Dave Weiner: A Collection Of Short Stories: Vol. 1 - a new album

“A Collection Of Short Stories: Vol. 1″ is the first from Dave’s raw, unaccompanied, instrumental acoustic series. Dave says, “I wanted the listener to feel as if I was playing the guitar for them; that they were right there in the room with me.” That’s exactly the vibe of this record. The movement on the strings, the breathing, the attack of the fingers and pick. The wood of the guitar is speaking and it’s all captured in a beautiful, natural form.

Have a listen…

1. Daybreak
2. Once We Were
3. A Sigh Of Bliss
4. The Four Winds
5. The Trillium’s Launch
6. Reverie
7. Torchwood
8. Scent Of A Memory
9. A Midnight Stroll
10. The Farewell

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