Fractal Audio Axe Fx Ultra
Yamaha P-140 piano
M-Audio Fast Track Pro usb audio interface

PS: Sorry for poor video quality, but I think the visual effect isn't the most important thing here :)

Łukasz Kurpiewski - The Ultimate Ensemble Theory

Solo Życia 2011 Łukasz Kurpiewski

Marcin Duński: Playback original posted back in 2008

solo życia 2008-marcin duński-(PLAYBACK)

Plus the amazing posted just a few days ago

Marcin Duński feat. Mateusz Krautwurst-SEVEN

Smooth jazz original

marcin duński smooth original

Ben Poole: joins Brotherhood of The Guitar

About the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood Of The Guitar is an idea I’ve had for sometime. Ever since I was in the documentary film Rock Prophecies, and found young artists like Sick Puppies, and Tyler Bryant, I have been getting hundreds of emails a month, asking me to either look at, or help, up and coming young guitars players and young bands.

A lot of the younger players were without any really good guitars, so I reached out to my friends at Fender, and they gave me several guitars to put in the hands of some really cool up-and-coming guitar players. Other artists however had great Fender guitars, but were suffering from lack of any sort of exposure, living in very small towns in mid-America, or outside the US all together. I went back to Fender, and said what is really needed is a spotlight to shine on the unknown artists.

Two years ago, when I went to the NAMM show, guitar player Josh Gooch saw all the young players that were hanging around, and said, “I see you have your brotherhood of the guitar with you.” So I have Josh Gooch to thank for the name!

I reached back out to Fender, and asked if they would support me in putting together a web site of young Fender unsigned guitar players, giving them a window to show who they were, and what they wanted to do. I then reached out to long time friend artists, and artist / futurist / collaborator Jim Evans, who crafted the really cool web site and logo that gives The Brotherhood Of The Guitar its identity.

It will be fun, and I encourage other players to post their videos on our Facebook page, where we can take a look at what’s happening around the world.

Ben Poole
 visit us I told my friends at Guitar Center what I was doing, and they offered to help support the effort by engaging their powerful marketing, and web and blog blasts! They have given me some great gear to give away from time to time as well. It’s possible that someone from our web site might be offered to play at Guitar Center events, and am even in talks about creating a Brotherhood Of The Guitar tour with a couple of my A-list rock star friends, this tour will help showcase the up-and-coming artists.

The Brotherhood is not just for guys, I really want to see more young girls pick up the guitar, and was lucky to find several amazing players for this project.

I have several more great guitar players I recently filmed, and we will be adding more as we move forward in the future with the site!


Robert M Knight

Ben Poole Interview London.mp4

Brian Maillard: Water Song live performance

BRIAN MAILLARD "Water Song" Live

Ruggero Robin: Mayones Handmade Legend 2012

Mayones Handmade Legend Guitars Live Demo @ Musikmesse 2012

Rik Emmett: A Theory Of Relativity 1987

Rik Emmett 1987, playing "A Theory Of Relativity". Rare guitar instrumental.

Milan Polak: Arpeggio Extensions lessons

Arpeggio Extensions - Milan Polak Lesson

Robert Marcello: FGN Guitars Musikmesse 2012

FGN Guitars(FUJIGEN) - Robert Marcello Demo1 - Messe 2012

FGN Guitars (FUJIGEN) - Robert Marcello feat. Stevie Ray Vaughan

FGN Guitars (FUJIGEN) - Robert Marcello Demo3 - Messe 2012

Andrei Krylov : Acoustic / Electric Double neck Russian gypsy jazz

rumba flamenco, супер гитара :) русский гитарист gypsy, russian guitar

Eugene Berger: Triple Core, Reading Tel Aviv 3, opening act for The Aristocrats

Eugene Berger - Triple Core, Reading Tel Aviv 3, opening act for The Aristocrats

Eugene Berger - Organic Light, Reading 3, Tel Aviv, opening act for The Aristocrats

Francesco Merante: Suhr Pro S4 - Orange Jam

Orange Jam - My Gear in this video: Suhr Pro S4 - laney tf 200 (celestion g12t-85) - hughes & kettner tube factor pedal - effect guitar rig 3 - shure sm57

Suhr Pro S4 - Orange Jam - Francesco Merante

Nat Janoff: Stella By Starlight

Stella By Starlight Performed by Nat Janoff Group

Luigi Rinaldi: the neo in Abrupt Terminal

Greg Howe's Abrupt Terminal - neoclassical patterns

Pat McManus: Belfast Boy - 2012

PAT MC MANUS - Belfast Boy - 2012

News: Google Play sets up Artists Hub to sell your music

Your fans are waiting so get started at

Music provided by:
Monogold -- "Spirit or Something"
Family of the Year -- "St. Croix" (instrumental)

Introducing the Google Play Artist Hub

Now when is it available in the UK??

Dimitar Nalbantov: Ibanez RG2550 E put through its' paces

Ibanez RG2550 E Demo

Fredrik Thordendal, Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Meshuggah tour dates with Animals as Leaders for the UK

The Swedish kings of crushingly technical metal, Meshuggah, are set to return to the UK for a full tour next April.
The eight-date run will kick off 12 April at Bristol's O2 Academy, before stopping off in Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Norwich, Brighton and London. Check out the full dates, venue and ticket details below.
Meanwhile, the band have also recently unveiled plans to release an as-yet-untitled seventh studio album in the UK early next year. Their last full-length, 'obZen' was, internationally at least, their most successful release to date, so it will be interesting to see what Mr Thordendal and co can come up with seventh time round.
Meshuggah 2012 UK tour dates
12 April – Bristol, O2 Academy April – Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms April – Nottingham, Rock City April – Glasgow, Garage www.triplegmusic.com17 April – Manchester, Academy April – Norwich, Waterfront April – Brighton, Concorde 2 www.seetickets.com20 April – London, Electric Ballroom

The Bristol date

Animals As Leaders
We are Knuckle Dragger
O2 Academy Bristol
Thu 12 Apr 12
Door time: 7.00pm
Show time: TBC

Meshuggah will play a full headline UK tour in April 2012 in support of their highly anticipated new album due out early next year.

Under 25s require ID to purchase alcohol
Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times
Buy tickets

Tom Quayle: Fusion Essentials Vol.1 at Jam Track Central


For lessons with Tom go to

We are delighted to announce that Tom Quayle's debut JTC package 'Fusion Essentials Vol.1' has officially launched. Tom is one of the UK's rising guitar stars and if you haven't yet seen him play then you are in for a real treat. His trademark legato and hybrid picking style is incredible to watch and he has an amazing quality of always picking the right note. Tom has built a strong on-line following and teaches guitarists all over the world with his on-line skype lessons. The anticipation for this package has been huge, so we are glad it is finally available for you.

Fusion Essentials Vol.1 proves that it isn't just Tom's playing that is exceptional. All 5 tracks in this package are extremely well produced and incredibly 'jammable'. The package comes with 5 tracks, backing tracks, extended jam tracks, full length video performances, completely accurate TAB and bonus notes and charts from Tom on how to approach each track.

Head on over to the site and check it out now, as this is a debut package that is sure to be high on the wish list. Great to have you on-board Tom.
Tom Quayle - Fusion Essentials Vol.1 at Jam Track Central

Angel Vivaldi: A Mercurian Summer

Angel Vivaldi - A Mercurian Summer (OFFICIAL VIDEO HD)

Tim Miller: killer hybrid fusion chops... they could be yours!

Coming Soon! with guitarist TIM MILLER. An all new Guitar Instruction website featuring Streaming Guitar Lessons in Full HD video and studio quality audio. Visit to leave your email address, and we will contact you when the website launches!


Luke Jaeger: Bruxist - Sleep Terror

EMG - Luke Jaeger - "Bruxist"

Fanalo Alaux: Plug-In live in Bordeaux 2011

Fanalo Alaux often times confused with Buckethead, study deeply and see if there are any likenesses... I think not... but may be I am wrong?

Plug-in Live au CIAM à Bordeaux !
Plug-In - Meeting Satch Live CIAM Bordeaux

Plug-In - Lifetime Live CIAM Bordeaux

Chris Bieniek: Neo Bop - smoking demonstration from down under

Go For It! -
An Uptempo Vehicle for improvisation inspired by the late great Michael Brecker written for the purpose of 'Going For It!'
Guitar - 1984 Ibanez AS200 ( same as Scofields)
Amp - Supro Full Boar Pigtronix. (Has Volume Bass, Mid, Treb ,Rev, thats it)
The rug on the back wall was found on a nature strip :)
(not hung very straight I know, which I think was the inspiration for the black and white effect subconsciously)
For anyone interested the basic changes are :
D/E X 4 Bars, CMaj7 X 4 Bars, F#m11 X2, GMaj7 X2, F#m11 X2,FMaj7 X2

Up Tempo Neo Bop - Go For It! - Chris Bieniek Guitar

Giant Steps Guitar Solo - Chris Bieniek

Chris Bieniek: To Speak CD - another Aussie to add to your listening list

Urban Apes - a Jazz Rock tune off the soon to be released EQ album 'To Speak'.
For anyone intrested:
The tune modulates between time signatures.
The intro is in 13 ( or 5/4, 5/4 3/4)
A section is in 9/4 (or 3/4 X 3)
The B section in 6/4
Gretsch Sparkle Jet with a Foxrox Zim Drive overdrive pedal through an 80's Fender Super Champ with a 10" speaker

Urban Apes - Chris Bieniek

Altona East: A rough suburb situated in Melbournes western suburbs I lived in for a period of time.
Recording: (very Basic)
Gretsch Sparkle Jet with a Foxrox Zim Drive overdrive pedal through an 80's Fender Super Champ with a 10" speaker

Altona East - Instrumental Rock Original by Chris Bieniek

Joe Bonamassa: special autographed copies of Classic Rock!

Classic Rock Cover Story: Get Your Copy Of Joe Bonamassa Unleashed

Get your Autographed copy now! Classic Rock’s first edition of 2012– with none other than Joe Bonamassa on the front cover.You daren’t miss a story we’ve dubbed ‘Joe Bonamassa’s Quiet Revolution’.

Discovered at 14, mentored by the greats, screwed by the music business, now Joe is getting his revenge. Could this be the beginning of Massa hysteria?Issue No.167 of Classic Rock also comes with two fabulous gifts: A 12-TRACK ‘BEST OF JOE BONAMASSA’ CD! From The Ballad Of John Henry via Blue And Evil to Black Country Communion’s One Last Soul, every track has been hand-picked by producer Kevin Shirley and our good selves at CR.

Eric Calderone: Game of Thrones Meets Metal

Game of Thrones Meets Metal

Rob Favotto: Dawning of the golden age

Download free @ or by Rob Favotto ©.
guitars , keys , bass , vocals = Rob Favotto . Drums percussion = Jim Yannieh . Progressive guitar , new age , metal power drumming off the hook.......

Music by Rob Favotto ©.

Rob Favotto - Dawning of the golden age ...

Gretchen Menn: gives inside knowledge on which planes to fly!

World of Flying: This is one question I have always wanted to ask a professional musician...when you have to fly commercial airlines to a gig, how to you ship/transport your equipment?
Gretchen Menn: Oh, I could really go off here. I have a major issue with how the airlines deal with musical equipment, and I've made many a phone call to tell different airlines that whichever airline would implement an instrument-friendly policy would have a stranglehold on musicians as customers. Even with crew tags on my guitar, I found my case horribly abused after one flight on my own airline! So, I make it a point to fly Southwest, as their 737s have plenty of room in the overheads for a guitar. I make it a point to be in the A boarding group, and to never, never be rude to a gate agent or flight attendant. They are the people who determine whether you get to carry on your precious instrument. I also have good cases in the event of the horror, the horror of having to check something, and insurance for the worst-case-scenario.