Tuesday, 14 August 2012

News: Seymour Duncan Acoustic Tube SA-1

The Acoustic Tube SA-1 
The Acoustic Tube SA-1 offers excellent acoustic response that brings out all the nuances of your performances, and also gives you more control with a built-in, easy-access volume knob.
Mounting the SA-1 couldn't be easier. Its flexible mounts simply pop into the soundhole of your guitar (from parlor and auditorium to jumbo and dreadnought with soundholes between 3.85" and 4.10"), and just as easily unmounts when your gig is finished. The SA-1 is very feedback resistant, and includes a short cable with a female 1/4" output jack that you can connect with a standard guitar cable to your favorite amp, PA, direct box, or console.

Acoustic Tube Guitar Pickup (SA-1)

Brett Stine, Eddie Head: monstrous new instrumental tracks posted!

Haji's Kitchen 


Eddie Head - Guitar
Brett Stine - Guitar
Derek Blakley - Bass
Rob Stankiewicz - Drums

All vocals by Daniel Tompkins (Tesseract, Skyharbor, Piano)

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Haji's Kitchen

After a near 10 year hiatus of inactivity, Haji's Kitchen returns with their best batch of songs to date. Twenty Twelve features the long awaited finished versions of "Lost" & "Day After Day", (originally heard on the Dragonball Z "Broly-TLSS" film), 4 other new vocal tracks and a brand new instrumental song. The disc also includes instrumental versions of the 6 vocal tracks as a bonus.

2012 Review
In a world where rap mixed with gratuitous auto tuning, coupled with splicing other music samples seem to have the attention of so many, it is a Godsend to see an immensely talented group of 5 guys bust their asses to deliver a vastly superior product in this cynical, apathetic, mind-numbing music industry. For the longest time, their debut disc of 1995 was a top 10 favorite in my playlist. Still is. It could be likened to a relentless, unyielding, intense wall of sound. This release however, has a surprising number of contrasts when compared with earlier works. For instance, the introduction of song dynamics as a whole make the heavy parts that much more intense, and the subtle parts that much more delicate. There is a reference point in which the listeners are able to hang their hats on; which is to say, 170 mph feels a whole lot faster to someone who isn't going at that speed all the time. The introduction of eerie, ambient passages within their songs adds to that air of quality. These songs have a breath, or steady pulse that sends the listener on a rollercoaster ride of excitement, emotion, and inspiration. Considering that these gentlemen had no help from the outside music industry (except perhaps, for the loaning of Daniel Tompkins’ prodigious vocals), it is certainly a large feat that this music has such a vast, enormous, organic feel to it. A legacy to be proud of, for certain. If you have even a remote interest in Heavy, thoughtful, exciting, progressive metal with depth, then you will be very happy, having made such a purchase, knowing as well that a good percentage of the proceeds go directly to the band, since there is little to no outside support, save for you, the fan. Rock on, and enjoy!



Haji's Kitchen: instrumental series

News: Sibelius Fest 2012, Venezuela's premier guitar show and competition

The first Saturday of September the Sibelius Fest 2012 Venezuela will end at the Theatre Historical Chacao, located in the city of Caracas. http://www.sibeliusfest.com/


·       2PM to 6PM Clinic Juan Pablo Lobos + Finalists - 50Bsf
·       7PM to 10PM Mojo Pojo (Christening 2nd disc) + Dream Theater tribute to Sibelius, Paul Gilbert, Iron Maiden, Mr. Big, Rage Against The Machine, Slash, Guns N 'Roses, Van Halen and Sibelius's favorite subjects - 60Bsf
·       Full day (2PM to 10PM) - 70Bsf
Tickets through Ticket anywhere in the World (Toulon, and Sambil CCCT), ticketmundo.com and the theater box office.

Sibelius Fest and jurors again congratulate the finalists (Alejandro Del Pozo, Michel Fernandez, Sony Velasquez, Johanns Steiner, Oswaldo Gomez, Jorge Fajardo) and wish them the best of success for that day!

Sibelius Fest Team.

Jay Parmar: Album giveaway

Album giveaway in about 24 hours groovers! I'm really excited!!! Set your alarms for 15 August at 5pm GMT (12pm EST and 9am PST). First 5 posts get a digital copy of 'Circle of Fire' and the next 5 shout outs will get a copy of my instrumental album 'Strange Day', either digital or autographed physical - your pick :) I'm having a fabulously relaxing day today! New and really amazing new Steve Vai album download link arrived this morning (CD will arrive soon :)) so have been checking that out...OK, time for a snack and then heading out for dinner :) Have a great day people!!! And spread the word about the giveaway!!!

Kiko Loureiro: Laney clinic date Lima / Peru - Free Tickets


Friend's Event · By Kiko Loureiro

Wednesday, 29 August 2012
20:00 in UTC-03
Lima / Peru
Laney Latin America Clinic Tour
L'Anfiteatro de Antica
Avenida Prolongación San Martín 201, Barranco

Free Tickets

Alex Machacek: Allan Holdsworth "You guys are f***ing nuts"

PHAT... Pretty Hot And Tempting "Dude! That shit is phat!" or FAT... Fabulous Austrian Trio, as Allan Holdsworth might have put it [This shit just got real]... "You guys are f***ing nuts" and he is critically acclaimed by the likes of John McLaughlin and the late Shawn Lane for his innovative style

Alex Machacek
You want Alex Machacek, you got Alex Machacek 

(Los Angeles) - Alex Machacek, the amazing fusion guitarist, has done it again. Combining mindboggling fluidity, daredevil string-skipping technique and audacious intervallic leaps on the guitar (ones that will make even the most ardent Allan Holdsworth fan take notice), has taken his penchant for precision ensemble playing and created a collection of audible art that rivals the late, great Frank Zappa’s. Machacek takes the lead on FAT (Fabulous Austrian Trio), to be released on September 18th through Abstract Logix. 

The extraordinary Austrian native, and current California resident, has upped the ante on all of his previous outings with FAT (Fabulous Austrian Trio). As heard on the rhythmically complex and slightly tongue-in-cheek “Why Not (aka Disco Polka),” and the equally intricate “Safe Word”, Machacek is ably accompanied on his sophomore outing by superb drummer Herbert Pirker and outstanding bassist Raphael Preuschl. This trio appeared together on various tracks from Machacek’s impressive 2005 debut, {Sic}, from Abstract Logix.

Machacek recalls, “My last recording was 24 Tales, a ‘re-composition’ of an existing 51-minute long drum solo by Marco Minnemann, and the focus there was on composition. On FAT, I wanted to have more improvisations and more emphasis on interplay…just like a band, so to speak.” That kind of organic interplay can be heard between Machacek, Pirker and Preuschl on the ethereal ballad “What A Time To Be Me” and the spacious “Let’s Not Argue,” the latter which has Alex playing baritone guitar. As a kind of relief from the astounding intricacy and unisons demonstrated elsewhere throughout FAT, there is the gorgeous solo bass piece “Ton Portrait” (a nod to the late, great Jaco Pastorius’s anthemic “Portrait of Tracy”) and the atmospheric closer, “Let's Not Argue,” which incorporates a great deal of breath between the notes while still showcasing Machacek’s inimitable six-string facility. The guitarist reserves his most lyrical playing for “D-Lite” and on “The Life of Herbert P.” he creates a ‘re-composition’ around an existing drum solo by Pirker. The Fabulous Austrian Trio also generates some potent swinging momentum on the album’s jazziest number, “Studio Swing.”

Machacek will play an album release party on September 2nd at Porgy & Bess in Vienna, Austria. www.porgy.at

About Alex Machacek:

Alex Machacek was born and raised in Austria and moved to Los Angeles in 2004.
He studied Jazz guitar and Jazz Education at the Conservatory in Vienna and at Berklee College of Music, Boston.

While still in Austria, Machacek was named Guitar Newcomer for 1998 in a European guitar competition and the following year debuted as a leader with "Featuring Ourselves". Soon thereafter, Machacek began working with Terry Bozzio which materialized in BPM's "Delete and Roll" followed by OutTrio's "Live in Austin" DVD (with Bozzio and Patrick O'Hearn).

Upon arriving in the U.S., Alex Machacek became one of the first recording artists on the Abstract Logix label and has since released:
"[sic]" - featuring Terry Bozzio
"Improvision" (with Matt Garrison and Jeff Sipe)
"The Official Triangle Sessions" (with Neal Fountain and Jeff Sipe)
"24 Tales" - featuring Marco Minneman

His solo releases have received accolades such as:

"Alex Machacek's music starts where other music ends" - John McLaughlin

"You guys are f***ing nuts" - Allan Holdsworth

"I totally lost it when I heard Donna Lee - Easy Viennese Teenage Version. This is the most refreshing recording that I've heard in the last several years." - Shawn Lane
Aside from his own releases he has played and/or recorded with:
Eddie Jobson's UKZ, Planet X, Virgil Donati Band, CAB, The Scott Kinsey Group,
Gary Husband, Jimmy Johnson, Hadrien Feraud, John Wetton, Tony Levin, to name a few.

Currently, Alex Machacek also teaches at GIT in Hollywood

FAT - Machacek/Preuschl/Pirker live@Porgy '10 part2

Andrew Gerard: three, two, one... you're back in the room

Andrew Gerard, the Hypnotist... Dominant Arpeggios - 2 arpeggios, 6 positions, these are great to have in your arsenal the next time you have a 12 bar blues jam....have fun ! three, two, one... you're back in the room

Andrew Gerard - FREE lesson -Dominant Arpeggios for Blues.

Mateus Starling: Blues Free Fusion improvisation

Free fusion improvisation over a Blues with tournaround in Bb.
Improvisação livre fusion sobre Blues em Bb com tournaround.

Blues Free Fusion improvisation (Solo guitar) - (Mateus Starling) www.mateusstarling.com.br

Autumn Leaves - Mateus Starling - teste do pedal Aquadrive (T MIRANDA)

Borislav Mitic: avoid the SOS

New lessons, avoid sitting like a Sack O' Shit... is lesson number one!

Release date: Fall 2012

Excerpt from "In The Style Of Borislav Mitic Vol.1", available for FREE at DC Music School. There are 3 volumes of which the first is free!

In this clip, Borislav Mitic talks about basic, but sometimes overlooked, concepts regarding his approach to holding the instrument.

In this instructional video, Borislav goes into great detail about his personal playing style, covering all aspects of his guitar playing. A very wide variety of topics is explored in great detail; such as: vibrato, bends, intonation, alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, arpeggios, scales, tone, improvisation, etc... The entire instructional video series offer over 4 hours of video instruction!

Borislav Mitic is a Canadian rock guitarist who hails from Belgrade, Serbia. He first came to international prominence after being discovered by Mike Varney, and invited to record an album on the legendary rock/fusion label Shrapnel Records (Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, etc..).

"Borislav's Shrapnel recording reveals a guitarist brimming with talent. Although there are many neo-classical moments on this CD, the Serbian guitarist brings more diverse influences into play than the average neo-classical shredder. Borislav is one of the most technically proficient guitarists on the Shrapnel label and this CD more than aptly demonstrates that point." - Mike Varney, Shrapnel Records

Be sure to follow us on facebook / twitter for updates:



Borislav Mitic: lesson series

Jeff Kollman: learn from one of the best in the business

Jeff Kollman 'Guitar Screams' online lesson videos


Guitar Screams Lesson series by JEFF KOLLMAN available to order NOW.

Guitarist Jeff Kollman has filmed multiple lessons in High Def breaking down his technique, style and practice habits. It's as if you are sitting one on one with Jeff. Series 1 (November 2011) is available NOW!. This includes 8 videos discussing topics like Kollman's drop C.G tuning with samples from his Cosmosquad tunes. The use of altered scales, pick and finger technique, chordal movement, shred li
cks, speed and fluidity, phrasing, development of solo and MORE.
Here’s How It Works! Each Series is $49.00

With your purchase, you will have access to all 8 videos that were released in the series.

To order, just send $49.00 through PAYPAL to guitars@jeffkollman.com.

PAYPAL is safe and a convenient way to send money. You can also mail a check to: Guitar Screams P.O.33992 Granada Hills CA 91394.

Atma Anur,Calin Grigoriu: Jamparalele de la Macin - great jam session

The last song of the evening with Atma and Calin... jamming with many great Romanian musicians in Bucharest @Big Mamou. This is an improvisation based on a Romanian folk piece in 7/8. The whole evening was an unrehearsed jam session...

Atma Anur/Calin Grigoriu/Laurentiu Horjea - Jamparalele de la Macin (An Improvisation)

Clip of a slow song from the second set of the gig/jam session @ Big Mamou in Bucharest, featuring Atma, Calin and many great guest players from Romania... the entire evening was an unrehearsed improvisation.

Atma Anur/Calin Grigoriu/Laurentiu Horjea - Slow blues jam (Jeff Beck)

Maycown Reichembach: announces new album

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maycown-C-Reichembach-official-FB-page/261119270579633 more details to follow

News: Jam Track Central Up to 70% off sale!!!

Up to 70% off....go on then!

The flames may be out at London's Olympic Park, but they just grew out of control at Jam Track Central HQ. We are having the biggest sale ever experienced since the site began. There could not be a better time to stock up on your collection of jam track packages than between right now and the end of August.
There are 65 jam track packages available in the mega sale and they all have massive discounts starting at 40% all the way up to 70%.
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And this is just a few of the offers available. You would be mad not to take advantage of this Mega Sale.

Tom Hess: How To Take Your Music Career To The Next Level With A Mentor

How To Take Your Music Career To The Next Level With A Mentor

By Tom Hess
Would you like to become a successful professional musician who works full time in the music industry? The truth is, starting a career in music and earning a good living doing it is a very attainable goal. However, many musicians make the mistake of trying to build a career into the music business with absolutely no strategy for success. As a result, it takes them much longer to accomplish what they want with music (if they ever do).

If you would like to start a career in music and quickly reach success as a professional musician, it is crucial to find a mentor who has already achieved great things in the music business. By learning about the music industry from a professional who has already done big things, you will be much more likely to succeed in your own music career.

To show you what I mean, think about the world famous basketball star Michael Jordan. Even if you are not a basketball fan, it is likely that you have heard of the incredible success that Jordan achieved throughout his career. Over the span of about two decades, Jordan became known as one of the best athletes ever (in any sport) as he broke countless records, won many championships, and made A LOT of money from his player salary (not to mention through endorsements, shoe sales, and other means). By himself, Jordan was certainly a very talented athlete; however, he did not make it to the top alone. In every moment of his legendary career, Jordan continually received the advice, coaching and training of many mentors both within basketball and outside of basketball. As a result, he was able to take the incredible natural ability he had to play and turn it into something truly unforgettable. In fact, this situation is not exclusive to Michael Jordan, any athlete who has ever achieved incredible success has always maintained connection to a mentor even after winning major titles, awards or medals.

Similar to Michael Jordan or any other highly successful athlete, if your goal is to succeed in your music career, you will be able to achieve much more by finding a mentor who can change you from a talented amateur musician to a successful music professional. In order to find a great mentor for your music career, it is important for you to know what qualities you should be looking for in such a person. Here are the top 3 qualities of a music career mentor who can help you become highly successful:

1. Has the ability to pay attention to the small details of your music career while also helping you to stay on track toward your larger, long term goals.

In order to maintain success throughout your music career, you will need to keep your biggest goals in mind with each action you take. For most musicians, it is easy for them to become distracted in their music careers and lose direction. This often leads them down a long and frustrating path as they seem to be ‘doing things’ in their music career, but in fact are not working toward what it is that they truly want to achieve. Additionally, the majority of musicians do not understand how to pursue their music career goals in a highly focused manner by using an effective strategy. These musicians generally see limited to no success and as a result are forced to work outside of the music business.

When looking for your mentor, you must make sure that this person understands how to build highly effective strategies to help you achieve your music career goals as quickly as possible. With that in mind, it is possible that even with the right strategy in place, you may still become distracted, confused or uncertain throughout the course of your music career. A good mentor will instantly notice subtle signs that you are going down the wrong path, and will quickly step in to help you find your way again.

If you have not determined specific goals for your music career yet, it is important that you do so right away. Take this music career test to get a find out specifically what you want to get out of your music career.

2. Is already highly successful in the music business, and is able to help you solve any problems that get in the way of your music career goals.

Starting a career in music is often a very frustrating experience for most musicians. Although there is a great deal of information about the music business online; most of it is intended for use by the general music community. As a result, you may have specific questions for your own challenges in your music career, but no specific answers to help you deal with them. On top of that, the music industry information you find online does not help you understand the difference between ‘useful’ information, and information that either no longer applies to most musicians or does not apply for you in your own music career. This is why it is absolutely essential that you find a mentor who understands the inner workings of the music industry and has already built a successful career by figuring these things out.

When you have access to personalized advice from someone like this, you will quickly be able to solve any issues that arise in your music career. This will give you the ability to approach a career in music with a clear understanding of exactly what needs to get done in order to reach your personal goals.

3. Has previously helped other musicians become highly successful in the music industry (and can show you the proof!)

The music industry is unique from many other industries because becoming successful with a career in music does not require attending university programs, receiving a degree or taking any kind of special tests. That said, it is much easier for amateur musicians to ‘talk big’ when it comes to their music careers. Sometimes you will come across people in the music industry who claim to be highly successful, when in fact they are not. As you begin looking for a music career mentor, it is very crucial that you avoid the advice of these types of musicians and find someone who can really back up their claims of success in the music business.

In order to find a mentor who truly knows how to help you succeed in your music career, look first at the success of the musicians he is training/has trained in the past. If this person is truly a great mentor, he will not need to tell you so. Instead, it will be obvious due to the overwhelming amount of positive feedback given by the current and former musicians who have worked with him. Once a great mentor has helped many musicians achieve their musical goals, they naturally will feel a need to voice their approval. This can be observed commonly in the form of testimonials on your mentor’s website or in other areas online.

As someone who has personally trained many people to become successful professional musicians, I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a mentor as you pursue a career in music. Fact is, I would not be where I am today in the music business if it weren’t for the help of my current and former mentors. Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure everything out on your own in the music business. This is the same thing that so many musicians do, and this is why most musicians DO NOT make it with successful music careers. Regardless of your current experience in the music industry, I encourage you to seek out your own music career mentor as soon as possible so you can quickly begin reaching your full potential for success in your music career.

Find out how you can become a successful pro musician in the music business by reading the information on this musician mentoring page.

Do you still have uncertainty about working with a mentor? Learn about your strong and weak areas as a musician in the music business by taking a free assessment and seeing if a music success mentor can help you get where you want to go.

Tom Hess is a recording artist, composer and a touring musician. He plays guitar in the band Rhapsody Of Fire. Tom is also a professional music career trainer and coach to many musicians from all different countries around the world. In his music industry training program, he has helped musicians earn a good living in music and quit their day jobs to work in the music industry full time.

Rory Gallagher: Sony Legacy Recordings to release new series of re-mastered albums

Sony Legacy Recordings in association with Capo Records, is proud to announce the next series of Rory Gallagher’s classic studio albums re-mastered (1975-1982). All five albums will be released in the UK on Monday 1st October for a limited period in deluxe digi-packaging.

Each album has been digitally re-mastered to stunning effect from the original ¼ inch tapes and features digitally restored original vinyl release album artwork, new booklet content and extensive sleeve notes, original album reviews, rare photographs and bonus tracks. Each of the five albums will be released in three formats including CD, download and vinyl.

Picking up where Rory left off with the phenomenal Irish Tour ‘74 live album, the release of 1975’s Against The Grain, found Rory at the top of his game and in sparkling form both in the studio and on stage. The next seven years saw the release of these five outstanding records.

The five re-mastered Rory Gallagher studio albums include Against The Grain (1975), Calling Card (1976), Photo-Finish (1978), Top Priority (1979) and Jinx (1982).

"Continuing on from last year’s 40th Anniversary of Rory Gallagher's solo career, we’re pleased to present his next five solo albums from 1975-1982," says Daniel Gallagher, Rory’s nephew and producer of the reissues. "We’re going back to the vinyl artwork and original ¼ inch tapes so that they look and sound exactly as Rory intended. It's also great to see in a digital world that the demand for a physical copy of Rory's music means we can release these albums on vinyl for the first time in almost 40 years."

Full details