Neil Zaza: Clyde the Cat

Neil Zaza-All Guitars
Garrett Janos-Drums (1,2,3,6,7,9,10)
Steve Smith-Drums (4,8)
Walter Cerasani-Bass (2,4,5,6,7,8,9)
Todd Rogers-Keys (1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10)
Mark Leach-Hammond B3 (2,7,8)
Timothy M. Bradford-Piano (2,4,8, 11)
Mistheria-Piano (6)
John Sferra-Drums (11)
Raymond J. Liptak-Bass (11)

Produced by Neil Zaza
Engineered by Neil Zaza, Joe Viers, Andrea Di Rocco, Michael Morales
Mixed by Rick Beato at Black Dog Sound (Stone Mountain, GA)
Assistant Mix Engineer: Ken “GL” Lanyon
Mastered by Dave "Sarge" Schultz at D2 Mastering (Los Angeles, CA)
CD Package Design: Rod Flauhaus
Photography: Neil Zaza and Rod Flauhaus
Front Cover Model: Clyde

Recorded at The Audio Kitchen (Akron, OH), John Schwab Recording (Columbus, OH), Mike’s Barn (Elyria, OH), The House of Todd (Las Vegas, NV), Studio M (San Antonio, TX), ADR Studio (Avezzano, Italy)

Carvin Guitars (Mark Keisel, Richard Cruz, Eddie, Don), Wizard Amplification (Rick St. Pierre), Celestion (Rick Skillman, Stan Burjek), Diezel (Peter Diezel and Peter Stapher), Blackstar (Joel Richardson, Ollie Russell Pearcey), Lava Cables (Tony Cole), George L’s Cables (Kimberly Lewis), Notion Music (Jim Boitnott), Avedis Audio (Avedis Kifedjian), Mark of the Unicorn (Dave Roberts), Boulder Creek Guitars (Mike Shellhammer), Dean Markley Strings (David Leinhard), Xotic (Toshio Horiba), Keeley FX (Robert Keeley), Radial Engineering (Peter Janis, Corey Phillips)

Neil Zaza playing 'In my dream' using Xotic EP Booster