Jonas Tamas, Brett Garsed, Mattias IA Eklundh: Hungarian Guitar Competition

The competition's official website:


Registration is simple and will have to do a thing only the following four:

1) Click on the Download Basic Music menu, and download the "Gone With the Wind" in a half-minute musical foundation.

2) Turn on your camcorder, webcam, or any other video recording device, and pick up a solo musical foundation.
(no camera? click here: Frequently Asked Questions )

3) Upload your video to YouTube, the video on versenykiírásról (link) response. (The exact method can be found here: FAQ ). The address of the following video: "[Your name] - Jonas Tamas Guitar Competition 2012"

4) Subscribe to Jonas Tamas YouTube channel . .
If you have completed all of the above, then this already applies to the nomination, andvideo competition with the grand prize , and the other categories are díjaiért.Deadline: 2012th September 30

Official prize giving venue: Audio Book Exhibition, 2012. October 6

If you're on a social networking site, you would appreciate if you share the video with your friends on versenykiírásról that more and more people aware of the possibility.

Jonas Tamas If you subscribe to Facebook page , you will get informations about the first hand put forth zenékről, news, guitar videos, kottákról, practices, tips on guitar, ideas..

  • A description of the categories of the competition can be found here: Categories
  • The breakdown of the remuneration for each category can be found here:remuneration by category
  • The prizes here you can also: Prizes
  • Here you can see the presentation zsüritagok: Jury
  • The list of sponsors: Sponsors
  • The music is here you can download: Download Music Fund
  • Give answers to common questions here: FAQ

Jonas Tamas Guitar Competition 2012 - Notice of Race and information