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Ray Suhy,Rebecca Scammon: one more week left for Chaotic Negation Indiegogo campaign

Ray Suhy

There's one more week left on our Indiegogo campaign and we appreciate everyone that's helped out so far!! Writing for the record is just about complete and we're psyched to let everyone hear it!! Check it out:

Lets' get this album made
Ray Suhy,Rebecca Scammon  

Chaotic Negation Indiegogo Update

Chaotic Negation's Indiegogo Campaign

Rick Graham: Scale choices for 'Cool Changes' BT

Rick Graham's The Practice Room - 7) Scale choices for 'Cool Changes' BT
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Jason Smith,Greg Koch: Fender Custom Shop interview

Jason Smith Interview at the Fender Custom Shop w/ Greg Koch • Wildwood Guitars
Wildwood Guitars is on the road! We flew out to gorgeous Corona, California to stop by the Fender Custom Shop, and were lucky enough to slip in undetected to catch a few good interviews with none other than the Fender Masterbuilders! In this video Greg Koch is joined by Masterbuilder Jason Smith to talk about upcoming projects, his favorite guitars to build, and so much more -- check it out!

Greg Koch:
Fender Custom Shop:

Rick Graham: My Transformation - ripping to ripped

My Transformation, old vid of me shredding, Fusion players - 1) Rick's Q&A Sessions

by Rick Graham

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Ron Thal: A.L.I.V.E. a tribute to early KISS

A.L.I.V.E. a tribute to early KISS

Shot by Terri Bonds of Freedom Studio


Richard Hallebeek, Antti Kotikoski: Generator rides again!

Richard Hallebeek

Coming august 20th 2013 on Richie Rich Music!

Generator rides again! order from

Ray Kassam: 14 years old plays Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside

Ray Kassam, 14 years old. -

Hey guys, so i've been working on this solo for a while, and I finally got it decent enough to record. I learnt it by ear, by slowing down the track in Audacity. It's the solo off Dream Theater's new song The Enemy Inside, from their upcoming self titled album. Really loved the song, and the solo, and i'm really stoked for the new album!

-Ibanez S570b
-Line 6 Ux2
-Pod Farm
-Jazz III pick
-Sony HDR CX220 B
-Sony Vegas Pro
-Adobe After Effects

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: All content in this video is solely the property of Dream Theater and is NOT intended to surpass any copyright law. It is being used for leisure only. Therefore, a dispute claimed by YouTube on this video should not occur.

Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside (Solo Cover) HD

Marco Sfogli: Ibanez, DV Mark, Two Notes - James LaBrie tracking the Letting Go solo

Tracking guitars for the song Letting Go from the album "Impermanent Resonance".

Gear used in the video:
Ibanez RGR465M tuned down to Drop C
DV Mark Triple 6 Amp
Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Live
James LaBrie - Letting Go (Guitars)

Mike Dawes: Full Set from Pittsburgh, PA, USA August 2013

I managed to get hold of some footage of my first ever gig in America, opening for Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 2nd 2013.

I was intending on uploading the full 25 minutes as one video, but YouTube restrictions being what they are, it'll have to be 2 parts I'm afraid!

It's been a great tour so far, opening and playing in Justin's band. Greetings from a hotel in Connecticut!

Songs in this part are:

1. Boogie Shred

2. The Impossible (featuring the maverick capo)

Both songs, in fact all songs from this set are available on my debut album 'What Just Happened?' available NOW through Candyrat Records:

See you on facebook, I hope you enjoy!

George Marios: Zivory improvisations

Something special is on the way...Stay tuned
Hi guys,
I am in the process of making a track for a very special purpose.
There are some great people involved.
Here is a little snippet,
Many thanks,


Jamming with my Zivory Prototype

Metal Zivory Jam

Nick Ioannou: 60 Second Solo Contest

60 Second Solo Contest entry. Please "like" and "share" if you enjoyed it :-)

Get the tone:
Website & Blog:

Jeff Prine: wild country on the Wildwood "10"s

Jeff Prine on the Wildwood "10"s • Wildwood Guitars
You never know who's going to stop in and say hey when you work at Wildwood Guitars. Our very own Troy Benns -- who you may have seen in a few our of videos! -- had been sharing YouTube videos with us of a very special guitar player named Jeff Prine. His licks and riffs had our jaws to the floor! And what do you know....Jeff walks through our door no more than a few days later! Watch as he and Troy sit down to talk about music, guitars, and specifically the Wildwood "10" series by Fender Guitars!

Jeff Prine:

Rick Graham: demoing my new Collings 0M3A

Rick Graham - demoing my new Collings 0M3A
Hi guys, this is my new Collings OM3A!
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Steve Trovato: American Blues In 6 weeks

American Blues In 6 weeks Performance With Steve Trovato Licklibrary Steve Trovato performs a guitar solo in the style of Albert King. Taken from the American Blues in 6 Weeks DVDs.

Order all 6 DVDs today and get learning American Blues!

American Blues in 6 weeks is a 6 DVD guitar lesson course set designed to focus your practice towards realistic goals achievable in six weeks. Each week provides you with techniques, concepts and licks to help you play and understand blues soloing at a manageable easy to follow pace. Week six includes: Learn to shift position to create longer blues lines, learn to play multiple note bends on a single string, learn to bend in intervals, combine techniques from all other lessons in the series.

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal, Community Property, Asian Hooker - Montreal August 2013

Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, August 10th 2013,

Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal (Live at Heavy MTL)

Steel Panther - Community Property (Live at Heavy MTL)

Steel Panther - Asian Hooker (Live at Heavy MTL)

Mike Keneally,Joe Satriani,Bryan Beller: Help Mike Keneally promote his new album, "You Must Be This Tall"! Mike, Joe Satriani, Marco Minnemann and Bryan Beller join forces to explain how you can spread the word about Mike's new album and reap some cool benefits! Sign up now at

The 24th album from fearless experimental rock innovator Mike Keneally (known for his work with Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, Dethklok and many others) is You Must Be This Tall. Featuring 12 largely instrumental pieces, the album is a wildly careening ride through multiple moods, unified by Mike's virtuoso turns on guitar and keyboard, and his widely respected compositional acumen. Many songs feature Mike on all instruments, but expert assistance also comes from Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller, Joe Travers, Rick Musallam, Missy Andersen and XTC's Andy Partridge (Mike's co-songwriter on 2012's massively acclaimed Wing Beat Fantastic). Moods range from madcap humor to deep introspection, all captured in truly sumptuous audio quality -- this is an album that rewards dedicated attention with a good set of headphones. You Must Be This Tall is a dream come true for fans of adventurous music made with heart and wit.

Help Mike Keneally promote his new album, "You Must Be This Tall"!

Carlo Losavio: While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Master Funk trio

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - ( G. Harrison ) By Master Funk trio

Rick Graham: Improvising through Blues Changes

Rick Graham's 'The Practice Room' - 8) Improvising through Blues Changes
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Yossi Sassi: Orphaned Land for

Yossi Sassi - Orphaned Land: Artist Riff (Numbers' World) - Yossi Sassi of Orphaned Land breaks down a riff from a song called Numbers' World off his solo release Melting Clocks. Follow the link for the complete lesson with text, tabs, audio, and video.

Yossi Sassi (Warner Music) blends East with West, Rock with World music, melodic tunes with progressive passages, and traditional folk instruments with roaring electric riffs. With over 20 years experience as producer, composer/arranger and founding member of Orphaned Land (Century Media USA / EMI), the worldwide pioneers of middle-eastern metal, the band's musical mastermind continues to soar to new horizons.
Yossi is known to constantly explore sound and musical boundaries, deriving inspiration from different cultures around the world. He plays 17 different guitars and traditional instruments, and has been invited to share the stage with artists such as Metallica, Marty Friedman, Steven Wilson, and others.

Rob Scallon: String Funk Jam

8 STRING FUNK JAM - Rob Scallon
Playin' funky 8 string and jamming along to one of my "Let's Jam!" drum tracks. The guitar is a Schecter Omen 8.

"Let's Jam!" is a series of drum videos made to jam along to!
drum part alone:
full playlist:

This video was made possible because of generous contributions from Toby Warfel, Michael Christie, Rob Harper & many other awesome people on my patreon page
Thank you so much!

keep in touch...
Second Channel:

Morgan Pettersson: 60 Second Solo Contest

Morgan Pettersson 60 Second Solo Contest
Signal chain: I use a MM Fender Stratocaster with Tesla Opus 4 pickup in bridge position and a Fender Texas Special in neck. I use a Xotic BB preamp in to a YJM Marshall.
Thanks David for the nice backing track! Lots of room for ideas.

Tom Quayle: One Control Gecko Midi Program Selector

The Gecko is a great solution for quickly switching between programs on midi devices. With an increasing number of guitar pedals being built with midi capabilities, being able to access presets in a quick and efficient manner has become an important part of playing live. The Gecko allows guitarists to use two modes to access programs.

The first mode allows guitarists to scroll through midi programs in a linear fashion. Use the up or down switch to scroll and once a desired program is reached hit the select switch to choose the program. Hold down the up or down switch to quickly scroll through all of the programs from 0-127.

The second mode is preset mode. Preset mode allows you to save 8 presets from 0-127 and scroll through those 8 only. This way you can skip all of the effects you aren't using and be able to play a concert smoothly.

Rowan J Parker: How To Make A Living From Music - sage advice from the shredding Scotsman!

More great guitar at

Want to make a living from music? Here is a practical guide.

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How To Make A Living From Music - A Practical Guide

Just Who Is This Rowan J Parker Guy Anyway?

Rick Graham: Licklibrary - Warming up before filming - smoking!

Hi guys just a quick montage of clips of me tryn' to get da blurd in those fingazzz
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Gil Manoel: Strinberg Talent contest Brazil

Strinberg 20 Anos - Talento Brasil - Gil Manoel

My participation in the contest Strinberg Talent Brazil. Download BT and timbres used in

Doug Steele: Ian Crichton's - Saga On the Loose guitar solo - Ian Crichton's

Saga On the Loose guitar solo lesson Hard to play, not a lot of fucks given.

Claudio Pietronik: Improvisation with chords - Augmented scale

Improvisation with chords - Augmented scale
A free improvisation using chords built on the Augmented symmetrical scale.

Scale formulas: 1,5T - ST - 1,5T - ST - 1,5T - ST

Elmo Karjalainen: Unintelligent Designs with alternatative guitar solo

Elmo Karjalainen - Unintelligent Designs (Instrumental Rock) w/ alternate guitar solo
Instrumental Rock by Elmo Karjalainen in the form of Unintelligent Designs (with alternate guitar solo). Visit for two free songs.
For official website, visit
This is the title track of Elmo Karjalainen's instrumental debut solo album, Unintelligent Designs. The record version features two guest guitar solos, here replaced by Elmo some tomfoolery by Elmo.
For all original guitar videos, visit

Elmo Karjalainen: Unintelligent Designs

Petey Graves: Vampires Kiss playthrough

PeteyG | CAGE g.n. | Vampires Kiss playthrough.
Available from Monday 19th August from Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records:

It's here at last! The debut CD from CAGE Grind Noir.

comes in card lancing pack. 
limited to 500 copies. 
features 3 bonus tracks from the 'Saint Nicolas' download EP.


1. Con Air 
2. The Rock 
3. Vampire's Kiss 
4. Face/Off 
5. Matchstick Men 
6. Kick Ass 
7. Knowing 
8. 8MM 
9. The Wicker Man 
10. World Trade Center 
11. Deadfall 
12. Firebirds 
13. Trapped In Paradise 
14. A Christmas Carol 
15. The Family Man

To check out the trailer go here-

Atanas Shishkov: Dika Guitars - An End In Itself - Martin Miller

Special thanks to Dilian Obretenov / Dika Guitars / for the magnificent craftmanship of my first custom guitar project!
Check out Dika Guitars here -

AS Custom Guitar Specification :
Body Wood - Basswood
Neck Wood - 1-piece Maple
Frets - 25 ftrets / incl. Zero fret /, Heavy
Hardware - Black
Bridge - Schaller Floyd Rose
Tuners - Schaller
Pickups - DiMarzio Breed
Switching - 5 Way
Strings - .009-.046 Elixir strings

Atanas Shishkov - "An End In Itself"(by Martin Miller)

Peter Frampton,Vinnie Moore: Guitar Circus live album available - Musikfest Bethlehem PA

Vinnie Moore Official Fan Page LIVE album available - Musikfest Bethlehem PA - 5th August
The audio recording of Peter Frampton's Guitar Circus is now available for download in digital format.

For those of you who couldn't make, here is the link: scroll down the album list to select the 8/5 Bethlehem PA album. It was a blast.

Dave Martone: The combined hands of fury... coming soon

Dave Martone

15 days till the release of "THE COMBINED HANDS OF FURY" through Truefire.
Sign up SEPT 1 2013!!!!!!

Marcus Jidell: Pictures From A Time Traveller

Marcus Jidell: Pictures From A Time Traveller
“Pictures From A Time Traveller”, the incredible debut instrumental album from Evergrey guitar-master Marcus Jidell features 7 tracks of outstanding, diverse and top shelf virtuoso guitar excellence and gets its digital release today (16th August) via Lion Music.

Marcus Jidell is one of the most respected metal guitarists to have come out of Sweden since Yngwie Malmsteen. With a guitar style that has won him universal acclaim, Marcus is a current member of one of Sweden’s biggest and hardest touring metal acts Evergrey, and previously has worked with prog-metallers Royal Hunt.

Marcus has a very personalised sound, extremely heavy at one end, yet extremely melodic at the other, all the time with a superb feel for phrasing and originality of song craft, and its these traits which are evident throughout “Pictures From A Time Traveller”. On the album Marcus comments, “I wanted to make an instrumental album that was more then just shred. I wanted to make compositions that were interesting to listen to even if you're not a guitar player. In short, I wanted to write good music with electric instruments that didn't sound like anything I heard before”.

Whilst there is no doubt this is a guitar album, “Pictures From A Time Traveller” has its own unique voice boasting incredible utilisation of dynamics and a variety of styles all of which paint a vast number of picture in the listeners mind.

Joining Marcus for the album is a stellar cast of backing musicians including his fellow Evergrey band mates Hannes Van Dahl and Johan Niemann, Royal Hunt keyboardist Andre Andersen and bassist Svante Henrysson (ex Yngwie Malmsteen) who played some cello parts amongst other contributors.

“Pictures From A Time Traveller” is available now from the following leading online digital stores:


For full information see

Denny Ilett: Bourbon Street Blues Volume 2 from

Blues, New Orleans Style

The second series of Denny's Bourbon Street Blues revisits the theme of New Orleans inspired grooves as seen in the extremely popular first volume. The tracks are created live with Denny's band once again and Denny purposely created them with simple chord sequences to give you plenty of space to explore and develop your own soloing ideas.

As we expect from Denny, his solo improvisations are perfectly executed and hugely inspiring. Denny always states that you should make your solos as 'speech-like as possible; sing as you play' and that is exactly what he does. Once you have nailed his solos move onto creating your own ideas. The included track notes from Denny will be a big help in this.

Mixing New Orleans, classic Blues, classic minor 12/8 blues, a jazz/shuffle and a bit of funk Bourbon Street Blues Vol.2 is once again a superb set of jam tracks from Denny, perfect for any player of any level to learn, master and jam with.

*NEW* Denny Ilett 'Bourbon Street Blues Volume 2' at

Ana Popovic: Covers on Summer Ultimate Gear Guide 2013

2013 Ultimate Guide to Guitar & Bass Gear

The 2013 Summer edition of the Ultimate Guide to Guitar & Bass Gear spotlights more than 800 new products including Electrics, Acoustics, Ukuleles & Mandolins, Guitar Amps, Guitar Speaker Cabinets, Electric Basses, Acoustic Basses, Bass Amps, Bass Speaker Cabinets, Stompboxes, Effects & Signal Processors, Mobile & Studio Apps, Pickups, Accessories, Strings, Live & Studio Gear, and much more!  order

David Walliman: 60 second solo contest

60 Second Solo Contest - Ends Sept 30th

Download the contest backing track a t
Record your video entry and submit it as a video response to this video.
You have until September 30th 2013 to submit your entries.
Good luck!

60 Second Solo Contest

Stel Andre: 60 Second Solo Contest

Hey all! This is my melodic entry for David Walliman's 60 Second Solo Contest. I wan't to thank David for making this competition happen and for this great backing track. Good luck to all and don't forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Thanks ;)

60 Second Solo Contest - Stel Andre entry

Enrique Berdonce: 60 second Solo Contest Entry

Here is my entry for David Walliman's 60 Second Solo Contest. It really is a great backing track, if you like, I recommend page
Actually, David Walliman does a great job in all backingtracks! I love them!
Good luck to all contestants and I hope you like my entry.

hope you like.
please subscribe
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Youtube Channel:

-Ibanez AT300 (Andy Timmons Signature)
-Line 6 POD X3 Pro
60 second Solo Contest Entry by Enriddick09

Troy Stetina: Jammmz - online guitar platform

In Guitar News - Jammmz

Jammmz is the coolest online guitar platform I've ever come across. It's a bit like facebook meets the gaming atmosphere of guitar hero, but all with real, quality guitar instruction! A player takes "challenges" (which are video performances teaching various songs or solos) and uploads his (or her) recorded "solutions". Other players then vote on how well they accomplished the "solution" and can make comments. The higher one's solutions are rated, the more Jammmz points that player earns and the more "weight" he/she has when rating others.

It's a fun community-type atmosphere, with players helping other players; and that keeps people inspired and progressing. Setting up a profile at Jammmz is free, and many of the challenge packages are free as well. This has just come out of beta testing, so it's BRAND NEW. Take a quick tour at the link below:
I'm currently working on permissions from Hal Leonard to do video lesson packages on Jammmz for the songs and solos of Metal Rhythm Guitar 1 and 2, as well as Metal Lead Guitar 1 and 2. More to come....

Private Lessons with Troy Stetina

I am continuing to offer one-on-one private lessons via skype. If you have any questions about your progress or need some direction or guidance, hit me up at

How Well Do You Want to Play?

Who is Troy Stetina and why should I listen to this guy

Alex Argento: The Elba Triangle - Chapter I : The 3 E Strategy on jellybeard records

jellybeard records -

jellybeard records One of the first releases produced by 'jellybeard records'.

The Elba Triangle - Chapter I : The 3 E Strategy
Mixed & Mastered by Alex Argento.
More news about line-up and project soon.

Main web site:

Darrell Lance Abbott: get a free Dimebag amp from Dean Guitars

Dimebag Darrell Abbott was a true Dean artist. As a kid it was his dream to play and own a Dean guitar. He had a lifelong passion for Dean Guitars. With his incredible talent and a Dean ML in his hands, he became one of the most revered metal guitarists of all-time, and played one of the most celebrated guitars of all-time, THE DEAN FROM HELL!

In honor of Dime's birthday (Aug 20) and his extreme lifelong passion for Dean Guitars we
would like to share a gift with you.  While supplies last, purchase any Dime Series Signature Guitar between now and October 15th, 2013 and get a Free Dime Blacktooth Amp! (A $99 Value)

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller: Culture Clashing with Premier Guitar's Jason Shadrick

By definition, an aristocrat is a member of a "government by the best individuals or by a small privileged class." The chops-heavy trio of guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist Bryan Beller, and drummer Marco Minnemann could be easily voted into office if the main issues were musicality, a progressive approach to instrumentals, and overall ability to create face-melting solos.

With Culture Clash, the group members (now with some road time under their belts) sound more comfortable and more willing to trust each other musically. " We're happier with this album,” Beller says. “The material, we feel, is more cohesive as a band. We like the sound of it better. The first one was done so quickly we didn't really know what we had on our hands because we were such a new band." Although this album wasn't recorded at a leisurely pace, it was recorded with a focus and a level of comfort that was missing from the Aristocrats’ self-titled debut.

"Spending some time on the road gives you a heightened sense of freedom. The idea that you can really write whatever you want," Govan mentions. With three virtuoso musicians, the urge to push the boundaries—not only technically, but also stylistically—can be hard to resist. "It could be as difficult as you want, or as silly as you want, or come from any absurd stylistic starting point,” Govan continues. “It will still sound like this band by the time we finish with it." We caught up with Govan and Beller after the opening night of their summer tour to discuss their approach to composition, working out some hellbilly riffs, and if they've ever wrote something that was too hard.

How did the sessions differ from the first album?

Beller: Honestly, it was about our surroundings. First of all, we worked with a comfortable, familiar engineer, someone I have done three or four records with and he mixed our first record, although he didn't record it. Second, we did it in Nashville, where I live, as opposed to all of us meeting in Chicago. I had the home-base advantage, I feel comfortable there, and I can have people staying at my house. Then there's the aspect that Guthrie, Marco, and I all knew each other better for this second record. Even though we had the same amount of time, it didn't feel nearly as frenzied when we were in the studio. The first one was just crazy.

Full long article with Jason Shadrick