Fabrizio Leo: Molinelli Loud Guitars - Linea M - Bicio Signature

Justin Derrico: returns to the JTC with another jam track series,

Nili Brosh,Irene Ketikidi, Samantha Fish, Joanne Shaw Taylor: and more featured in special all girl article for January issue Young Guitar 2014

Monte Pittman: Pam from Loud Guitars catches Monte at Seymour Duncan NAMM 2014

Charly Sahona,Franck Hermanny: BTB7 and Iron Label 8 string - killer licks

Daisuke Kunita:live at Silver Elephant -classy JFusion

PJ d'Atri: Practicing "Jason & the Argonauts" - more amazing playing

Fabrizio Leo: VIOLA by MovGuitar - one of my all time favourite Italian players!

Misha Mansoor,Daniele Gottardo,Franck Hermanny,Andy James,Marco Sfogli: DV Mark booth NAMM

Dan Smith: Beyond The Lick - Kurt Rosenwinkel Lick + 2

Sithu Aye, Plini, Aaron Marshall: Pulse - the new album

Martin Andersen: Blindstone spotlight from Grooveyard Records - like your rock blues heavy?

News: Rotosound Strings Introduce New Foil Packs and Colour Coding

News: Rotosound Introduce New Acoustic Strings Foil Packs and Colour Coding

News: London Institute celebrates as tutors and alumni achieve Grammy awards and Chart success

Chris Poland, Robertino Pagliari,David Eagle: OHM at the Eminence booth NAMM 2014

Toronzo Cannon: Blues Man set for appearance on Oscar's Guitar Shop

Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow: Schecter Booth NAMM 2014

David Shankle: DSG - Voodoo Gods - burning rubber on this solo and interview

Jakub Żytecki: Guitar Messenger Ernie Ball NAMM 2014

The Commander-In-Chief: Laney Artist meets Laurie Monk at NAMM 2014

Fidel de Jesus: Dark Crayola's lead man cracks open some sparkling soloing

Malcolm Brickhouse: Unlocking the Truth - metal hits the streets of New York with 7th grade boys from Brooklyn

NAMM: Pam from Loud Guitars checks out the amazing Tronical tuner.

Chris Gordon: Good Old Fashioned Shredding - the meat and two veg of guitar!

Katalina González: improvisation by one of the best female fusion players on the planet right now

Misha Mansoor: Loud Guitars visit Mayones Guitars NAMM 2014

James Norbert Ivanyi: Suhr Factory Party NAMM

Robben Ford: new album promo for A Day In Nashville

Angel Vivaldi: Lead Guitars for the new album

NAMM: Loud Guitars Peavey Budda NAMM 2014

NAMM: Pam from Loud Guitars talk to Analog Alien NAMM 2014

NAMM: Vigier guitars demo, includes fretless for Guitarworld

Christian Münzner: announces details from new album

Yngwie Malmsteen: Fender Signature Electric Guitar Strings

Robert Cray: releases "In My Soul" in the UK and announces UK tour

Dave Reffett: signs to Legator guitars