Monday, 4 June 2012

George Marino: mastering engineer passes RIP

It saddens us to report that legendary NYC mastering engineer George Marino passed away today, according to a statement from Sterling Sound:
“Today Sterling Sound and the music industry as a whole has suffered a tremendous loss. Senior Mastering Engineer George Marino lost his battle with cancer this morning. Words cannot express the sorrow we feel. George was family to us all and we will miss him dearly.”
George Marino at Sterling in 2009
Marino had a tremendous career, as illustrated by a long and legendary discography that includes such classic albums as Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions,AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy, Bon Jovi’sSlippery When Wet, Guns N’ Roses “Appetite for Destruction”, Metallica’s “Black Album”, Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head, and his latest of three career Grammy wins – Arcade Fire’s 2011 “Album of the Year”, The Suburbs.

Davide Perruzza: Metaphysics - "Beyond The Nightfall". new album

From the forthcoming album: "Beyond The Nightfall".
Produced by Simone Fiorletta and Metaphysics,
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered at S.F. Studios.

- Davide Gabriele (VOCALS);
- Davide Perruzza (GUITARS);
- Matteo Raggi (BASS);
- Marco Aiello (DRUMS);
- Gabriels Shiro (KEYBOARDS);

Official endorsements:
- Schecter Guitar Research;
- Gold Music;
- Ufip Earcreated Cymbals.

All rights reserved.

1 Fallin '6:09
2 Letter From A Dead Man 5:48
3 Follow Your Desires 4:39
4 Shadow Games 3:30
5 Just A Dream? 6:11
6 Searching For ... 6:26
7 When Everything Comes To An End 0:58
8 Renaissance 5:39
9 Lifend 9:00
10 Light ...3:02

Metaphysics - Follow Your Desires

Metaphysics - Fallin'

Nili Brosh, Guthrie Govan: Nili quaffs a beer with Guthrie and talks new CD details

Nili Brosh and Guthrie Govan celebrate 

Nili gets side swiped by the old Guthrie Govan beer Switcheroo

Marco Minniman, Nili Brosh, Brian Beller and Guthrie Govan

My upcoming album will feature 9 new original tracks and 1 new arrangement of a tune that has become very special to me over the last year and a half. It will feature 3 masterful drummers and 2 wonderful bass players who you already know and love. And that's all I'm saying for now!

Jon Neto: grabs a deal with Alien amps and effects

Jon Neto:
I am very pleased to announce the endorsement with the ALIEN GUITAR TUBE AMPS & EFFECTS! I'm getting stuff soon I'll post demo videos of pedals, amps and speakers!

Thanks Ronaldo Brito, Carol Arai and ALIEN GUITAR TUBE AMPS & EFFECTS!

Jon Neto - Formiguinhas - música do álbum 'Jon Neto - 2006'

Brazilian only interview

Papo de Músico - com Marcos De Ros e Jon Neto.

Paul Wardingham: Lick Of The Week 3

Paul Wardingham: Lick Of The Week 3 is now up on the website. Lick Of The Week 3: Attack Of The Necromongers 5:29 - 5:35

This lick is virtually identical to the one I play in the 'Attack Of The Necromongers' solo from the album 'Interactive' I did with Grant Collins released back in 2006, and demonstrates a tapping technique that I use all the time, a kind of '7 finger tapping' if you will, as I still hold the pick. (Although I almost never use all 7 fingers in one go so I just call it Legato Tapping.) The lick uses a four-note-per-string B minor pentatonic pattern until the end where I add in the 2nd (C#). For the right hand tapping, I use the 2nd and 4th fingers of the right hand for the pentatonic part, but you could use the 'Spock Technique' (2nd & 3rd fingers) if it feels better. I've chosen to notate most of the lick in groups of 7 as it makes it easier to understand, as the original solo is being played over different time signatures. Some of you might recognise that I play a very similar lick at the end of 'Enter The Metaverse'. PW

Kasia Maliszewska: Spacer,Breaktime - C-4 Band

The song "Walk" by Kate Maliszewski C-4 Band. Concert in club "Bakery quiet woman" in Zielona Gora, 03/31/2012!

Spacer - C-4 Band

Breaktime piece by Catherine Maliszewski performed by the C-4 Band during a concert at The Bakery Silent Women in Zielona Gora 31/03/2012.

C-4 Band - Breaktime

Rob Chappers: The SilverBack - Rob Chapman Signature Amplifier

The SilverBack - Rob Chapman Signature Amplifier

Come and see Rob and the SilverBack prototype amplifier on tour in June:

12th June - Purple Turtle, Camden, London -
13th June - Andertons meet & Greet 4-6pm - Guildford FREE ENTRY
14th June - Dry Bar, Manchester -
16th June - The Garage, Swansea -
17th June - Comrades, Bradford FREE ENTRY
18th - ABC2 o2 Academy, Glasgow -
19th - June - Boileroom, Guildford -

Rob Chapman Facebook:
Rob Chapman's band Dorje:

For all enquiries regarding Rob Chapman email:

The SilverBack - Rob Chapman Signature Amplifier

Chris Bickley: gets a feature in Gitar Plus magazine

Chris Bickley in the new issue of Gitar Plus. Check out his new cd Tapestry Of Souls:

Brett Michael Spunt: Blues Fusion from Baked Potato 2012

Spunt’s instrumental guitar based music has been featured on ESPN, and the Surf Channel, and featured on FM Radio, including Los Angeles’s 95.5 KLOS. Spunt's original music mixes many styles of music, and alot of originality, to create a fresh unique style in the world of Instrumental Fusion Guitar. Make no mistake about it. Spunt's roots ARE in Rock and Roll, but his style, influences, and original compositions span the realms of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical, and Pop. He blends these influences together to create a unique cross-style.

Spunt's last release “Rebirth” is available on the independent label Unimuse Records.

Brett is currently composing music for and working on a new Jazz/Rock, and blues fusion project.......

There will be a new record coming in the next year as a result of this new project.

1. The Mind Of Spunt 4:52
2. Vibe 5:28
3. Rosa Maria 5:25
4. Interplanetary Voyage 5:18
5. Cerebral Hemorrhage 4:42
6. Spanish Soulnata 2:12
7. Chronic 5:22
8. Epoh Fognosa 4:56
9. The Journey 5:51
10. The Little Voices In My Head 2:38
11. Blues Jam 4:19
12. Gail 4:52

Brett Michael Spunt: Baked Potato 2012

Rick Graham: 'I'm Buzzed'

Visit my website for HD guitar lessons:
Hi guys, this is one of my favourite Landau tunes so I thought I'd throw together a cover version of it. Hope you dig!

Rick Graham - 'I'm Buzzed' (Michael Landau)

Javier Reyes: assaulted by Boston Police

From musikmesse 2012

The Governor of MA: Exonerate Javier of any charges from the Boston Police Department

As many of you know, recently Animals as Leaders were playing a show in Boston and viciously attacked by two officers of the Boston Police Department. The details of the ordeal are depicted by a person in the band's company as witness testimony (Many of the names were changed to protect the identities of the witnesses):

Upon leaving The Tam in Boston, Massachusetts, on Saturday, May 27th, 2012, around 1:30 am, DUSTIN BLANK1 was playing “air-guitar” to a song, which was playing in the bar, as we all ‹‹exited onto the sidewalk. There was another civilian (white male, unrelated to our party) to our right, off the sidewalk, whom police were talking to.

After walking past the civilian whom police were talking to, Officer BLANK forcefully shoved BLANK1, from behind, and informed him that he was interfering with a police investigation. Confused and startled, BLANK1 turned around and asked what Officer BLANK was talking about. Officer BLANK then grabbed BLANK1 by the throat and slammed him against a wall, then turned him around to handcuff and arrest him.

Meanwhile, JAVIER REYES pulled out his cell phone and informed the officers that he was recording the arrest. Immediately, Officer BLANK turned around from arresting BLANK1 and hit Reyes’s cell phone from his hands (both hands were holding the cell phone) onto the ground, breaking the cell phone. Next, Officer BLANK grabs Reyes and shoved him face first into a wall and handcuffs him. Neither BLANK1 nor Reyes, in any way, resisted arrest.

Friend, TOSIN ABASI, concerned about how quickly things had escalated, asked an officer what was going on and why BLANK1 and Reyes were being arrested. Officer BLANK then shoves Abasi into the side of the police cruiser and asks him if he is trying to assault an officer. Officer BLANK asks this question while both of Abasi’s hands are in his pockets. Abasi denied attempting to assault an officer, pointed out that his hands were in his pockets, and admitted that he was only asking a question.

Sign The Petition:

News: Guitar9 Last Day for Guitar Nine Records CD/DVD Sales

Last Day for Guitar Nine Records CD/DVD Sales

Please note, Sunday, June 10, 2012 will be the final day for CD and DVD sales through Guitar Nine Records. Please plan your final orders accordingly. Thank you for all your support for physical CD and DVD sales over the past 16 years!

Terry Syrek: Machine Elves - stunning new CD available

Terry Syrek: Machine Elves
Dark, textural heavy rock inspired by Tool, Meshuggah and Pink Floyd, tempered with guitar virtuosity. it demands you grab some headphones and get ready to lose yourself for an hour in nine tracks of dynamic, aggressive and sometimes soul wrenching bliss.

Machine Elves

1. Vesica Piscis 2:26
2. Machines Elves 8:13
3. Emberfall 8:02
4. Have a Cigar 6:03
5. Mymagdelena 7:36
6. Moth to Flame 5:52
7. Change the World 5:17
8. Sidereal 8:36
9. Winternal 9:03

Plus Terry's previous release a classic of the genre, described as a cross of "Yngwie meets Meshuggah meets Rush meets Kings X and then goes to an Indian restaurant."

Terry Syrek: Aum

Terry Syrek: Aum
1. Aum 3:42
2. Beyond Within 4:51
3. Dance Of The Dark Stars 3:52
4. Every Breath 4:46
5. The Clockmaker Dreams The Perfect Clock 7:06
6. Thirteenth Planet 4:11
7. Shiva 4:44
8. Mine To Leave Behind 5:49
9. Point Of Presence 5:15
10. Spiral Majesty 3:04
11. Under The Tree, In The Garden Of Om Al Saiif, Watching A Curious Star 5:14
12. The Maharaja's New Slippers 5:45

Terry will be teaching three guitar seminars this summer 2012 at the National Guitar Workshop in New Milford, CT.

Rune Berre - T-Rex "Back on track" Contest - another special box of tricks

T-Rex Back On Track

Rune Berre - T-Rex "Back on track" Contest.

Sakarin Suwannarat: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

My Facebook - Audio recorded using an Ibanez RG3120FANT [Aged Natural] and Boss GT-10 directly connected to my PC with USB cable through Cakewalk Sonar X1 with an amp simulator plugin

Video recorded using my Fujifilm Finepix HS10 and edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Sakarin Suwannarat

Cody Johnson: T-REX "Back on Track" competition

T-Rex Back On Track

Hey guys! Hope you all enjoy my solo over this cool track. Big thanks to Milan Polak and T-REX for putting on this awesome competition!

T-REX "Back on Track" competition entry-Cody Johnson

Colm Lindsay: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

T-Rex Back On Track

My entry to Milan Polak and T-Rex's guitar contest! I loved playing over the chord changes in this backing track, very challenging! :)
If you have a moment please take a minute of your time to subscribe to the judges:
Thiago Campos: Puttins: Monk: Polak:

Thanks for watching!

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Colm Lindsay

Hubert Malo: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

T-Rex Back On Track

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Hubert Malo

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Guitar On Sky Competition

Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition

 JP Guitar Competition 2012

Matteo Ruggiero: great cover of "On the Way" by Jack Thammarat

Hope you enjoy. Thanks to Jack Thammarat for this beautiful Piece of Music.
Gear: Achia Universe, Mama Pickups, Wampler Pinnnacle, Laney LC30II, Red Bear Pick.

Matteo Ruggiero plays "On the Way" by Jack Thammarat

Anthony Martínez: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

T-Rex Back On Track

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest Anthony Martínez

Anthony Martínez: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest

Guitar On Sky Competition

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - Anthony Martínez

Davide Perruzza: Jump Start - Schecter Guitar demo

Schecter Guitar Research, in collaboration with Gold Music presents:
Davide Perruzza
Song: Jump Start (solo) - Greg Howe.
Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Simone Fiorletta at S.F. Studio;
Video by Benchboxheart;;

Davide Perruzza - Jump Start (solo)

Mark Anthony Mcgrath: 13 stringed lute guitar

I produced this video for Mark Anthony Mcgrath seen here playing Gigue by Sylvius Leopold Weiss from his Lute Suite No.11 on a 13 stringed lute guitar - More of Mark's music is at You Tube and his website is at Guitar built by Harry McCormick of Cork, Ireland

Lorenzo Favero: Red Skylines - classy acoustic

Red Skylines, original tune composed by Lorenzo Favero.
TUNING: From the 6th string: CGDGBD

Video realized by:

Lorenzo Favero - Red Skylines

Christian Clemente: bossa nova - fusion style

Christian Clemente carries it off with an overlay of fusion to the syncopated Bossa Nova beat.

bossa nova - fusion improvisation

Feodor Dosumov,Stepan Yourlove, Oleg Izotov: Misha Ryazhenka - "The Experiments"

Trailer for the DVD movie Mischa Kefir "experiments".

This is the Trailer for Misha Ryazhenka "The Experiments" Film. producer and composer \ Producer & Composer - Michael Ryazhenka \ Misha Ryazhenka Director and the operator \ Director & Camera Operator - Krainev Maxim \ Maxim Kraynev participated in the project: Anton Davidyants \ Anton Davidyants Fedor Dosumov \ Feodor Dosumov Valeria Antipov \ Valeriya Antipova Oleg Izotov \ Oleg Izotov Fedor Lokshin \ Feudor Lokshin Damien Schmitt \ Damien Schmitt , Peter Ivshin \ Petr Ivshin Alex Zavolokin \ Alexey Zavolokin Stepan Yurlov \ Stepan Yourlove Sergei Bogolyubskii \ Sergey Bogolubsky Nicholas Vengrzhanovich \ Nikolay Vengrzhanovich Marco Minnemann \ Marco Minnemann Eugene Sharafetdinova \ Evugeni Sharafetdinova Presentation CD / DVD "The Experiments" July 25, 2012. Club Alexei Kozlov.
© 2012 Company "CD-MAXIMUM"

Misha Ryazhenka - "The Experiments" - Trailer/Трейлер + Анонс/Preview

Scott Mishoe: Stunning Slap Guitar Grooves

Scott Mishoe 05/31/12 " Slap Guitar Grooves ": I like both guitars. For slap guitar I did love my HM strat the best. Unfortunately my HM strat got stolen. To this day im still broken hearted about that. People who steel from others should burn in hell.

Scott Mishoe 05/31/12 " Slap Guitar Grooves "

Kenny Serane: Goldenrod - free download track

Guitar : Kenny Serane / Bass: Enrico Galetta / Drums: Vincent Fabre
"Goldenrod" is a part of the album "Rainbowmaker", composed by Kenny Serane, released the 21st of June 2012. You can download this track for free on

Kenny Serane - Goldenrod

Ramon Luis Galang: two stunning Eric Johnson covers by this 12 year old

I guess this answers the question "If you have only one song to play, what would it be?"
Thank you Eric Johnson!
Luis Galang performing at the
The 1st Philippine International Jazz & Blues Guitar
June 2, 2012
Hotel Sofitel
Manila, Philippines
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Guitar: Washburn N2
Artec Twinhead

Artec Analog Delay
Cliffs of Dover (Cover-Live) - Luis Galang, 12-years old

East Wes - Eric Johnson by Luis Galang 12-Years Old