Saturday, 4 August 2012

David Valdes,Theodore Ziras,Santiago Garces,Yoger Mucci: Universal Mind Project details

Universal Mind Project

The Promo of the song "The Jaguar Priest" will be released in august 22!
I'am sure you guys will like it! The subject of lyrics is influenced by the great Maya culture!
and the music is mostly orientated by Progressive Metal...

The line up:

Omar Szdenka - Bass
Santiago Garces - Guest guitarist from Argentina
Theodore Ziras - Guest guitarist from Greece
David Valdes - Guest guitarist from Spain
Mauro Pacella - Keyboard Player from Argentina
Charlie Dominici - Vocalist - Dominici and ex Dream Theater
Henrik Båth - Vocalist from Darkwater - Sweden
Alex Landenburg - Drums from Germany
Yoger Mucci - Guest guitarist from México
Michael Alexander (Chaak Balam) Guitarist from México

Produced and composed by Michael Alexander (Chaak Balam)
Lyrics by: Charlie Dominici
Drums: Arrenged and recorded by Alex Landenburg

Visit us:

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: to be inducted on the RockWalk


Guitar Center have announced RUSH will be inducted on the RockWalk on November 20 at the historic Hollywood location on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The inductions, which are invite only, will include an induction speech and ceremony, in which the handprints of Geddy, Alex & Neil will be immortalized for the millions of music fans who visit Hollywood each year. Each of the inductees’ handprin...See more

Guitar Center's Hollywood

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Aristocrats - European tour in October and November

First of all, we're getting excited for our European tour in October and November! Here's a list of confirmed dates and locations as of this writing:

10/9 - Uppsala, Sweden - Uppsala Guitar Festival
10/13 - Assemini - Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy - Golf Club Ercole Cellino
10/14 - Cassibile – Siracusa (Sicily), Italy - Anfiteatro Hotel Fontane Bianche
10/15 - Jesolo (VE), Italy - Scuola di Musica JAM c/o aula magna istituto "I. Calvino"
10/17 - Prato, Italy - Keller Platz
10/19 - Caserta, Italy - Black Cat Club
10/20 - Rome, Italy - Guitar Art Nights Festival (venue TBA)
10/21 - Molvena (VI), Italy - Revolution Studios
10/23 - Nice, France - Forum Nice Nord
10/24 - Legnano (MI), Italy - Land Of Live
10/26 - Frankfurt, Germany - Frankfurt Jazz Festival (Sendesaal des hessischen Rundfunks)
10/27 - Zagreb, Croatia - Zagreb Guitar Show (VIP Club)
10/28 - Zoetermeer, Netherlands - De Boerderij
10/29 - Verviers, Belgium - Spirit Of 66
10/31 - Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg - Kulturfabrik
11/3 - Unna, Germany - Kuhlschiff
11/5 - Hamburg, Germany - Logo
11/7 - Berlin, Germany - Crystal Club
11/9 & 11/10 - Athens, Greece - Athina Live

Stephen Ross
I finally bought the Aristocrats CD. It almost seems cliche to say how great it is. Sure Guthrie is on it, what else would anyone expect. Unlike the other Guthrie releases, this one I believe captures the true heart and soul of Guthrie. Every guitarist should own this one.

The Aristocrats
All products are BRAND NEW and factory sealed. Fast shipping and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Andy James: The darkness breaks and a light shines

Andy James - no more Cheddar photos please!
Another photo story for you... this time Andy caught just after being told about the recent Cheddar Gate photo... but in the darkness, he said let there be light and there was light and in this case the new EP is on the way!

So good news all the way now...

Andy James
Pre-order the new SMT EP out on EMI in September by clicking this link. I know there are some guys on here that wonder why I do this band. It's because I believe in the music and this EP says it all!\m/

A Light Shines

Evolve / Become
Bleeding Out
The City Is Crying (Live From China)
Physical copies come with exclusive limited edition poster

Sacred Mother Tongue "Seven"- Official Lyric Video - Album Teaser

Ilya Kuzubov: Red Djent Fusion

Ilya Kuzubov is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Ilya Kuzubov - Djent Style

Ilya Kuzubov - Fusion Style

Ilya Kuzubov - RotoJam

Eugene Potekhin,Alexander Kuznetsov: Korea - Zombie - more super crunchy metal from Russia

Every day I hear new music and new bands and so it always pleases me that this stream of musicality never seems to run dry. Fans of technical metal will either know these guys already or will be looking to get a copy of their itunes album.

Group of Korea was formed in the spring of 2003 in St. - Petersburg. Actively rehearsing and performing their own material the group was preparing to record demo. In March 2006, published the first full-length album titled "The Broken Wings." A little later a group shot his first video for the song "Pole." In October 2007 the second album entitled "Pulse". In the album will support Korea out some big tours in Russia and CIS countries. After a long lull, and creative change of the composition, the band recorded a single called "Sandman." Internet which was released April 9, 2010. After some time the group decides to change its name, its sound and stylistic concepts, changing vocalists. In the summer of 2011 The Korea sits in the studio to work on their third full-length album, "Chariot of the Gods."December 19 the group presents online single and video entitled "Chaos Theory". Released third album, The Korea - "Chariots of the Gods" is scheduled for January 15, 2012. After the release of records in the plans of a group of full-scale tour in support of the album in Russia and near abroad, filming the second clip. 

Ingredients:Sannikov, Ilya - vocals
Evgeniy Potekhin - guitar / vocals
Alexander Kuznetsov - guitar
Ruslan Latypov - bass
Sergei Kuznetsov - drums

The Korea - By Oleśnica Gods ( 2012 )
A. Cobra
2. waterline
3. Manuscript
4. Zombie
5. Neva
6. I understand what you're waiting for
7. Armada
8. Valhalla
9. Judas Kiss
10. Chaos Theory
11. The Road Home Order: iTunes

Eugene Potekhin and Alexander Kuznetsov playing along to "Zombie" off our record "Chariots of the gods". thank you for watching.

The Korea - Zombie (Guitar Play-through)

Ilya Kuzubov - guitar, bass
Alexander Kuznetsov - guitar

I.Kuzubov and A.Kuznetsov - Air Surfing

Chris Storey: endorsement with Etherial guitars

Chris Storey gets an endorsement with Etherial guitars

Etherial Guitars
With great pride and excitement we’re happy to officially unveil the Endorsement of Chris Storey as an Etherial Signature artist!!
Not only is Chris’s musical career impressive (ex All Shall Perish) SmashFace and his new local project Quantum of Light, his skills as a guitarist and musician are breathtaking.
It’s a delight and honour to now officially welcome Chris Storey as part of the Etherial Family.

Thanks to Etherial Guitars

The end of purpose

Matt Moliti: freaking awesome tapping - Vigiers were hurt in the making of this solo!

Kudos to DJ Scully for the heads up on this towering tappathon!

This is the entire solo section for the Dark Empire tune "Lest Ye Be Judged" from our latest album, From Refuge to Ruin. Gear used: Vigier Excalibur Supra 7, Line6 HD147 through 2x12 Mesa cab. Custom OD pedal.

Matt Moliti - Lest Ye Be judged Solo Section

Franck Hermanny: demos Markbass amps and Ibanez Prestige bass

Franck Hermanny is an incredible player and here he demos the versatile Markbass amps and Ibanez Prestige bass's that he used during the recent Jason Becker benefit show.

Here's a video demo on Markbass amps and Ibanez Prestige bass.
You can also WATCH my last Markbass video here:
Double instructional bass dvd available here:
Next video :
Behind the scenes/ recording with the Markbass Super Synth Pedal !
hope you'll like it !
Franck Hermanny The Quickening

Franck Hermanny appears on this special Jason Becker benefit

Kudos to Franck Ribiere: for the awesome cover
This track is from the album Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet! (Live in Haarlem) and is available for purchase on CD Baby here:

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - USA
Mixed by Jacek Glowacki & Atma Anur
Produced by Atma Anur
Executive producer Kris Claerhout
Production : Primal Events
Released by: Primal Events
Release date: Jul 22, 2012

Sarah Longfield: is Sarah the hottest female techical guitarist on the planet right now?

Hey guys! Figured I would do a rings of saturn cover! I actually recorded this one DI (hoping to improve the quality of the sound haha) and then forgot to record a video, so the audio and video are separate xD but you get the idea, hope you enjoy! :D

Rings Of Saturn - Invasion Intro Cover by Sarah Longfield

We're are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest players and this means everyone... we are not invaluable, so if you know any female players that have better chops than Sarah Longfield we want to know!!

Nita Strauss: Consume The Fire promo video posted

Metal fans have a new Metal band to add to their lists of Best Metal Bands in Consume The Fire! Consume The Fire has a unique metal sound filled with adrenaline and a hard edge that is more of an experience then just a sound.

Consume The Fire - Into The Band: Chapter 1

Andy Wood: announces new power Trio.. I'll drink to that!

Andy Wood

Check out a little sneak peak of my new power trio...this band is crazy fun! You can check us at several clubs around Knoxville and all of the tin roof clubs across the South East!
— with Matt Reynoldsand Andy Campbell.

Richie Kotzen: Michelle just posted Doin' What the Devil... you know it will be good

Richie Kotzen, a man with chops and voice to die for... enjoy

Richie Kotzen- Doin' What the Devil Says to Do at the Baked Potato in Studio City, California, July 24, 2012 (1st set)
Mike Bennett on drums Wilson on bass Kotzen

Richie Kotzen- Doin' What the Devil Says...@the BP

Leonardo Guzman,Hussein Haddad,Anouck André,Roberto Restuccia: Walliman international jam!

Leonardo Guzman (Colombia)-
Hussein Haddad (Brazil) -
Anouck André (France) -
Roberto Restuccia (UK) -
André Niéri (Brazil) -

Backing track courtesy of David Walliman.

Thanks guys! It was a great fun jamming with you! Hope to jam again soon :)

International GUITAR Collab #1

Tom Quayle: versus the click... of course Tom won.

Late night jamming with my metronome on All The Things You Are working on time feel. I've had quite a bit to drink here so excuse the mistakes in the changes.

It's about time I worked on my jazz playing again. Using the Axe FX II into some cheap monitor speakers.

All The Things You Are - Solo with click