Toki, Yoshi: Aldious to Make US Debut at NAMM SHOW

Narumi: The SEED [Full EP] now online, great solo instrumental project.

Jen Majura: a recap of the madness of JenJen's 2019

Igor Bisi: Rain and One year by Manuel Gardner Fernandes an a bit of Ichika too!!

The Guitologist: FAKE Guitarists, Soulless Shredders, and Mental Illness

Mamoru Goriku: Esp Snapper Goriku Custom

Ben Azar: Archetype: Abasi - Lead guitar tryout

Cyrielle Duval, Anthony Osche: Holy Night (metal Version)

Stéphan Forté: How To Write A Shred Guitar Solo

Hizaki: His New Mini Album「Back to Nature」

Hanako Fujiwara: Octaviagrace - Radiant (official Music Video)

Yvette Young: my Seymour Duncan portrait video

Mattias IA Eklundh, Jonas Hellborg: Art Metal Trio - Quasimodo's Berlin, Germany June 1, 2006

Shawn Lane: Lane, Hellborg and Sipe - NonDirectionalFilms Series

Rie a.k.a Suzaku: Furinkazan

Shawn Lane: Lane, Hellborg, Sipe @ Ziggy's 1996 - Soundboard Recording

Alex Sill: Simon Phillips' Protocol 30 2019

Shawn Lane Compilation. Performances from 1995 to 2003.

Brett Garsed: 1954 Strat Pickups. Most Versatile Fender Strat Pickups Made by Virgil Arlo.

Shawn Lane: Hellborg Lane Baker - Musitron Clinic, Memphis, TN, 10-26-1995

Nita Strauss: Alegria (official Music Video)

Angel Vivaldi: Triple Helix (feat. Cole Rolland)

Ando San: Pre order debut Prog Hop Album Schemin Season

Mike Miller: Interview - EveryoneLovesGuitar

Kiko Loureiro, Guthrie Govan: Oooops

Dave Brons: The song of ILLUVATAR

Dylan Reavey: Debug/Seda - Guitarist of the Year 2019 prize demo)

Wes Thrailkill, Giuseppe Gilardi, Kieran Johnston, Scott Carstairs: Solo Collaboration #3

Nili Brosh: NEW SONG Playthrough - "Desert Deja Vu"

Florian Merindol, Richard Daudé: Act V - The Fragment - feat Richard Daudé

Charlie Robbins: How Many Harmonics Can I Fit Into 1 Riff?

Cezar Popescu: Days of Confusion - LIA (Ramai cumva) // Guitar Playthrough

Jared Dines: how dudes tryout new guitars

Dan Sugarman: Your Number's Up - Ice Nine Kills

Jeffrey Wallace, Alex Kpp: Hybridism - Animal Has Led Us //Guitar playthrough//

Nicole Papastavrou, Rick Graham: Kallias "The Fourth Phase" Guitar Play Through

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Audio Lab - A Reshuffling of Konnakol

Rick Graham: Guest Solo 'The Fourth Phase' by Kallias

Jennifer Batten: Rig Tour - Featured in Guitarist 454

Alex Hutchings: Improvisation Masterclass

Geddy Lee: 1978 Rare Interview! Prior to Rush "Hemispheres"

Drewsif Reynolds: Caparison Is Back | Dellinger 7 Fx-Am Review

Tech Fest: announce the first 20 bands to join the UK Tech-Fest 2020 line-up

Wayne Krantz: Write Out Your Head new album available for preorder

Molly Tuttle, Tristan Scroggins: Bas-Pelles Eriks Brudpolska

Steve Hackett: JAM Magazine Exclusive Interview

Igor Paspalj: Distances + Full Throttle + Breakdown + Jam of the Month