Saturday, 9 June 2012

Alex Hutchings, Jess Lewis: Monkeyfest 2011

Alex Hutchings, Jess Lewis: Monkeyfest 2011. Alex Hutching is one of the nicest players I have met and Jess Lewis is just phenomenal. Jess is just so bright and in tune with the music playing that I was glad to be there to watch these two fabulous musicians playing this classic piece.

Apologies for the slight distortion on the sound in this recording. I tried all I could to reduce it. I have a new method of recording with a limiting microphone so hopefully this will improve in future recordings

Alex Hutchings, Jess Lewis: Monkeyfest 2011

Chris Letchford,Travis Levrier: Scale The Summit

Scale The Summit preforming "The Levitated" and "Gallows" on the Adventure Metal Across America Tour on June 7th, 2012.

Scale The Summit - "The Levitated" & "Gallows" Live at The Slidebar on June 7th, 2012

Miro: Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu Op 66

Miro, from Taiwan does a great conversion of this classic by Great musicians Frederic Chopin (1810 - 1849) and some more Baroque N' Roll

Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu Op 66 (Neo Classical Metal) cover by Miro

Metal Etude op 1 (Original by Miro)

Miro Fugue(Baroque Metal) by Miro

Lena Mashkina: more great two handed tapping from this young Russiann

Based in Syktyvkar, Russia... great tapping interpretations.

Twitter:!/LenaMashkina Facebook:

8 finger TAPPING guitar: Lena Mashkina "Treasure" (D. Maloletov) cover

8 finger TAPPING guitar: Lena Mashkina "Black & White" (by Dmitri Maloletov) COVER

Tony Waka: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge

Hi there, this is my entry to this amazing contest ... thx to David, you are always doing great competitions and with the greatest backing tracks !!! No holidays and no free time si this is a first take, sorry for the mistakes, hope you like it anyway :).... good luck everyone !!!

gear used :
Suhr Guthrie Govan
M Audio Project Mix Interface
Legion amp simulator
Video recorded with my new cam: GoPro HD Hero

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry - Tony Waka

Tony Waka: Tom Quayle "u are a great inspiration"

Hi there ... yesterday I watch another amazing video from Tom Quayle demoing a Carl Martin Plexitone with an amazing riff...., I decided to try to play that riff.. of course Mr Quayle played this much much better but I m still working on it ... I m not a great transcriber but if someone want the tab just let me know and I will email him the pdf ... I will try to upload the pdf later and I will write here the link :) ...anyway you have a little break down on the second part of the video ... enjoy and thx Tom ... u are a great inspiration

Tom Quayle Plexitone Riff - slow and tab -

Jan Laurenz: If i only could remember - ukulele

My new composition on ukulele,i dreamed this melody at night
tried played it in the morning,but couldn't remember exactly so i called it ,if i only could remember......
Anyways i like how it turned out finally......or almost...
playback on the vid sorry,because of the better sound quality

If i only could remember by Jan Laurenz on ukulele

Special song on a special instrument for a special girl by Jan Laurenz,my idea of
a new kind of music,i call it acoustic tekkno,i use the natural sounds of the ukulele
like a "filter" any time you change the right hand position you get sounds from harsh to
pure and clean,just some delay and reverb added to get the echo effect

Special song on a special instrument dedicated to a special girl by Jan Laurenz

Sound of silence on ukulele by Jan Laurenz

Jess Lewis: Jazz Crymes - Chichester College Jazz

Chichester College Jazz Gig @ The Jazz Club, This is our bands set :-)
Four on Six
Cant Help Lovin' Dat Man
Grooving High
Shuffle Blues ( I think? haha ahh cant remember.. need new memory for brain..)
Jess x
Chi College Jazz - Jazz Crymes

Eloy Oliveira: Burn in Flames new CD

Eloy Oliveira: Burn In Flames

Eloy Oliveira: Burn in Flames

Eloy Oliveira was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on august 5, 1991. He Began to play and study music at the age of 13 years old. Being influenced by Musicians as: J.S.Bach, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, Michael Romeo, Tony Macalpine, Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan and also classical guitar player as: John Williams, Jualian Bream, Cacho Tirao, Narciso Yepes.

In 2012 Eloy has released his first cd " Burn In Flames ". The album contains 10 composition made by Eloy and 2 J.S.Bach versions. This is a Neoclassical Metal,Hard Rock album for everyone who loves instrumental music and it has a song with lyric too. You can hear Master's influences such as: J.S.Bach, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Jason Becker, Vinnie Moore,Paul Gilbert.....

Track Listing
1. Burn in Flames
2. Sweet Madness
3. Bloody Warrior
4. Lightning
5. BWV 779
6. Spark
7. Tears from Heart
8. BWV 1041
9. Melted With Fire
10. Hard Steel
11. Before You
12. Prying Eyes

An older video

Burn in Flames

Adam Bell: lined up to play for Surfaces at upcoming gig.

Adam Bell, brother of Sam Bell, will be playing guitar for Surfaces at a gig featuring the djentalmanly talents of Monuments and Hacktivist in Brighton, UK

Andy James: working with unnamed guitar player

Andy James
Starting to write a few riffs for a song that features myself and......... Now let me think;)

Jeff Kollman: Waiting In Dark Places - high class guitar

Waiting In Dark Places By Jeff Kollman... This is why you need a copy of this guys albums. Great taste and tone

Shawn Lane: burning a Les Paul with Jonas Helborg and Felix Sabal - Poland 1998

Shawn Lane-Jonas Hellborg - Felix Sabal-Lecco Live 1998 in poland

Shawn Lane - Live 1998-the best

Feodor Dosumov,Stepan Yourlove, Oleg Izotov: Misha Ryazhenka - "The Experiments" #2

Trailer for the DVD movie Mischa Kefir "experiments".

This is the Trailer for Misha Ryazhenka "The Experiments" Film. producer and composer \ Producer & Composer - Michael Ryazhenka \ Misha Ryazhenka Director and the operator \ Director & Camera Operator - Krainev Maxim \ Maxim Kraynev participated in the project: Anton Davidyants \ Anton Davidyants Fedor Dosumov \ Feodor Dosumov Valeria Antipov \ Valeriya Antipova Oleg Izotov \ Oleg Izotov Fedor Lokshin \ Feudor Lokshin Damien Schmitt \ Damien Schmitt , Peter Ivshin \ Petr Ivshin Alex Zavolokin \ Alexey Zavolokin Stepan Yurlov \ Stepan Yourlove Sergei Bogolyubskii \ Sergey Bogolubsky Nicholas Vengrzhanovich \ Nikolay Vengrzhanovich Marco Minnemann \ Marco Minnemann Eugene Sharafetdinova \ Evugeni Sharafetdinova Presentation CD / DVD "The Experiments" July 25, 2012. Club Alexei Kozlov.

Misha Ryazhenka - "The Experiments" - Trailer № 2 + # 2/Treyler Preview / Preview

Misha Ryazhenka - "The Experiments" - Trailer/Трейлер + Анонс/Preview

Joop Wolters,Joe Marro, Eric Maldonado: Shred Tricks - Metal Week

Hey folks, welcome to ShredTricks Metal Week!If you enjoyed the video please give us a Thumbs up/Like. Get the tab and the explanation at
Also check out the new Fernandes Guitar shop!

Metal Shred Week | Yngwie/Cooley Style Lick Lesson | Insane Neoclassical Shred | ShredTricks

Metal Shred Week | INSANE JEFF LOOMIS Shred Lick Lesson | Joe Marro | Shred Tricks

Heavy Metal Riff Lesson | Joop Wolters | Metal Week | ShredTricks

Kikotapping: twin guitar two handed tapping

tapping baby twin guitar tapping

Pedro Santos: free fusion CD 2012

NEW CD FREE DOWNLOAD. Well, several issues had parked quite some time and I have decided to close a small instrumental CD with 7 tracks. This is very special collaborations thankful to everyone, hope you like it, and if so please share. Best regards and hope you like it, PEDRO. Download Link:

Pedro Santos Project - A moment in the Fusion 2012 "DOWNLOAD FREE NEW CD"

Bruno Pinheiro Machado: A new life an original instrumental

Bruno Pinheiro Machado - A new life

Rick Graham: Justin Bieber slick lick #Prometheus are you hearing this?

Sounds like the screams to the Prometheus movie in the back ground to me.

Visit my website for lessons:

Hi guys, hope you enjoy lick number 3! Will update my website with tabs and BT as soon as I can.

Rick's Quick But Slick Licks - #3 In the style of Justin Bieber

in case you missed it the promo for the film... in paper

Paper Prometheus Trailer

Lee Wrathe: Lydian Ninja Guitar

Here is a quick snip of me warming up to the scale/mode of E Lydian, which is the 4th mode of the B Major scale.
I have created many soundscapes that represent the tonal qualities of scales and modes and allow me to focus on new patterns/licks and the sound of intervals..and generally warm up before recording, I went for Steve Vai style phrasing to really get in the Lydian mood!
I have also posted this particular backing track on my channel for you to play along to.
Lydian has a dream like quality to it and so this Soundscape attempts to represent that.
Hope you enjoy and don't forget to sub if you do!
Best wishes
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Wojciech Hoffman,Atma Anur: drums for new CD

The last in this series of rough mixes by Atma Anur. These songs are demo versions (scratch guitar and so on) with 'real drums' from the upcoming Wojciech Hoffmann instrumental CD, featuring Atma Anur on drums. The drum sessions took place @ Red Studios in Krakow, Poland from May to June, 2012 and were engineered by Jacek Glowacki.

Atma Anur - Wojciech Hoffmann (more Un-Named/Un-Finished music)

Rough mix (by Atma) of another great song written by Polish guitar legend Wojciech Hoffman for the new upcoming CD featuring drummer Atma Anur... mostly scratch tracks... but the picture is pretty clear... Rooock!! Recorded @ Red Studios, Krakow, Poland by Jacek Glowacki... CD out this Fall, 2012!

Atma Anur - Wojciech Hoffmann (Un-Named/Un-Finished song)

After 5 days of tracking wild double kicks and crazy shred grooves, Atma relaxes on this, the only song of it's kind, on the upcoming new Wojciech Hoffman CD. The Polish guitar legend is better known for this style of melodic rock than for the style played on this all instrumental CD. Watch out for great melodies, great chops and some other interesting surprises from this international collaboration... Wojciech Hoffmann and Atma Anur

Atma Anur - Wojciech Hoffmann (un-named/unfinished song 1)

Milan Polak: Party Hand - How to play series HAND - Single: HAND - Backing Track: PARTY HAND video: support me by purchasing my music:
Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.
For further order links please visit

Milan Polak: Party Hand - How to play series

Morten Faerestrand: Studio walkthrough before moving to new location

This is the last video from my home office before I move to a new studio location. Thought I'd give you guys a quick tour of the office before I start packing up.

Goodbye Office - Quick Tour

Plus a crazy version of Stella by Starlight with only major chords..

For guitar lessons (the serious stuff), please visit

Stella By Starlight - Ridiculous Reharm

Anouck André: Enjoys the Fusion Blues lesson from Tom Quayle

My brother in law just lent me his cool strat :)
Visit Tom Quayle's website for Fusion Blues lesson and backing tracks come to see mine for some guitar stuff!

Fender Strat Custom Shop with Suhr Pickups over a Tom Quayle's BT

Liz Rainsberry: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge

Haven't done a competition entry in ages so HERE GOES. Also crazy long video title a-go-go.
Backing track was provided by David Wallimann ( from Guitar Playback.
WEBSITE: http://lizrainsberry.comFACEBOOK:
What's this? A competition held by an awesome YouTube guitarist, with requirements apt to what I usually play anyway? COUNT ME IN.

The main theme can be heard within the first few seconds of me playing along with the backing, but people may get win and internet cookies if they hear a subtle tribute a couple of times from one of my favourite YouTube-related channels that I watch. As per, I go through the following - Blackstar HT-1R; SM57 Mic; Focusrite Saffire 6; Logic Pro 9.

Hope you enjoy! Like if you like, and subscribe if you're feeling lovely! No video next week as it's very busy with the last week of uni things, but the week after I will be back on track. Until then!

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry -- Liz Rainsberry