Daniele Gregolin: Euro Groove Department - Super Strut Live 2011

David Maxim Micic: demos Bilo 2.0 due in May 2012

Hedras Ramos: Little Wing California with John Mader

Sergey Golovin: Sense Of Reality Album Teaser posted

Nicolas Waldo: Acoustic/electric Mississippi Blues

Doug Aldrich: demos the Marshall JMD

Berry Evers: competition entries

News: Truth In Shredding passes 30,000 posts

Neal Nagaoka: went internet crazy

Simon Goldsmith: Hypervirtua EP available

Alex Hutchings,Guthrie Govan: Best Of Collections

Rick Graham: UPS blues

Frank Vignola: Eddie Lang Jazz Seminar

Allan Holdsworth: Hard Hat Area and None Too Soon remastered

Chris Poland: Polcat new album available

Thomas Bressel, Jean Fontanille, Gowy Lisieux, Christophe Godin: Vigier day announced