Eric Calderone: Let It Go (from Frozen) Meets Metal

Richard Daudé: Electro Fusion Shred improvisation - spine chilling licks

Fabrizio Leo: signs to jellybeard records for an awesome 3rd CD!!! - great news for one of my favourite players!

Hedras Ramos: added to Laney Artist Roster

Dave Brons: Kai Rohan Arpeggios - String Skipping and Tapping

Yngwie Malmsteen, Ron Thal,Uli Jon Roth,Gary Hoey: Guitar Gods tour 2014 announced

Rocco Pezzin: Chapman ML1 Hot Rod/AxeFx2 - Van Halen *5150*

Laura Klinkert: Shred Session with She Shreds & Tom Tom Magazine NAMM 2014

Christophe Godin: added to Lâg guitar roster of artists

Jake Willson: Melodic Horizons

Jerry Donahue: behind the nut - Fret-King JD model with his signature JD pickups.

Gus Drax: Ov Fire And The Void

Rick Graham: Classic Songs Ruined' part 1 - 'Wondershred Tonight'