Tom Quayle: 'Fusion Essentials' coming to Jam Track Central!

Derek Blakley: Haji's Kitchen Bass Recording session

Joe Satriani: Satchurated CD and DVD pre order

Mike Portnoy,Dave LaRue,Steve Morse, Neal Morse: Flying Colours

Chris Poland: Omphrey: Posthaste ** Ships April 10

Chris Taylor: Nocturnal new CD

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: live tour 2012

Yngwie Malmsteen: Black star - live 1985

Kalinicheva Tatyana: PRS custom 24 - Engl classic

Theodore Kalantzakos: Nu Jazz Improvisation

Richie Kotzen: new tour dates North and South America and Europe

Eddie Van Halen: Guitar Solo - Montreal Bell Center 2012

Yngwie Malmsteen: very early Rising Force studio rehearsal

I Wayan Balawan: Rick Hanes guitar - Gold Fire Essel Custom Series

Zlatko Perica: appear on upcoming Gather Darkness CD

Greg Howe: announces clinics in Peru!

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: cool playing on custom backing track

Jamie Humphries: Blackstar Amps big announcement at the Musikmesse

News: Leather Guitars goes Musikmesse 2012

Jeff Kollman: order new CD

Listen Angel: Dean V Jackson... a battle to the death

Jorn Viggo Lofstad: New Pagan's Mind... release details

Jennifer Batten: on LCN's LA Music series

Jennifer Batten: tribute to Michael Jackson live in Rome

Hedras Ramos,Alejandro Obregon: Sweet Mercy live

Mateus Starling: quartet - Free Groove and improvisation

Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Haslip, Virgil Donati: Jazz Fusion Defined Iridium

Michael Landau: Abstract Logix interview

Guthrie Govan: in magnificent form Bordeaux 2012

Jeff Beck: amazing painting prints available

Vanny Tonon: live January 2012

Alberto Rigoni: Grrovy album for free download

Lari Basilio: Brazilian girl's classy entry to Santo Angelo competition

Fumihiko Kitsutaka: tapping with killer big hair!

Shintaro Aoyagi: On the Wind 2004

Matias Kupiainen,Theodore Ziras,Arwe,Gimi: Tiluland - The Home of Guitar Heroes and Synth Wizards

Ian Crichton: Trust - Guitar 2006

Jim Wright: Warr Guitar Synth Solo