Tosin Abasi: Latest update on the Abasi guitar concept

Dear Friends of Abasi Concepts,

We Are Incredibly Grateful for All of You Who Have Signed up For Our Newsletter, and We Trust that Many of You Are Following Abasi Concepts on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for your interest and patience this past year as we began our journey with Abasi Concepts. We’ve learned a great deal about the dynamic world of guitar manufacturing and building our company from the ground up!

While we are very excited to share our upcoming plans, we want to address some of the questions and concerns surrounding our first year. We definitely watched the discussions from the sidelines and appreciate how intuitive and attentive many of you were during our obliged silence.

So, first off we’d like to state that:

“Tosin Abasi and Abasi Concepts, LLC, and Frank Falbo and Falbo Designs are no longer affiliated with each other in any way. We have both elected to move on and pursue our own endeavors."

Due to various issues at our previous manufacturer, we opted to refund all customers who had spec’d custom builds, meanwhile a commitment to a large purchase order for distribution in Japan was eventually completed in several segments.


The future is looking bright as we prepare to relaunch our guitar and product line at NAMM 2019 with new manufacturing. We are looking to begin taking new orders in Spring 2019, prioritizing the first purchase options to our early adopters who may be still interested in receiving an Abasi. Those on our waitlist, which can be joined by contacting us through will be next in line.

On the design front, our main guitar model has evolved through several iterations and prototypes, and we’re currently wrapping up development on what we believe to be the best Abasi guitar to date.

We've always appreciated the iterative approach to design. Porsche is a perfect example of this. The 911 has evolved continuously for decades, always towards being “better” at being a 911. That evolution in form is sometimes detailed to the point of being imperceptible to some. Sometimes design is invisible.

One visible improvement comes in the form of a new neck joint. Previous builds had the neck to body transitions, and neck profiles, shaped with hand tools. The new process is done by CNC, which is not only more efficient, it allows for perfectly reproducible neck profiles and the ability to retain the thinness of the neck shape all the way up to the transition into the body.

We're really stoked on this design upgrade, in particular. The feel of that unchanging neck shape and fret access is wonderful.

We also recessed the bevels further where the forearm of your picking hand meets the body of the guitar, resulting in an even more seamless playing experience.

Finally, we were also able to achieve a more neutral weight balance when wearing the guitar and sitting, eliminating a previously subtle hit of weight-bias.

On the business model front, we are exploring a multi-tier guitar offering, with USA production being headed by the legendary Grover Jackson, in Laguna Hills, California.

For us, this guitar is the seed of so much more, yet at times, the experience of bringing it to fruition was defeating. From inception to realization, we’ve learned invaluable lessons and are better for it.

To acknowledge the journey so far, we’ve decided it was finally time to give this design a name. “Larada” means “healed” in the language of my parents, Yoruba. We think it’s the perfect sentiment for this guitar and what music can do for us.


As you may have noticed, we’re moving forward as Abasi Concepts. We’ve always intended to offer more than just guitars and we believe this title better encompasses the range of products we are looking to introduce. To that end, the first of these is the PATHOS Distortion pedal, which is available now. We’re very proud of how it’s turned out and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Thanks for all your support. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store!

Tosin Abasi & Ivan Chopik

Abasi Concepts