Sunday, 19 July 2015

Richie Allen: Heavy Metal Ninja at The Exchange Bristol Sunday, 5 July 2015

Richie Allan - Lead Guitar.
Brandon Reihana - Rhythm Guitar.
Keegan Donovan - Bass Guitar.
Joe Brownless - Drums.

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Sextet metal band from New Zealand, Heavy Metal Ninjas "Heavy Metal Ninja" now, has attracted attention in the metal industry.
Warner Brothers and to contract, in 2014, announced a new album. The six, 12 feet of men continue further evolution are Ke. Richie Allen of HMN of captain Ibanez artists, 5-string is a matter of course, in the consumer of 7-string and 8-string guitar, he plays a melodic sound in Heavy's genius. In its talent, including the composer from youth of 11 years old, he launched a band in 2010. It will become a year of ninja this year.

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Su mi Lee: prowling Blues Covered 인더기타 - Bladecaster Custom Guitar

Another great performance by Su Mi Lee with the Bladecaster Custom Guitar.  Catch up with Su mi Lee on  Facebook

prowling Blues Covered By SuMi Lee 인더기타

Kiko Loureiro: Megadeth - Yesterday at Festival D'été de Quebec 2015 - back bigger and badder than ever!

Pic by Marc Young
Kiko Loureiro
Yesterday at Festival D'été de Quebec with Megadeth.

Pic by Marc Young
Megadeth Quebec 2015 - À tout le monde

Megadeth quebec 2015

Megadeth quebec 2015

Peter Luha, Richard Ciferský: Natural Fusion Project

Natural Fusion Project

start in 2013 as music project of two friends which would like a try something not typical and play some unique music with their instrument: Electric Guitar and Banjo. This combination work well and right now after 2 years we introducing our music ideas and our Natural Fusion Project to you. Who we are ?

Peter Luha
Unique style in his guitar playing comes from mixing classical and non-traditional guitar techniques (slap, tapping, percussive playing). Peter is the winner of international guitarist competition Gitariada (CZ 1999), organizer of international guitar festival Guitarfest in Bratislava (SK 2006, 2007).
His debut solo guitar album Viaje del Alma (2012) with very positive foreign reviews was nominated in 12th Independent Music Awards 2012 for the best album in instrumental album category and awarded with Harvest prize in 6th Tais Awards 2013. Peter is a lead guitarist in progressive rock group Persona Grata, in acoustic band Acoustic Gangsters and recently co-operates also with the world famous duo Igudesman & Joo or flamenco guitarist Flaco de Nerja.
- official endorsement: FRAMUS guitars, ELIXIR strings, K&K sound, KLEMA guitars

Richard Ciferský
is an internationally recognised banjo master from Pezinok, Slovak Republic. Richard is a two-time winner of the Slovak Bluegrass Music Association (SkBMA) “Banjo Player of the Year” award (1999/2000). As owner and producer of Velvet Music, his independent record label has produced several albums for other groups as well as three of his own solo projects, Coming Back for More (2013), Rainy Day (2008) and New Gallop (2004). From 2003 Richard travel, play and teach in USA. Till today Richard play there with Fragment band, but also joined Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike as well as other traditional bluegrass musicians and bands such as Carrie Hassler, Mountain Soul, Louisa Branscomb, and the Gold Heart Sisters.
- official endorsement: PRUCHA banjo, GHS strings, BLUECHIP picks, REUNION BLUES, BANJOLIT, ELECTRO-VOICE, L.R. BAGGS, PAIGE capos, PLANET WAVES.

Steve Terreberry: Top 10 Guitar Effects! - some way out there tones!

Steve Terreberry: Today I will be using BIAS FX to demonstrate my top 10 favorite guitar effects!!

Top 10 Guitar Effects!

Jason Sadites: blazing D Major Pentatonic legato lick

This week Jason shows you a blazing D Major Pentatonic legato lick to get you moving faster with the ever so popular Pentatonic scale. Enjoy!

Please be sure to check out the websites: to catch the latest episode and Jason Sadites weekly Quick Lick.

Thanks for watching!!!

Amps & Axes Quick Lick #27 with Jason Sadites

Steve Vai: The Space Between the Notes - Leg 1

Hey Folks, Steve here.
We are thrilled to be posting “The Space Between the Notes” one leg at a time (9 in total) once a week over the next 9 weeks, in full resolution! This bonus footage was culled from multiple sources including pics and vids from fans, band, crew, family, and myself. It’s a chronological video diary that has bits from each of the 253 engagements and 52 countries we visited on the last tour, “The Story of Light tour”. It was a glorious life experience for us and we are stoked that we can present it here for you, ENJOY!

Steve Vai - The Space Between the Notes - Leg 1

Andrea Martongelli, Michael Angelo Batio, Alex Stornello, Dave Reffet: Spiral Motion - instrumental rock album availalg

Andrea Martongelli

GOT SPIRAL MOTION? ANDY MARTONGELLI - SPIRAL MOTION (instrumental Rock)! Buy "Spiral Motion" on and iTunes or get the CD on ! Enjoy the madness!

Andy Martongelli (Arthemis guitarist) new instrumental solo album.


featuring the amazing guitarist Michael Angelo Batio (Nitro) , Dave Reffet (Guitar World Magazine), Alex Stornello (Angels & Demons) on the song "Cyber-Hammer Of The Gods" and Dave Martone ( guest guitar solo on the song "Bite The Bullet")

1 - Eternal
2 - Screaming Ninja
3 - Infected-Garbage-Blues
4 - Venomous
5 - Father
6 - Cyber-Hammer Of The Gods
7 - Dark Days
8 - Phoenix Rising
9 - Dead Symphony
10 - Bite The Bullet

Pierre Danel, Jihane Langlois, Nicolas Hørbacz: Kadinja - The Exchange, Bristol Sunday, 5 July 2015

Great band, excellent solos and Jihane Langlois is an excellent bass player

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Vocals : Philippe Charny Dewandre, 
Guitar : Pierre Danel, 
Bass : Jihane Langlois, 
Guitar : Nicolas Hørbacz 
Drums : Arnaud Verrier 

Hugo Azevedo: Valis Ablaze The Exchange Bristol Sunday, 5 July, 2015

Full series

This is our new guitarist!
His name is Hugo Azevedo and he used to play in Senturia (RIP).
He can't wait to get start gigging and to start contributing.

There's a lot coming up, so don't forget to stay in touch: