News: Hutchinson’s Molten Lava guitar

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts unveil the Molten Diabolic! The second release in a series of high-concept electric guitars inspired by popular culture.

Artisan instrument builder James Hutchinson releases the second in a series of high-concept electric guitars inspired by popular culture and reimagining iconic themes from Films, TV and video games.
Celebrating the release of ‘Diablo III’ earlier this year, the Molten Diabolic draws its namesake from Blizzard Entertainment’s enduring video game franchise, taking Hutchinson's original Molten Lava concept and infusing it with a shard of the Black Soulstone, an artifact of incredible power. Both the mystical stone and the hand carved lava flow have been illuminated by an incredible LED array recessed into the guitar top.

DiMarzio Evolution and Fred humbuckers provide scorching hot leads and menacing rhythm tones, a low profile fixed bridge with stainless steel saddles assures harmonic clarity and ample sustain, while Gotoh machine heads maintain rock solid tuning stability when drop tuning on the fly. The highly detailed paintwork compliments distressed steel plates, annealed to give an intensely weathered aesthetic. The lava is finely textured to better showcase the lighting system, whilst offering a robust and roadworthy finish.

Orders for the Molten Diabolic can be placed through the Hutchinson Guitar Concepts website, which also features a portfolio of finished instruments that exert design inspiration from themes as diverse as Steampunk, Natural Disasters, and Chinese dynasties.

Hutchinson's Cybertech, Molten Lava, and Bronze Top guitars are just a few examples of what can be achieved through intricate wood carving, masterful finishing and state of the art electronics. Hundreds of hours of work go into every fine detail, ensuring that each Tibetan symbol is perfectly engraved, and each ripple of molten lava oozes and glows with incredible LED lighting effects.

Every guitar featured in Hutchinson’s portfolio is available as a theme to order for your own guitar and several of these portfolio items are commissions from world touring, platinum selling artists. Look out for Hutchinson Guitar Concepts on the road, as our instruments make their way to the largest festival stages and hottest tours in 2012.Hutchinson Guitar Concepts accept requests for new custom concepts and designs, offering extensive modifications to existing guitars, or complete concept instruments built to the highest standard. If you’ve ever wanted a guitar built to embody your favourite place, time, movie, game, fashion, genre or style, look no further than Hutchinson Guitar Concepts! Quotations can be provided via the website contact form.

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