Sarah JoAnne Draper: JST Toneforge Misha Mansoor demo

Plini: Paper Moon Live in Paris

Josh Kay: The Vast Enigma (Alizarin) - Solo 1 Playthrough

Midori Tatematsu, Miyako Watanabe: Lovebites Zeche Essen Live Series

Jake E Lee: Red Dragon Cartel - "Bitter"

Allen Hinds: Secret Beginnings (1080 HD)

Josh Martin: insane solo for Lovely Orbiter

Charlie Robbins: Slip N Slide Guitar Solo

Stel Andre: Kiesel Aries Colorshift Melodic Jam

Jacky Vincent: Sweep Tapping Lesson // Soul Shines Through

Ulisses Miyazawa: Live Rising Force -Yngwie Malmsteen's full album in one take!

Ayu Gusfanz: Paul Gilbert's Classic Technical Difficulties

Per Nilsson: Meshuggah "Rational Gaze" at Hellfest France 2018

Nita Strauss: The Quest, Pandemonium, Our Most Desperate Hour - Nita overload!!

Midori Tatematsu, Miyako Watanabe: Lovebites - Rising from the upcoming album Clockwork Immortality

Dave Sharman: Trucker from the album 'Exit Within'

Jason Becker, Daniele Gottardo, Andrew Jay: Hold On To Love

News: Cort Introduces KX257B Baritone 7-String Electric Guitar for Aggressive Styles

News: Lacuna Coil - "The 119 Show - Live In London" Available now!

Sergey Kasinec: Schecter Blackjack C-8

Masato Ichijo: Visionary, Yokosuka, 花澤香菜 - Masa ToooN!

Jason Sadites: Interview - The Helix Hour S2EP9 - The Canadians Are Back!

Adam Bentley: Absently - "entropy" (full Album Stream)

Sergey Golovin: LIVE She at MSK 2018

Pedro Pimentel, Paulo Heineken, Bruno Genebra: JAM - a trio of talented guitar jammers

Omar Ríos - Free Soul - tasteful jam - first single from the album Free Soul Banda

Daniel Puziski: DPK Project - Vertex - great new project to check out

Plini: Paper Moon - Live @ Paris 2018

Alex Hutchings: The Stomp

Stéphan Forté: The Shadows Compendium Playthrough

Li-sa-X : "P.R.O." MV from new album 'WILL'

Nita Strauss: Road to Chaos - Episode 3

Silas Fernandes: performs "Favela" on EMGtv

Greg Howe: Wheelhouse tour at The Underworld in Camden Town

Kiko Loureiro: Slow Motion Note per Note - Conquer or Die MEGADETH

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