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Rick Graham,Tim Henson,Scott LePage: Great to see that Polyphia - 'Envision' is nearing 250k views

Rick Graham,Tim Henson,Scott LePage: Polyphia - 'Envision'
Rick Graham
Great to see that 'Envision' by Polyphia is nearing 250k views. It was an honour for me to do the guest solo for those dudes. All superb musicians with a great sense of humour!

Guest solo by Rick Graham

Filmed by Kova Studios. Edited by Tim Henson and Kova Studios. Visual effects by Kova Studios.


Polyphia is:
Tim Henson - Guitar
Scott LePage - Guitar
Clay Gober - Bass
Brandon Burkhalter - Drums

Mixed and Mastered by Scott LePage.

Like our guitar tone? Get it here:
Polyphia | ENVISION feat. Rick Graham

Cameron Allen: presents some excellent snippets from his new HD Video Package

Here's another preview of the video packages that are coming soon! The packages will feature songs from my last album, Between The Lines, and will include full video and audio performances, backing tracks, and complete transcriptions! This clip is from the tune, "Snake Eyes"... stay tuned!

Cameron Allen - HD Video Package Preview #2 - "Snake Eyes"

Cameron Allen - New Video Package Coming Soon... Preview!

Mike Keneally,Bryan Beller,Rick Musallum, Marco Minneman: live show WestFest III 2008

WesFest 3 2008 feat Mike Keneally Bryan Beller Rick Musallum Marco Minneman

WestFest III 2008

Filming,Video Editing, and Pro Tools mixing by Thomas LeBlanc of Freedom Studio, Los Angeles

Fabrizio Leo: "Bicio" awesome new album from jellybeard records coming in 2014!

A new track preview from the forthcoming new album 'Spectrum Of My Past" called "Thirty Nights Fever". Alex Argento is mixing and mastering the album that will be released through jellybeard records in 2014.

Fabrizio Leo - Guitar
Flavio Scopaz - Bass
Alex Argento - Keyboards
Bruno Valverde - Drums

Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo - new album coming in 2014!

Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited Soundcheck Interview

Analysis:Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited Soundcheck Interview Pt 2

GR2 Soundcheck Interview ~ Part 2 (a short guitar lesson by the Master for all you beginning electric guitar players..on making the most of using one string!)

Maestro of the Atmospheric Electric Guitar Steve Hackett gives the Analysis:Genesis team an inside look at his FX Pedal setups (past & present), as well as his most famous trademark techniques, in this two-part series.

This as he continues his highly-successful Genesis Revisited ~Extended Tour of North America, the UK, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Europe and Russia - through 2014 !

All dates and locations are listed on his website:

Analysis:Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited Soundcheck Interview Pt 1

Analysis:Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited Soundcheck Interview Pt 2

Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire 'Confrontation' EP Teaser -

PeteyG | Red Seas Fire 'Confrontation' EP Teaser
Pete Graves
Wanna hear more of what's in store on 'Confrontation'? Check out this EP teaser our lad Pete "PeteyG" Graves has uploaded to his youtube channel!  Pre-order a copy of the super limited one time only print CD copy of the EP right now from, hell even treat yourself to one of the awesome t-shirt pre-order bundles we have on offer.

Members Robin Adams
Pete Graves
Jake Fogarty

Hometown Bristol.

17 Days! 

Floyd Fernandes: The Blues in easy approach

The Blues in easy approach
Floyd Fernandes
Playing the 12 bar blues in F. Using the lydian dominant scale or in plain English...the melodic minor scale up a fifth. Also some basic motifs and regular minor pentatonics. The clip is played so that it could be simple to hear how motifs can develop from a scale. It is NOT a jazz blues with the extra changes but just a 1,4,5 dominant blues.It sounds jazzy because of the treatment lent by the backing track :)

Glenn Proudfoot, Virgil Donati, Billy Sheehan: Praying - New Clip just released, Featuring Michael Kocab

Glenn Proudfoot
New Clip just released, Featuring Michael Kocab, Virgil Donati, Peter Reggie Bowman and myself. Rocking it Euro style! Enjoy! GP

Music video from the album Aftershocks that involved four artists: Michael Kocab, Glenn Proudfoot, Virgil Donati and Billy Sheehan.

Hudební video z alba Aftershocks, na kterém se podíleli čtyři umělci: Michael Kocáb, Glenn Proudfoot, Virgil Donati a Billy Sheehan.


Paul Wardingham: The Dark Gift - Stranger Than Fiction from demo 2004

Paul Wardingham
Hey guys! Unreleased demo 'The Dark Gift' from an instrumental album project 'Stranger Than Fiction'. Written and recorded 2004. Remixed at some stage. Hope you enjoy! -PW

Vladimir Pocorschi: cool improvisations and vocal band

A bit long so I shortened it a bit! :)

Vladimir Pocorschi - Improvisation # 6

Vladimir Pocorschi - Improvisation # 7 (over "Georgy Porgy" by TOTO)

Plus his vocal band

Vladimir Pocorschi - vocals, guitar
Lavinia Sateanu - vocals, violin
Vlady Sateanu - bass
Cristi Dumitrescu - drums

Recovery - The Aftermath Of Us (Lyric Video)

Fred Brum: professional tip of the day - People don't REQUIRE huge amounts of high end gear

Fred Brum
People don't REQUIRE huge amounts of high end gear to enjoy playing and making music with the guitar, so please stop focusing on delegating things that come from the individual to supposedly mystical guitars, amps, digital processors and whatnot - you'll be SO much happier!
I recorded the early demos of what would become most of Atonement with a crap GuitarPort and my falling apart 90's Universe - it was still music, I was still playing, so all was good in the world!

Transcendence pre-orders are up! -

So the time has finally come, as I am finishing packing the files neatly so that Matt Crawford can lose sleep over the final mixing and mastering - CD pre-order for Transcendence is underway, and the official release date is May 31! I am stoked to finally be able to make this available to you guys, and I can't thank the people that helped me along the way enough!

Much love goes to Per Nilsson, Francesco Filigoi, Kevin Talley and Rich Psonak for gracing my tracks with their playing on this album - thank you so much lending your skills to this lovechild of my crazy self!

Also my most heartfelt thanks go to the fans who continually have supported me, understood the ups and downs, and spammed my inbox with this album's "Are we there yet?" equivalent, and last but not least the companies that so gracefully lend me their support and help me in countless occasions. I may not be a "big name", but you most certainly treat me and make me feel like a star!

To pre-order the CD, please go to:

If you want the digital version only, no pre-order is required at all - simply get the album on May 31.

This is the pre-order for the physical edition of Transcendence, due May 31, 2014. All CDs will be sent so that they will reach their owners in the most timely fashion possible, and on the release date itself the digital edition will be made available without any costs.

Fred Brum,Per Nilsson,Francesco Filigoi: Transcendence 
1. Serenity(Prologue) 
2. Stranded 
3. Katana 
4. Wanderer (feat. Per Nilsson) 
5. Transcendence 
6. Machina 
7. Frozen Soul (feat. Francesco Filigoi) 
8. Ryujin 
9. Roland's Last Stand 
10. Eclipse 
11. Through The Mists (Epilogue)

Drums on Transcendence, Machina and Eclipse by Kevin Talley 
Drums on Stranded by Rich Psonak 
Guest lead on Wanderer by Per Nilsson 
Guest lead on Frozen Soul by Francesco Filigoi

All instruments and programming by Fred Brum except where noted.

Copyright 2014 Fred Brum

Fred Brum - Jaden Rose Signature Prototype - Stranded

Marc Meesters: Insanium Scarescone's New CD Insanium - fund raiser

 Insanium Scarescone's New CD Insanium - fund raiser

My name is Marc Meesters, Guitarist and lead singer of the band “Scarescone”. Together with my band members, Thimo Gijezen, Eric Brugmans and Dennis Meentz we have created this Indiegogo campaign to ask you to join us and be part of our new CD project “Insanium”.

The CD has been recorded, but we need your help to finish the job and bring this CD out and help us reach the greatest potential audience possible.


Scarescone started out as solo project and a vehicle to record and perform my own songs. After getting together with some great players and after doing a few gigs together we quickly realized that there was a lot of chemistry between us and that we should move forward as a Band. At that point Scarescone was born.

We went into the studio to record our first CD "psycho" and released this as an indie release. In 2012 the band toured the UK, Holland and Germany and gained quite a bit of press attention. Since then we have been playing regularly and have written enough material for the follow up CD that will be titled “Insanium”

Insanium features all new material written in 2012 and early 2013 and includes a few cool guest artists including Cindy Oudshoorn ( Kayak) and Dennis Leeflang ( Bumblefoot). We are planning to release Insanium as a CD as well as producing a limited edition LP on Vinyl.

Later this year we will be touring the UK, Mainland Europe, USA and possibly Australia. We need to ensure that the CD is out to help support the live shows. We have everything in place to make it happen and all we need now is your help.

You can find out more about who we are and our backgrounds on our

ScareScone Pitchvideo from Ronald Gerritzen on Vimeo.

Christophe Deremy: JS Bach - Prelude in C Minor - BWV 847 - two handed metal

Please SUBSCRIBE for more:

You can download Backing track and Guitar part on my website :


JS Bach - Prelude in C Minor - BWV 847 (Metal Guitar Tapping)

Chuck Thompson,Jack Jenkins: Worlds first Solid Body Bamboo Electric Harp Guitars

The "Worlds first Solid Body Bamboo Electric Harp Guitars". Bringing an affordable Harp Guitar to the world.

Hi, I am Chuck Thompson former Naval Officer, Nashville based Music Photographer, Trusted Google Business Panorama Photographer, Worlds first and only Certified Harp Guitar Photographer, Project Manager for Xerox and a fledgling but hopeful Harp Guitarist.

So now in my spare time I am building Electric Harp Guitars. Now you tell me who is crazy.

My partner in crime is Jack Jenkins, a Mechnical and Electrical Engineer as well as a Mechnical Designer, Jazz guitar player and owner of Jack and I also worked together at Griffin Technology where we helped produce some of the most amazing Apple Accessories on the planet. Prior to that Jack was senior design engineer for Otari and Harrison Audio.

Pete Cottrell: Fallout - with backing track and tab

Pete Cottrell: Fallout 
1. Fallout 03:48
2. Fallout - Backing Track 03:52

Recorded using Positive Grid Bias for iPhone:


released 21 March 2014
All music written and performed by Peter Cottrell. All songs Mixed and Mastered by Peter Cottrell
tags: 8 string guitar death m

News: Air Guitar by John Hajjar... kick starter campaign

Watching my son listening to his iPod and Air Guitar jamin' gave me the idea to design the Belt Clip* Air Guitar. I built a prototype and handed it to him, he slipped it on his belt and started jamin' as usual! I asked him how it felt? His reply was "COOL!". So I decided to launch this Air Guitar project to make it available to all those who love Air Guitars.

Hugh Myrone: Myrone: Exclusive Coupé - new promo video for new tun

MYRONE - 「Exclusive Coupé」

Kiko Loureiro: Sibelius Fest Venezuela 2014

Mexico and Colombia already have their respective finalists, now it's the turn of Venezuela. On Tuesday April 1 start uploading videos Sibelius Fest Venezuela 2014.

This year's finalists will perform in front of thousands of people and the winner will compete against Mexico and Colombia in 2015, and an opportunity for  a concert with a world famous guitarist!

Want to be the next idol electric guitar?? Prepare your video and rock out with us =)

Team Sibelius Fest