Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mike Orlando: announces A Beautiful Disaster, the brand new band

A Beautiful Disaster, the brand new band featuring world renowned guitarist Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), drummer Chris Bones (The Drama Club), Bassist Mike Morgan (The Drama Club) and critically acclaimed vocalist Nick Coyle (Lifer/The Drama Club) have signed with Union Entertainment Group’s John Gomez for management.

A Beautiful Disaster was formed in late 2014 and is a new breed of rock, combining unforgettable melodies, meaningful lyrics and their own unique blend of masterful songwriting and musicianship, demonstrating that there are still musicians out there that actually prefer to play “real” instruments in the digital age we live in today. The band will be entering Mike Orlando’s Sonic Stomp Studios to begin recording their debut album which will be engineered, mixed & mastered by Orlando.

A Beautiful Disaster will be performing on Axes & Anchors Cruise alongside headliners Breaking Benjamin, FlyLeaf, Adelita’s Way, Thousand Foot Crutch, Motionless in White & guitar greats Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker, Tony McAlpine, Alex Skolnick & many more. More information on the cruise can be found here:

For more information, check out the band’s website:
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Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: "Red Giant" live on EMGtv

Take notes as Tony MacAlpine highlights an array of guitar techniques - tap harmonics, sweeping, speed picking ... in this performance of "Red Giant." Tony and his band take to the EMGtv stage for another tune from his latest album, "Concrete Gardens," featuring fellow EMG artist Nili Brosh along with Pete Griffin on bass, and Aquiles Priester on drums. Tony and Nili are both playing the EMG 57-7H and EMG 66-7H humbucker pickups for seven string guitar. Subscribe to EMGtv to get weekly updates on future releases from Tony and other EMG artists.
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Band Members:
Tony MacAlpine
Nili Brosh
Pete Griffin
Aquiles Priester

Tony MacAlpine and band play "Red Giant" live on EMGtv

Mika Tyyskä: Dear Spirit Rising CD Pre-order on it's way!

Mika Tyyskä
Signed, stamped, packed, shipped!

Dear Spirit Rising CD Pre-orderer, keep your other eye on you mailbox during the next weeks! We spent over an hour at the post office today shipping all your packages. All except one. If you happen to live in Germantown, US please send a private message to sort out the address!

Beware the guitar pick! When you open the highly spirited envelope. You shall find the Mr. Fastfinger Attack custom pick hiding somewhere inside the CD booklet pages. Careful not to lose it when opening the package.

All together approx. 2 working days putting all together for the envelopes. Last night I sat down for 5 hours to sign and write little messages and packing it all. I had maybe two 2 minute breaks. Some weird autographs guarenteed! I'm glad they are on the way. Hope they all travel safe to you all. And quick!

Going to have a few days off then pack and deliver some more CD's to JTC and CDBaby and many many other people including the musicians who participated. 

If you haven't bought the CD yet, you can still get the limited edition deluxe edition for one week. The Indiegogo ordering will end totally on 28th on next week!

Justin Lowe: missing guitarist has been found dead. RIP

Photo by Michael Mullenix
News reports indicate that the missing After the Burial guitarist Justin Lowe has been found dead in Wisconsin Tuesday night (July 21). Justin Lowe’s sister had reported him missing earlier this week after posting a distressed rant earlier that week

My condolences to his family and friends who must be deeply upset at this time.

Justin remembered in better times. RIP

After The Burial's Justin Lowe demos the Ibanez RG90BKP


Mark Holcomb ‏@MarkPeriphery
RIP Justin Lowe. So sad.

Javier Reyes ‏@javrey202

It's amazing how quickly thing can change. Justin Lowe, you will be missed homie. My condolences to…


Deeply saddened to hear the news about our friend Justin Lowe.

Our condolences and thoughts are with After The Burial during this tough time. Our first European show ever was in Cologne, Germany at Euroblast 2012 where we spent a long weekend hanging with the After the Burial guys, as we were staying in the same hotel. I (Devesh) remember drunkenly nerding out with Keshav and Justin about production and audio late into the night at the Kebab shop underneath the hotel we were all staying at, as Justin blew our minds with his new demos.

So sad to see him go. The metal community has lost a truly incredible musician and human being today. RIP Justin Lowe

Paul Masvidal: new web site for the masvidalien!


  • GEAR

I am offering instruction in songwriting and composition including melodic construction, building chord structures, finding the song, improvisation, Cynic related alternate picking techniques, finger picking, how to approach the instrument organically, as an extension of yourself, working with your mind, meditation practices related to playing guitar, and untapping your own creative potential to discover your own voice.

Paul on guitar lessons: I'm deeply indebted to my guitar teachers for the wisdom they handed to me and I most humbly intend to do my part to share a bit of what I've learned along the way and give back something of what it means to be a musician and a guitarist who's walked the walk and given his life to the work.

News: Rotosound Launch New Range Of Guitar & Bass Care Products

Rotosound believe a guitar or bass that is looked after well will give a lifetime of musical enjoyment. So to help players clean and condition instruments they have created, for the first time, a new range of quality care products. The range includes guitar polish, string lube and lemon oil, all of which are quick and easy to use.

Guitar Polish (GP4) RRP £6.50 – The polish is specially formulated to keep stringed instruments in tip-top condition. Its cleaning action reduces fingerprinting, streaking, dust and grime in seconds, restoring an instrument’s shine and lustre. The polish continues to work after application protecting guitars and basses from dust build up, helping to keeping them in pristine condition.

String Cleaner Lube (SC2) RRP £5.95 – This silicone based lubricant aids friction reduction as well as helping to prolongs string life and the brightness of the string tone. Used correctly it can speed up playing, make sliding effortless and pull offs easier, as well as improve fretting accuracy. String cleaner lube can help make strings smoother, increasing fluidity of playing.

Lemon Oil (LO2) RRP £5.95 – Lemon oil is a natural cleaner and conditioner that will keep the fret board of prized guitars and basses looking fresh and playing at their best. Made from the finest ingredients it helps remove dirt, grease and wax build up on instruments and combat the drying and cracking of the wood

Rotosound is all about getting the best sound out of a stringed instrument. Using Rotosound care products on a regular basis will not only help keep guitars and basses clean, it can help them sound and look like new too!

All the care products come in compact bottles, making them convenient to carry in instrument cases. To find out more about these and all other Rotosound Products please go to

Jon Neto: new guitar blog

Jon Neto: new guitar blog includes tab and articles that can be translated by the power of google translate.

John Says:
I'm doing a blog, to post lessons of music theory and musical practice.

Here's a sample of Jon's scintillating clean picking from the recent French Guitar Contest 2

5st place - French Guitar Contest 2 - Jon Neto

Aaron Marshall: Suhr and the sweet and dynamic Friedman BE100

Suhr // Friedman BE100 Test
My good buddy Nick Johnston lent me his Friedman BE100 to reamp with on the new record. I love how sweet and dynamic it can be, while still being one of the gnarliest amps I've ever heard. Nothing too flashy here, just vibe'n out a bit. The guitar is a Suhr Classic Antique into a Seymour Duncan Vise Grip Compressor. There's also an SD Vapor Trail Delay and a Strymon Big Sky Reverb in the loop. This was shot very quickly with my GoPro, nothing fancy.

If you haven't read this yet, please do:

New album this fall!

Elmo Karjalainen: The Bolero Unravels (I Come Undone)

Elmo Karjalainen - The Bolero Unravels (I Come Undone)
Elmo Karjalainen
Elmo Karjalainen performing "The Bolero Unravels (I Come Undone)" from "The Free Guitar Album".
This was the first take and I ended up liking it for some reason, despite some sloppy playing and a total blackout at one point where I forgot the melody. But, as I said, I ended up liking it. It had a feel to it which was better than the technically better takes I did after. After all, music should be alive, and this one contains no edits, fixes or other tricks. Hope you like it, and if you do, please share it.
To get the album for free, visit
For official website, visit
Recorded using a Fractal Audio Axe FX II and a Fender Yngwie Strat + a Morley Bad Horsie Wah and plenty of delay.

Eric Calderone: 331Erock - Prince of Persia Meets Metal

Prince of Persia Meets Metal
Hey guys!

So I this one as a top comment on the Fallout vid and just saying the phrase "Prince of Persia" brings back so many memories. This was one of the very first games I ever played. Sands of Time though......ugh yes! haha. I tried taking the better known themes of the franchise to medley. You can find the lineup below :) Thank you guys so much for everything! It means the world! Big ups for ALWAYS rocking my casbah!

Best to ya


1. Welcome to Persia
2. Warrior Within
3. Tower of Dawn
4. Time Only Knows


Aaron Marshall: My "Sweet Tea" Solo for Polyphia - great job!

My "Sweet Tea" Solo for Polyphia
I get asked about this one a lot, so I figured I'd just shoot a quick video of it. The guitar is a PRS Custom 24 and its the same instrument I recorded the solo with. Pickups are Seymour Duncan Pegasus and Sentient. I'm using my Axe Fx II and that's going to an Apogee Duet into a pair of KRK Rokit 5's and you're just hearing them in the room via my GoPro.

This solo was a lot of fun to compose and it was super fun to play live together on tour last year. Hope you enjoy!

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Timo Somers: 2 awesome guest solos for the new Edenwar Album

Timo Somers (from the band Delain) performing the 2 guest solos for the new Edenwar Album.

Beyond Eternity 0:12
Lost Dreams 0:58

Get the full album from iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or the phisycal CD here:

For more information about Edenwar, please visit

Edenwar - Timo Somers Guest Solos Playthrough [HD]

Billy Zoom: Sweet Relief Join with X guitarist to fight Cancer


As was previously announced, punk legend, legendary guitarist and all-around nice guy, Billy Zoom,was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer.  Zoom immediately began chemo treatment and his fellow bandmates, along with manager Mike Rouse, called out to the fans and music community, alike, to help support Zoom and his family during this difficult time.  The response was overwhelming, far surpassing the original goal of $50,000 in a matter of days. 

Now, The Music Cancer Fund @SweetRelief will be working with Billy Zoom and his family through their Directed Artist Funds program. The program was created to assist individuals with long term expenses and treatment for cancer and other severe illnesses or disabilities.   Program services include guidance on medical bills and insurance plans as well as after care patient resources. Sweet Relief will also assist with fundraising events, managing contributions and providing charitable tax receipts. 

Rob Max, Executive Director at Sweet Relief
"X and Billy Zoom have been amazing supporters of our cause to assist musicians for the past two decades. We are grateful and honored to be working with Billy and his family.”

Some artists face such overwhelming financial and personal distress when major illness or injury is coupled with a complete lack of, or have a grossly under insured health plan.  Even with the best of health insurance, treatment can take a toll on the financial well-being of someone in terms of lost wages and other daily living expenses that one typically has.

The Mission of SWEET RELIEF is simple:  Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems.  In other words, Healing Musicians in Need.  We all have received so much out of music, it’s time to give a little back!

While Zoom battles this dreadful disease, his bandmates have made the difficult choice to continue their previously planned summer tour, in support of Billy.  Exene, John Doe and DJ Bonebrake are joined by Texas guitar player, Jesse Dayton (Waylon Jennings, Supersuckers) sitting in for the iconic guitarist temporarily. 

X Summer 2015 “How I Learned My Lesson Tour”
July 22                   Music Box Supper Club                                      Cleveland, OH
July 24                   The Magic Bag                                                   Ferndale, MI
July 26                   City Winery                                                         Chicago, IL
July 27                   City Winery                                                         Chicago, IL
July 28                   City Winery                                                         Chicago, IL
July 30                   The Sinclair                                                         Cambridge, MA

Aug 1                     City Winery                                                         New York City, NY
Aug 2                     City Winery                                                         New York City, NY
Aug 3                     City Winery                                                         New York City, NY

Aug 8                     Annenberg Space for Photography                      Los Angeles, CA
                                (KCRW sponsored show)

Aug 28                  Shank Hall                                                           Milwaukee, WI
Aug 29                  Mill City Nights                                                  Minneapolis, MN
Sept 1                   The Bottleneck                                                 Kansas City, MO
Sept 2                   The Duck Room                                                 St. Louis, MO
Sept 4                   House of Blues                                                  New Orleans, LA
Sept 5                   The Saturn                                                          Birmingham, AL
Sept 6                   City Winery                                                         Nashville, TN
Sept 8                   Georgia Theatre                                                 Athens, GA
Sept 9                   Terminal West                                                   Atlanta, GA
Sept 11                 Ramshead                                                           Annapolis, MD

Sept 12                 Hopscotch Festival                                            Raleigh, NC
Sept 19                 KAABOO Festival                                              Del Mar, CA

For more information on Billy Zoom’s Sweet Relief Fund, visit:

Gianluca Ferro, Isao Fujita: Monster guitar players announce Italy and UK clinics and shows!!!

I'll be touring the UK with killer guitarist Isao Fujita on September. We'll have the huge honor to share the stage with the amazing Kinasis. Also, on September 20th we'll be a special event at the HonkyTonky, Seregno. We'll play with Bouncing The Ocean , Edo Sala, Alberto Bollati, Andrea Andy Vergori three sets including BTO stuff, songs of mine, Isao's stuff and, icy on the cake, a big final jam with some of the hottest guitarist from North Italy, Pietro Quilichini Gianni Rojatti Mattia Dambrosio. Uh Yeah !