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Andy James,Chris Cowdry: Metal 5

Andy James and Chris Cowdry Live YouTube

Fabrizio Licciardello: legato Rock Fusion

Improvisational Rock Fusion Recorded Live
Ignite Amps

SiNe Studios

Fabrizio Licciardello Rock Fusion Impro (Recorded Live)

Fabrizio Licciardello Funky Rock Impro (RECORDED LIVE)

Fabrizio Licciardello Impro RECORDED LIVE

Steve Morse: G3 Crocus City Hall, Moscow 2012

Steve Morse in fine form on the recent G3 tour, this time in Moscow.


Steve Morse: G3 Crocus City Hall, Moscow 2012

Steve Morse Goodies

Andy James: performance series

Watch Andy JAmes in this performance series and subscribe, just a few short of 5,000 subscribers!

4,832 subscribers 1,614,228 video views

In this series there are 7 videos 20:02 duration

Andy James: performance series

pledge 1

Pledge for a brand new exclusive live EP A brand new live EP recorded with help from you!

Hey guys,

Welcome to our PledgeMusic Page. We want to make a live EP and think we have found a great way to do it and include you guys directly in the process.

We have teamed up with PledgeMusic who help artists to interact with their fans in a brand new exciting way. With the help of PledgeMusic we’re asking you to get involved and help out with the live recording from beginning to end. We will record this in a private facility and we want you all to be there!

You can pledge on a copy of the CD, Signed Guitars, T-Shirts, Jam Sessions, Tickets to the Live show and much more. All your pledges will help to make this live EP become a reality once we hit 100%

Any of the items on the right that you choose from, you will automatically get the live EP on a Digital Download as soon as its available.

By pledging, you’ll unlock access to our pledgers-only ‘Updates’ section where you can check on the progress of the project as we go – we’ll be looking to upload various videos, photos, blogs and audio samples. All of this content will be exclusive to you as pledgers.

A percentage of the proceeds will also be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust.

The more people pledge, the quicker we hit our target; the more we can give to charity. It’s simple.

We want to thank you all, Without you guys this wouldn’t be possible!!

Sacred Mother Tongue
Darrin, Lee, Josh & Andy

Plus don't forget... help keep Andy out of Cheddar buy purchasing this damn fine EP and jam tracks

Following on from 2012's biggest selling JTC package so far comes Andy James' Custom Metal Series 2. Andy takes a more 'metal melodic' approach to this series yet still manages to come at it like a steam train with riffs and techniques that will keep you practising for weeks upon weeks.
The series contains 5 tracks which combine a mixture of a more rockier approach, with the occasional bit of funk and ballad thrown in yet always contains some meaty metal and pure emotion.

Time and Time Again is one of the stand out tracks from the series and here it is in all its glory!
Andy James 'Time and Time Again' (Full Length) from Custom Metal Series 2


5 full tracks in MP3
5 backing tracks in MP3
5 extended jam tracks in MP3
5 full length videos in MP4
Complete TAB and Notation in PDF and Powertab formats
Bonus notes from Andy on how to approach each track

Andy James 'Time and Time Again' (Full Length) from Custom Metal Series 2

Tony Waka: Wylde James


ey guys, just found this old vid in my computer when I was practicing some zakk wylde and andy james chops ... as I ve no time to upload new vids, hope u like this one !!!! please suscribe if u like it !! and feel free to comment or leave a message .... btq I m gonna start soon teaching via skype, if anyone is interested let me know !!!

Zakk Wylde/ Andy James style ... ROCK ON !!

Tosin Abasi: Strandberg headless 8-string EGS

Tosin Abasi plays EGS #17, which is a complement to his existing #8, in conjunction with Animals as Leaders' gig in Frankfurt.

This has a rosewood bolt-on neck and swamp ash body with a maple top, with two custom Lace Alumitone humbuckers. The scale length is 28"-26.5", and string gauges are 10-46 + 66 + 80 with a tuning EAEADGBE.

Tosin Abasi plays Strandberg headless 8-string EGS guitar #17

Tosin Abasi plays Strandberg headless 8-string EGS guitar #9

John Browne: Monuments - 8 string guitar play through

John Browne, guitarist of Monuments demonstrates how easy it is to track guitars using the Series One 200 emulated output. John Dropped by the office with drum/bass tracks taken from Monuments forthcoming album and recorded guitar tracks for the song 'The Uncollective'

Monuments are an upcoming British band, pioneering the new wave of progressive metal, nicknamed 'djent'. Born from the ashes of breaking UK band FellSilent, guitarist John Browne has developed their signature sound of low drop tunings, staccato rhythms and strong melody with a new group of amazing musicians and are definitely one to watch!

Currenty signed to Basick Records, you will see Monuments on the British 'League of xtraordinary djentlemen' tour alongside Periphery and Tesseract. They are also in the studio, currently completing their debut album.

Blackstar Series One 200 emulated output demo with John Browne of Monuments (8 string guitar!)

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Roland Booth NAMM jam in HD

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox from the very popular Iron Maidens bans jam at Roland Booth - Namm 2012 by The video is available in 720p - The Iron Maidens at Namm 2012 - The trooper.wmv

The Iron Maidens at Roland Booth.wmv

Allen Hinds: 3D Baked Potato - smoothest fusion on the planet?

The Allen Hinds Group, live at the Baked Potato club, Los Angeles 31 July, ft:
Allen Hinds- Guitar
Matt Rhode- Keyboards (American Idol band)
JV Collier- Bass (Bruce Hornsby)
Dave Hooper- Drums

Also available in 3D or without 3D

Allen Hinds Group @ Baked Potato LA, 31 Jul 2012 (3D)

Anton Oparin, Bronston Ashford: West L.A Guitar Exhibition

Anton Oparin West L.A Guitar Exhibition
Hacksaw - Vocals
Anton Oparin - lead guitar
Alex Oparin - lead bass
Brandon Hopkins - lead drums
Bronston Ashford - lead rhythm guitar

Anton Oparin live in West L.A - Decadence Dance

Anton Oparin live in West L.A - Technical Difficulties

Anton Oparin live in West L.A - Viking Kong

Paul Gilbert: at the button factory

the button factory - dublin, ireland

paul gilbert

Shawn Lane: official YouTube and Facebook

Guitar World magazine writes, "Few, if any, guitarists can play faster than Lane could, and his arpeggio sweeps and precision-picked lines blasted more rapid-fire notes than the average human mind could comprehend."
Shawn Lane (March 21, 1963 – September 26, 2003) was an American musician. He quickly became a noted player in underground guitar circles and joined Black Oak Arkansas when he was just fourteen years old.

He is best known for his solo album Powers of Ten and his long stint with former John McLaughlin bassist Jonas Hellborg.

Official Web Site:

Shawn Lane & Chester Thompson - Chameleon (New Daisy Theatre 1986)

Andy Timmons,Steve Vai,Paul Gilbert: Paul Gilbert: Ibanez 90th anniversary show

IBANEZ 90th Anniversary - Andy Timmons - Steve Vai - Paul Gilbert - live

Robert Marcello:Roland GR-55, Boss GT-100 Amp & Effects Processor Pedal

The GT-100 Pedal by Boss is the newest in their GT series, and in this video, Robert Marcello gives us a quick rundown and demo of this powerful pedalboard. For this demo Rob used a GC-1 GK-Ready Strat by Roland plugged into a Roland BA-55 portable amp. We took a direct feed of this audio recorded into a ZOOM H4N.
Check out awesome deals on the GT-100 and other Roland gear @Austin Bazaar:!keywords=BOS...______________________
Austin Bazaar is a family-run retailer of musical instruments based in Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World. In addition to our e-commerce operation, we have a brick-and-mortar retail space in North Austin where customers can check out instruments in person. With an inventory of well over 5,000 different products, Austin Bazaar's storefront is housed within its 27,000-square-foot flagship warehouse on Howard Lane between I-35 and Mopac in North Austin.
Check out Austin Bazaar online at
Boss GT-100 Amp & Effects Processor Pedal - Demo/Review by Robert Marcello @ Austin Bazaar

Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Demo / Review by Robert Marcello @ Austin Bazaar

Alex Skolnick: Chuck Billy: The Metal Zone interview with Nikki Blakk

Frontman Chuck Billy and guitarist Alex Skolnick stop by The Metal Zone and bring Nikki the very first copy of "The Dark Roots Of Earth" on vinyl before the band has even seen it, talk about the shooting of the first video from the album, memories of Dio, the Randy Blythe situation, and how YOU can get Testament to play a free show in your area!

Chuck Billy & Alex Skolnick Of Testament In The Metal ZONE!

Eddie Van Halen: Aussie tour hits the buffers

Van Halen has pulled out of plans to tour Australia in summer, News Limited reports.
Promoter Patrick Prendergast, of When The Lion Roars, had pitched a tour in the first week of November.
But he added: ''Van Halen have passed on playing in Australia this year - which is a shame.''
Mr Prendergast had been in talks with the band since April and said a deal was ''very, very close.''

It is the second time in 18 months Van Halen, reunited with frontman David Lee Roth, has pulled the pin on visiting Australia. more

Steve Morse: Deep Purple headed for Wacken Open Air festival

Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 1-3, 2013.

Joel Gomes: Immortal riffs!

Hello people! I used the Eagle Master Series guitar plugged straight into a mesa boogie single rictfier microfonado tube with a shure SM57, the only way to stay warm and full-bodied riffs esperro who like
Team Congratulations to all of St. Angelo for this contest

Contest Santo Angelo Riffs immortal - Joel Gomes

Eric Calderone: nearly 240,000 subscribers and 32 million video views

Eric Calderone seems to have a winning formula for YouTube, helped by the fact the guy can play!
Hey guys,
So pretty sure I've been getting this request since I started doing videos haha. I love this movie and love this score. Totally bitchin. Thanks so much for everything. It means so much. Big ups for all the suggestions, fan art, donations, comments, subs, and support. You rock the casbah and are amazing.
Best to ya
MP3 and Tab Book:
Merch Store:
video views
Just 77 videos!

Requiem for a Dream (Lux Aeterna) Meets Metal

Rob Chappers: nearing 50,000 YouTube subscribers!

video views
950 videos!

Dorje "Primordial Audio Chronicle" - My bands recording documentary
Watch it here:

Dorje "Primordial Audio Chronicle" - My bands recording documentary

Chris Storey: Arpeggios sequenced in five note groupings

These are some arps sequenced in five note groupings. Pick Up Down Down Down Up ascending and the opposite descending Down Up UP Up Down. This is very difficult have fun.

Lick of the Week # 3 Augst 4th 2012

Tony Bellardi: One Way - solo section live

One Way - solo section

Un Senso - assolo section, Spotorno 2012

Enver Izmaylov: Rudolf state Deutschland

The amazing Russian tapper, who has his own percussive style.

Enver Izmaylov Rudolf state Deutschland

Theodosi Spasov- kaval, Anatoly Vapirov-sax,Stoyan Yankulov-percussions,Enver Izmaylov-gitar.

Corrado Sgandurra: Monster guitar album on the way

Corrado Sgandurra
Corrado Sgandurra of Ziua Chitarelor fame has been working hard on his new album. I've heard that this album will be packed full of great guitar and guest players... more details to follow!

Corrado Sgandurra:
Hi people finally after 2 years and 7months my new album is ready…. Coming soon I will post the cover and all the art work by Codrin Roibu ….

Stuart Hamm I wanted to play on it!!!

Prashant Aswani Love you Bro! Congratulations!!!

Dave Martone The Best to you Corrado!!!

Michael Lee Firkins Bring it on!!!

Michael Angelo Batio Conrats Corrado! You ROCK!

Damjan Pejcinoski Go Corrado!Can't wait to listen to it!

Joey Tafolla Corrado! Congratulations! Persistence pays off! I can't wait to hear the new tracks!

Brett Garsed Congratulations Corrado! Can't wait to hear it!

Jose de Castro Great Corrado!

Ignazio Di Salvo great! We're waiting for..

Claudio Mariola This is good news! Bring it on!!

Laurie Monk Yes... I'm in shock... well done buddy!

Daniele Gottardo: Altremolecole

Daniele Gottardo appears on this 2011 release Altremolecole

1 Adieu (feat. Carlo Valli) 1:31
2 La Virtù (feat. Vittorio Matteucci) 3:32
3 Lovin' Sophia (feat. James Thompson) 4:40
4 Juengo Escondido (feat. Mario Schillirò) 3:06
5 For the Love of God (feat. Giuseppe Lopizzo) 4:53
6 Amistanze (feat. Daniele Gottardo) 3:57
7 Cosa Sono Le Nuvole? (feat. Chiara Luppi) 3:02
8 Der Suchende (feat. Alex Stornello) 4:09
9 Lagrima (feat. Roberto Tiranti) 3:04
10 Altremolecole (feat. Carlo Valli) 2:20

This is the solo from Altremolecole

Daniele Gottardo - Der Suchende

Song by Daniele Gottardo - Lovin Sophia

Daniele Gottardo plays Frudua GFF - Lovin Sophia | Special Video - MusicOff

Ignazio Di Salvo: Funk Jamming with my first electric guitar

A little jam with my first electric... This guitar is a piece of my heart.

Ignazio Di Salvo - Funk Jamming with my Steinberger guitar

Plus two improvisations of jam tracks.

I guys, I freely improvised over a simple chord. Here's a selection of best moments.. Enjoy!

Ignazio Di Salvo - Improvising over C dorian

Ignazio Di Salvo - Bluesy solo

Thomas Lang: Drum camps, Germany, Austria and Finland

September 14TH - 16TH, 2012 - Rotenburg, Germany

Thomas is bringing his 3-day Drumming Bootcamp to the beautiful German city of Rotenburg for an intense weekend of hardcore drumming exercises and 24 total hours of learning with guaranteed results.

SEPTEMBER 28TH - 30TH, 2012

Enjoy 3 days of intense, all day drumming in the beautiful city of
Weiner Neustadt.

Space is EXTREMELY limited, so for additional information
and to register:

Back By popular demand, the TLDBC returns to Lahti, FInlandOctober 5th - 7th at the cool and modern Scandic Hotel in the beautiful city of Lahti.

For pricing and additional information: