Samuli Federley: Quest For Remedy new CD

Samuli Federley: Quest For Remedy

Finnish Metal Progressive band, Reversion's guitarist&composer Samuli Federley delivers his first instrumental solo album. Official endorser of finnish guitars AMFISOUND, you may have see him performing clinics at Frankfurt Mess. Quest For Remedy is a piece of guitar brutality melodic yet. Mostly instrumental it features 3 tracks with vocals that offer a wide range of tones to the guitars with Aleksi Parvinainen (progressive melodic), Keijo Niinimaa (grindcore) and Mari M. (female melodic) Federley's noticables influences are John Petrucci, Rusty Cooley and Jeff Loomis. In this album he doesn't only demonstrate his skills on his 8 strings guitar but his talent of song writer. Samuli Federley is a Mad Guitar Records artist!

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Here's a quick sample of my debut solo album, Quest for Remedy (2012). You can order it from Check out also

Samuli Federley - Quest for Remedy Promo

Official video of my track called Colonoscopy which is the opening track of my solo album, Quest For Remedy (2012). The music is composed and played by Samuli Federley, mixed and mastered by Esa Orjatsalo, the video is shot and cut by Tero Jääskeläinen, edited by Markus Valtanen.

Samuli Federley - Colonoscopy (Official video)