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Christophe Godin: from the live stage Musikmesse 2014

Christophe Godin: 2013

Christophe Godin: from the live stage Musikmesse 2014

Musikmesse 2014 Christophe Godin 1

Musikmesse 2014 Christophe Godin 2

Musikmesse 2014 Christophe Godin 3

Dario Lorina: Lâg Guitars Musikmesse 2014

Dario Lorina: Lâg Guitars Musikmesse 2014

MUSIKMESSE 2014 Dario Lorina

Drewsif Stalin,Gonçalo Crespo,Michel Oliveira: Djent is taking over the world - assimilate regenerate

Biomechnical music, assimilating and regenerating... it absolutely will not stop...ever!!

T.A.T.U - All the things she said (Djent/Metal cover by CLUTTER)

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (COVER By Michel Oliveira)

Lady Gaga - Judas (Djent COVER by Michel Oliveira, CODE 3-7)

Drewsif Stalin - Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus Metal Cover Feat. Nikki Simmons)

Fred Brum,Per Nilsson,Francesco Filigoi: Fred's new album Transcendence is available for pre-order - Expect classy compositions

Fred Brum
Transcendence pre-orders are up! -

So the time has finally come, as I am finishing packing the files neatly so that Matt Crawford can lose sleep over the final mixing and mastering - CD pre-order for Transcendence is underway, and the official release date is May 31! I am stoked to finally be able to make this available to you guys, and I can't thank the people that helped me along the way enough!

Much love goes to Per Nilsson, Francesco Filigoi, Kevin Talley and Rich Psonak for gracing my tracks with their playing on this album - thank you so much lending your skills to this lovechild of my crazy self!

Also my most heartfelt thanks go to the fans who continually have supported me, understood the ups and downs, and spammed my inbox with this album's "Are we there yet?" equivalent, and last but not least the companies that so gracefully lend me their support and help me in countless occasions. I may not be a "big name", but you most certainly treat me and make me feel like a star!

To pre-order the CD, please go to:

If you want the digital version only, no pre-order is required at all - simply get the album on May 31.

This is the pre-order for the physical edition of Transcendence, due May 31, 2014. All CDs will be sent so that they will reach their owners in the most timely fashion possible, and on the release date itself the digital edition will be made available without any costs.

Fred Brum,Per Nilsson,Francesco Filigoi: Transcendence 
1. Serenity(Prologue) 
2. Stranded 
3. Katana 
4. Wanderer (feat. Per Nilsson) 
5. Transcendence 
6. Machina 
7. Frozen Soul (feat. Francesco Filigoi) 
8. Ryujin 
9. Roland's Last Stand 
10. Eclipse 
11. Through The Mists (Epilogue)

Drums on Transcendence, Machina and Eclipse by Kevin Talley 
Drums on Stranded by Rich Psonak 
Guest lead on Wanderer by Per Nilsson 
Guest lead on Frozen Soul by Francesco Filigoi

All instruments and programming by Fred Brum except where noted.

Copyright 2014 Fred Brum

Fred Brum - Jaden Rose Signature Prototype - Stranded

Michael Lee Firkins: to support Zepparella - All Female Led Zeppelin Tribute band

Michael Lee Firkins
Looking forward to this Saturday March 22 Me, Cortney DeAugustine and Dave Rapa will be opening up the show for the Amazzzzzzing zepparella at the SWEETWATER MUSIC HALL in Mill Valley, Ca. Cmon out! This show is always a sold out show, so get your tickets ASAP!

Rob Chappers: Chapman Guitars ML-3 - Vote 1 "Body & Neck wood"

Vote here -

Good luck guys, let's make an amazing instrument!

Chapman Guitars ML-3 - Vote 1 "Body & Neck wood"

Reb Beach: The Reb Beach Project will be opening for Boston

Reb Beach
I am TRULY exited to announce that my band, The Reb Beach Project will be opening for Boston. This is such a thrill for me! Aside from Brian Tichy, I am the biggest Boston fan. It was one of the concerts that made me realize what I wanted to do for a living. Maybe I'll get to see Tom Scholz's crazy rig to see how he makes those awesome space noises, or maybe I'll even get to meet him!!! So stoked!! 8000 people outdoors on the river!!

Per Nilsson: Randall Satan spanked into submission

Per Nilsson
The Randall SATAN is an obvious choice of amp for any modern metal head looking for a super punchy and crushing rhythm tone, but you can actually coax a LOT of other cool sounds out of this amp. In this video, my buddy Jocke Skog dialed the amp's girth and grind controls diametrically opposite of what you would do if you want a tight modern death metal rhythm tone - and lo and behold, a heavy, smooth 'stoner' sound is achieved, with sustain for days to boot!

The guitar I'm playing is Paul Stanley's signature Washburn, with waaaaay too thin strings for the tuning :)

Sorry for the sloppy playing, we were just having fun here!

News: USA - Nation Demands More Mind-Blowing Guitar Solos - the time for Truth In Shredding has arrived!!

Nation Demands More Mind-Blowing Guitar Solos

Voicing their calls for heavy distortion and completely badass riffs, millions of Americans across the country fervently demanded a significant increase in the number of mind-blowing guitar solos Monday, sources nationwide confirmed.

Highlighting an unmistakable dearth of epic, amazing solos in recent years, Americans of all ages have reportedly called on the nation’s musicians to play technically difficult licks on their electric guitars, preferably at lightning-fast speeds, stressing the importance that the solos be both “loud as hell” and “totally insane.”

... At press time, tens of millions of enthusiastic Americans had reportedly cued up a YouTube video of Steve Vai’s “For The Love Of God” and cranked it all the way up,35545/

Chris Gordon: Trial By Fire Far Beyond The Sun

Trial By Fire Far Beyond The Sun
Chris Gordon
Yngwie Malmsteen tribute band Trail By Fire covering Far Beyond The Sun featuring Chris Gordon, Mark Chasen, Val Ramos, Steve Sauer, and Jeff Willet

Greg Koch: Fender Custom Shop 2014 NAMM 1969 Stratocaster Heavy Relic

Fender Custom Shop 2014 NAMM 1969 Stratocaster Heavy Relic • SN: ...
Wildwood Guitars
Hey now, what's this? It's a Fender Custom Shop 2014 NAMM 1969 Stratocaster Heavy Relic (*breath), but with a left-handed headstock?? What kind of malfeseance is this? Glorious malfeseance, I tell you! Glorious!

Serial Number: R76177
Brand: Fender Custom Shop
Model: '69 Stratocaster Heavy Relic
Finish Color: Olympic White
Aging: Heavy Relic
Finish Type: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Weight: 7.52 lbs
Body Wood: Alder
Neck Wood: Quarter Sawn Maple
Neck Shape: Mid 60s "C"
Neck Dimensions: .830 1st - .900 12th
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"
Scale Length: 25.5" (648 mm)
Width at Nut: 1.650" (42 mm)
Frets: 6105
Headstock: Matching Reverse
Pickups: Handwound 1969 Single-Coils (Left-Handed Angle on Bridge Pickup)
Controls: Master Volume, 2 Tone, 5-Way Switch
Hardware : Chrome/Nickel
Bridge: American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo
Tuners: Fender/Gotoh Vintage Style

Frank Gambale,Alain Caron, Damien Scmitt: fusion trio jamming at Mark World, Musikmesse 2014

Caught these guys live at the Mark World booth :)

Alain Caron, Damien Scmitt, and Frank Gambale at Musikmesse

Michael Angelo Batio: Crazy Train and Extreme Cream, Malones Santa Ana, NAMM 2014

Michael Angelo Batio ☆ Crazy Train ☆ Malones Santa Ana 1.25.2014 During the NAMM Show 2014

Michael Angelo Batio ☆ Crazy Train ☆ Malones Bar

Michael Angelo Batio & Elliot Dean Rubinson Extreme Cream Malones Santa Ana CA 1.25.2014

Michael Angelo Batio & Elliot Dean Rubinson Extreme Cream Malones Santa Ana CA No. 2

Felix Martin,Kai Kurosawa: 14-string Guitar Anaheim C.C.B/C Patio Stage NAMM 2014

NAMM Show 2014 - Progressive Rock Band - Using 2 Glued Fretboard Electric Guitar - NAMM Outdoor Stage

Artist Info: Felix Martin: 14-string Guitar
Kai Kurosawa: Bass
Phillip Galatioto : Drums
Performance Info;
Location: Anaheim C.C.B/C Patio Stage.
Time: Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Felix Martin

Genre: Rock

Artist Bio:

After guitar legend Steve Vai added an extra string to his Ibanez a quarter-century ago, rock would never again sound the same. At first, it wasn't clear that this was a good thing, as the "nu metal" acts of the 1990s embraced the down-tuned, chug-heavy sound of seven-string guitars to thuggish effect -- but eventually, such "extended range" instruments made possible the boundary-pushing music of forward-thinking groups such as Animals As Leaders, Meshuggah and Deftones.

Enter Felix Martin, a left-handed, Venezuelan-born guitar prodigy who moved to America after winning a scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee School of Music. Instead of merely adding an extra string to his instrument, though, Martin took things several steps further and added an entire second set of strings. His self-designed 14-string custom guitar features two seven-string guitars on one wide neck which allows him to play both guitars simultaneously, allowing for his unique system of eight-fingered chords and slap-tapping techniques.

On his sophomore studio recording "The Scenic Album" -- which features fellow Berklee alum Nathan Navarro on bass and drummer extraordinaire Marco Minnemann (Necrophagist, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats) -- Martin plays an eclectic, exhilarating hybrid of instrumental prog-metal, jazz, fusion and world music. Clearly, sometimes it's better to be strung out.
Felix Martin 14-string Guitar NAMM Show 2014 Anaheim C.C.B/C Patio Stage No.1

Felix Martin 14-string Guitar NAMM Show 2014 Anaheim C.C.B/C Patio Stage No. 2

Tom Quayle: playing super legaton at JJ guitars NAMM 2014

Just found this awesome video of Mr Tom Quayle playing at JJ guitars both at NAMM ... I really love his playing and lines !!!! enjoy !!!

Tom Quayle playing at JJ guitars NAMM 14

Rick Graham: Ibanez RG565 - DAT AXE!!!

Ibanez RG565 - DAT AXE!!!
Rick Graham
This guitar is NIIIIICE Checkout my HD guitar lessons here:

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