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Paul Gilbert: Racer X NAMM 2009 series - with Mike Varney intro

Mike Varney from Shrapnel Records tells a story of being introduced to Paul and then introduces Racer X at the 2009 NAMM show to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of PGM guitars.

In order to properly celebrate the 20th anniversary of Paul Gilbert using Ibanez guitars, Ibanez promoted Racer X live! This was the first USA show since May 25, 2001.

This is recorded in 1080p, but rendered in 720p. This is the highest resolution that YouTube can display correctly.

14 videos 55:14 duration

Paul Gilbert: Racer X NAMM 2009 series

Chris Duarte: ripping the blues at Prairie Sun Recording

What has been an action packed June, the Chris Duarte Group recorded and mixed their new album right here at Prairie Sun Recording. Somewhat of a resident artist here, Chris Duarte stayed heavily involved in all aspects of the production. The new material, combining a solid foundation of rock and blues, is a testament to his guitar slinging chops. Chris Duarte certainly made good use of his several week stay at Prairie Sun Recording to make a truly solid album. Well done Chris and good luck on your summer tour!!

Chris Duarte Group

Stoney Curtis,Mike Varney: recording at Prairie Sun Recording

Mike Varney (Shrapnel Label Group) introduces Stoney Curtis of The Stoney Curtis Band as Stoney lays into a solo for his upcoming album, set to be released on the Blues Bureau International record label. Jason D'Ottavio (engineer) captures all the action inside the control room of Studio B at Prairie Sun Recording Studios.

Stoney Curtis recording at Prairie Sun Recording

Robben Ford, Micheal Landau: Renegade Creation - Brothers

Robben Ford, Micheal Landau, Gary Novak & Jimmy Haslip played two fantastic concerts at Peter's Players Nov 19 & 20, 2010. This is Brothers by drummer Gary Novak.

Renegade Creation Live from Peter's Players - Brothers

Tommaso Zillio: How to Find and Play Guitar Harmonics

How to Find and Play Guitar Harmonics

Tommaso Zillio –

The ”squeal” is one of the most recognizable technique in metal guitar. If you are a fan of Zakk Wylde or Dimebag Darrel you know what I am talking about. The technique that produces this sound is known as ”guitar harmonics”, and this is what this article is all about.

While playing natural and artificial harmonics on the guitar is not as technically difficult as many people think, it is a fact that most of us are actually struggling with it. The problem that I see most people having is a problem of consistency: we can make the harmonic sound nice and strong every now and then, but not often enough to actually trust ourselves. And I should know...

Some years ago I was covering for another player in a band. They had a piece in which the band suddenly stops playing, and the lead guitarist enters with a blistering solo starting with a pinch harmonics. It was supposed to be a great, dramatic musical moment... but my pinch harmonic technique failed me, leaving me looking like an idiot on stage.

Of course, I could not leave it this way (I had other shows with them) so I set out to properly learn everything I could about harmonics to not get them wrong ever again! Surprisingly for me, I was able to learn all I needed (and more) in just the couple of days I had before the next show. Not only I was able to play all my pinch harmonics consistently, but I learned that there are a number of extra positions to play them that I didn’t suspect before.

Why It Is Difficult?

What makes the pinch harmonic technique more difficult than others? Many players assume that it is “just” a technical problem, such as hand positions or not picking strong enough, but the technique is not that complicated after all: if you are able to play a pinch harmonic just once, then it should not be a problem for you to play it any time you want.

The real problem is that a pinch harmonic needs to be played with the right hand positioned on a specific point of the string, and any small deviation from this position will prevent the harmonic from squealing properly. Not only that, but the available positions change with the note you are fretting! This means that if your recipe for a pinch harmonic is simply to try to pick it as strong as you can in a random position then you are surely going to be disappointed.

Professionals, of course, do not play harmonics randomly. Joe Satriani and Zakk Wylde never miss an harmonic, and this shows us that there must be a 100% reliable solution out there.

As incredible as it may seem, professional players who use pinch harmonics actually learn by heart all the possible positions for a pinch harmonic, and then train them until they are second nature. While this sounds intimidating, when you get down to business you discover that the main positions are quite few and easy to find, and that there is a logic on how the position move with the fretted notes. With a little exercise you will be able to play pinch harmonics on ANY note, and find natural harmonics in places you didn’t suspect. From metal squeals to beautiful bell-like arpeggios, you can master it all.

So let’s have a look at both the technique of harmonics and what are the positions.
What About Technique?

And now some practical suggestions on how to perform harmonics on your guitar:

Natural harmonics: your left hand finer will just touch the string, without actually fretting the note. Then your right hand will pick the note as usual. Your left hand should now let the string ring freely by moving away.

Tap Harmonics: they work like pinch harmonics, i.e. they have the same positions on the string, but rather than playing them with your pick and right hand thumb at the same time, you use one of your right hand fingers to ‘tap’ string against the fret of the guitar at the harmonic position.

Pinch (Artificial) Harmonics: Use preferentially the bride pickup (the neck pickup may not sense your harmonic) and make sure you are playing with distortion on. The whole secrets of the harmonic is in picking the string and simultaneously touching it with your right hand thumb on a harmonic position. To help with the sustain of the note, you can use some left hand vibrato that will “bow” the string on the fret. 

Moving Positions

The basis of everything are the position of the natural harmonics, the ones you play on the open string. The lowest harmonic (the easier to play) are at the 12th, 7th, and 5th frets. These are not the only ones, tough: there are many more usable ones. For a complete map of all of them, have a look at the free eBook linked at the end of this article.

The positions of the artificial harmonics, the ones you play while fretting a note, derive directly from the positions of the natural harmonics. Whenever you play a note, you are “shortening” the string by a set number of frets. All the positions of the harmonics will “move up” by the same number of frets. As an example, let’s take the natural harmonic at the 12th fret. Now, If I play a note on the 4th frets, the harmonic position will move up from the 12th fret to the 12+4 = 16th fret. This position is perfect for a tap harmonic (see below) since it is still on the fretboard. If the harmonic moves outside of the fretboard, then you can play it as a pinch harmonic.

Where I Can Find a Map?

The only thing you are missing now is a map of all harmonic positions on the fretboard. I have prepared one for you, and I have also added some other useful information, such as photos of my hands playing all harmonic techniques. You can get here your ‘Harmonics on Guitar’ free map. Enjoy!
About the Author

Tommaso Zillio is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. Visit Tommaso’s site to know more about music theory for guitar

Tommaso Zillio,
Professional Guitarist and Teacher

Vladimir Maisiuk: demos Laney VC30-212

This is a footage from over a year ago-nice amp-I was surprised how loud it can be considering it size when I used it in live situation...Thanks alot to "GuitarLand" music store for the support...

Vladimir Maisiuk Laney VC30-212 Demo

Jeff Loomis: shredding GearFest 2012

GearFest 2012 Jeff Loomis Performance - Sweetwater Sound

Jeff Loomis performing the song Miles of Machines at GearFest 2012 at Sweetwater Sounds in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 06/22/2012

Jeff Loomis - GEARFEST 2012 - Miles of Machines

Jeff Loomis performing the song The Ultimatum which is off of his new CD "Plains Of Oblivion" at GearFest 2012 at Sweetwater Sounds in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 06/22/2012

Jeff Loomis - GEARFEST 2012 - The Ultimatum

Charlie Hunter: Clinic by The Woodwind & Brasswind

Segments from Jazz Guitarist Charlie Hunter's Clinic recorded in June 2011 at the Woodwind & Brasswind Flagship Superstore. 9 videos 41:44 duration

Łukasz Kulczak: ProgEnergy Nothing EP - Free Download

ProgEnergy - Nothing EP it will be avaulable to download on 20th June 2012
ProgEnergy was formed at the beginning of 2009 from the iniciative of guitarist Łukasz Kulczak (guitar). In next few months line up was completed with: Kacper Stachowiak (drums), Maciej Garbarek (guitar) and Łukasz Olenderek (bass guitar).
ProgEnergy creates an instrumental music, which is the combination of progressive metal and fusion elements. You can listen musicians from ProgEnergy also in other projects, such as: Amaryllis, Mystic Circus, Kingdom Waves, The Company, Gabriel Fleszar, Pathfinder and Piotr Wiza.

- Łukasz Kulczak - guitars
- Maciej Garbarek - guitars
- Łukasz Olenderek - bass
- Kacper Stachowiak - drums

ProgEnergy - Nothing EP 2012 free downloads now !!!

ProgEnergy - Nothing

Rick Graham: solo example from my upcoming website lesson

Rick Graham
Sneak preview of an solo example from my upcoming website lesson!

Martin Goulding,Steve Woodcock: Linear Sphere announced and just days away from release

July 7th from Coming soon! This is one of the most eagerly awaited progressive metal fusion albums from the amazing Martin Goulding and stick player Steve Woodcock.

Featuring Martin Goulding, Nick Lowczowski, Steve Woodcock, Jamie Brooks and Jos Geron, Linear Sphere release their second studio album Manvantara on July 7th 2012. Featuring epic compositions with a unique blend of progressive, experimental, metal and heavy fusion.

Linear Sphere Manvantara Promotion Video

Benjamín Lechuga González: Listening to the new Linear Sphere album!!! Congrats Martin!

Linear Sphere Chapman Stick playthrough by Steve Woodcock

Irene Ketikidi: Deep dive into the AnalogMan Standard Stereo Chorus

Detailed demo of all the sounds you can get with this phenomenal sounding chorus pedal. For more information, visit
Demo by Irene Ketikidi
Filmed at Kagmakis Music Store
Edited by CoetzeePublishing
The Analog Man Chorus
The Analog Man Chorus was the first boutique chorus and had been tweaked and perfected for over ten years to keep it the standard of the industry. This is the original size and is available with options like STEREO, Depth toggle, and internal MIX control.
AnalogMan Standard Stereo Chorus demonstration

Gianluca Ferro: Accelerating Guitar DVD - pre order

With over 2 hours of videos and 100+ licks for 6,7 and 8 string guitar. English subtitles, Guitar Pro Transcriptions and PDF format

One finger tapping
Multi finger Tapping
Hybrid Legato
Alternate Picking
Overlapping Arpeggios
Twin Guitars (with Ralph Sati)
Djent 7 and * string Rhythm Guitar
Polymetric Rhythmics
Legato Basics
Advanced Harmonic Concepts
Expanded Sclaes
Pitch Axis
Prock Progressions

You will be entitled of FREE worldwide shipping Pre Order

Gianluca Ferro: Accelerating Guitar DVD

Filippo De Vecchi: Exvel new CD

Here is a selection that I just registered for Exvel link to this promo for the CD

Exvel my solos

Exvel Innate grace

Dhalif Ali: king of the ballad

This week's improvisation session!
Let me see those thumbs ups and shares! Thank you for watching! :D
Guitar : Ernieball Musicman JP7
Processor : LINE 6 POD X3 Live
Picks : Awe-In-One Profound 1

Dhalif Ali - King Of The World Improvisation

Dhalif Ali - If This Is Goodbye Improvisation

Dhalif Ali - Ballad in A

Jeff Loomis: back to the studio for more recording!

Jeff Loomis will be entering the recording studio this week to record three new songs.

According to Jeff Loomis Band touring guitarist and vocalist Joe Nurre, “Jeff and I have collaborated musically on 2 of the songs, and I have lyrics and vocals written for the 3.” Touring drummer Anup Sastry will be playing the drums, and producer Aaron Smith will be recording and mixing. Apparently, Loomis will be going back to his roots. The former Nevermore guitarist played in a few death metal bands when he previously resided in Wisconsin as a teenager. “The vocals will be more aggressive and death metal-type.” Nurre explained.

There are plans to release the recordings digitally sometime in July, with samples of songs to be available beforehand.

Nurre added, “We will be playing some of these songs on our upcoming tour with The Contortionist. Jeff starts tracking on Tuesday.” more

Gianluca Ferro: Breath of Nibiru with Nick Pierce - Parallels

Full TRANSCRIPTION in GuitarPro and PDF format @
Bass: Alberto Bollati Drums: Nick Pierce
Recording | Mixing | Mastering: Andrea "Berni" De Bernardi

This song is going to be featured in the debut album of the brand new band "Breath of Nibiru" with Gianluca, Nick Pierce and many guests, stay tuned for more informations !

Video shooting, direction and editing: Andrea "Berni" De Bernardi
Light Design: Lele Benassi
Light Contractor: Marco Brambilla
Special Assistant: Silvano "Piz" Ancellotti

Gianluca Ferro feat. Nick Pierce - Parallels