Kelly Kereliuk: In The Balance - instrumental from the guitarist of Prismind

Alex Skolnick: Metal Allegiance - Can't Kill The Devil

Steve Terreberry: Djenstrumental Playthrough

Chris Brennan: Berwick nstrumental piece from Sky Arts Guitar Star

Lyle Watt: "Dog Machine" live performance from the classy young Scotsman

Darius Wave: Hufschmid 18th Anniversary - metal guitar chops in Drop-G

Ozielzinho: Luz - ballad soloing from the Brazilian master

Tomo Fujita: Kyoto at Bar Clapton 2015 - master funk fusion guitarist in secret action

Mamoru Goriku: Lightning Demonstration at Wakanoura 2015 - JMetal jam

Jojo Alves: two hands two necks - The Beatles and Stevie Wonder

Joe Satriani: How to Create Weird Alien Guitar Sounds

Luke Fortini: Impro over rock ballad - impassioned performance

Emiliano Zapata: "Sin Rumbo" st Patagonian meeting of guitarists 2015

Drewsif Stalin: new album pre order .​.​.​Comes To An End by Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors

Paul Wardingham: Convergence - more epic soloing from the new album

Andy DeLuca: Rehearsing AIR By Jason Becker - awesome bass interpretation

Istvan Alapi: DV Mark - Multiamp Custom Presets

Kirill Konyaev: Working on a solo album... chunky stuff

Milan Polak: Tracking guitars for "Alchemy" with Thomas Lang on drums

News: PRS Guitars Introduces New Floyd Rose-Equipped 30th Anniversary SE Custom 24 Model