David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - new album Something About Rainbows

Beat 5

David Preston - Guitar/Composition
Kevin Glasgow - Bass
Laurie Lowe - Drums

'Something About Rainbows' released November 23rd, 2018 on
Whirlwind Recordings.



Recorded and filmed at the Annex, London August 30th 2018
by Pedro Velasco, Freeze Productions.

1.Fumes 06:35
2.Beat 5 06:48
3.Something About Rainbows 05:29 video
4.May 03:16
5.Truex 05:09
6.3D Weirdos 04:28
7.HWH 09:28


David Preston - guitar
Kevin Glasgow - bass
Laurie Lowe - drums


Recorded and engineered by Adam Peters at Concrete Jungle (3, 4, 10, September 2017)
Mixed and mastered by Tyler McDiarmid, New York (July/August 2018)
Music arranged by Preston Glasgow Lowe
Produced by David Preston and Kevin Glasgow
Executive Producer - Michael Janisch
Photography by Josh Rose
Album Graphic Design by Sophie Moates
released November 23, 2018


Riding the loftiest cirrus of boundary-leaping improvised music, guitar fusion trio Preston Glasgow Lowe follow up their eponymous 2016 Whirlwind debut recording with Something About Rainbows – a prismatic collection of original compositions which combine intricate, thunderous energy with aesthetic, harmonic grace. And while LA-based photographer Josh Rose’s minimal ‘industrial rainbow’ cover art reflects the album’s often darker vibe, guitarist David Preston, six-string bassist Kevin Glasgow and drummer Laurie Lowe also uncover fresher sunlit colours in their latest writing and experimentation.

“As we toured our first album, we were actively exploring new material and discovering a greater harmonic, rhythmic and dynamic range”, explains Preston. “So alongside the heavier, metal-rock feel – more full-on now than anything we’ve previously created – increasingly delicate and conceptually open expressions appeared, so consequently the new compositions feel more pristine yet a lot freer, each having its own feature.”

Preston Glasgow Lowe’s intermeshing hues become alluring as each of these seven tracks develop. In ‘Fumes’, three overlapping time signatures provide the foundation for its chordal iridescence, propelled by Kevin Glasgow’s agile bass and Laurie Lowe’s rapid-fire percussion. The differing pop/jazz pulses of ‘Beat 5’ were inspired by David Preston’s explorative input into a sequencer matrix, resulting in a four-beat rhythm which sounds like five, with a delightful jazz swing at its heart.

Glasgow’s hard-hitting ‘Something About Rainbows’ (a subconscious title from a somnolent 3 am utterance!) is unabashedly heavy, with gritty, overdriven bass octave pedal riffs underpinning outrageously breakneck guitar; and Lowe’s audacious drumming throughout exemplifies the bassist’s observation that “Laurie constantly blows our mind, as there are so many notes going by.” The band’s emphasized sense of contrast is heard vividly in wispy miniature ‘May’, where Preston’s crystalline guitar melodies float above delicate, high-register bass chords and feathery cymbals; then sprightly ‘Truex’ shimmers to cascading guitar phrases and rock-out solos against distorted, q-tron bass sounds and meticulous drum figures – a no-nonsense feel-good with the trio all on the same grid.

Preston describes the mysterious, abstract freedom of his ‘3D Weirdos’ as “one of the most whimsical things we’ve done, with only the bass holding it down”, while also hailing Laurie Lowe’s left-field versatility. “He does this thing, when we’re rehearsing or on tour, where he drums in a drunken kind of way – a humorous, playful side, yet articulated clearly, and an indicator of the trust between the three of us.” The 12-tone serialism of German composer Hans Werner Henze’s works have come to inform Kevin Glasgow’s harmonic progressions and improvisations – and his dark, expansive closer ‘HWH’ disintegrates into duo and solo interludes with powerful focus as its tempo ebbs and then regains momentum.

The technically precise, unclassified artistry of Preston Glasgow Lowe resonates with wide-ranging audiences, and the trio responds enthusiastically to live performance invitations from as far afield as Japan. There’s certainly sonic gold to be found within Something About Rainbows.

Preston Glasgow Lowe - [Live Session] - Beat 5

Something About Rainbows - [Live Session] - Preston Glasgow Lowe