Sunday, 9 October 2011

Jess Lewis: Guthrie Govan Larry Carlton solo - another stunning cover

Guthrie Govan Larry Carlton solo - attempt by Jess

Hedras Ramos: Win his new CD

Truth In Shredding reaching another landmark...

Total 1,399,422
Average Per Day 1,402

Capture the 1,400,000 Visitor on the web site and win the lastest CD from Hedras Ramos. Don't forget to press control enter after you grabbed that screen :)

Hedras Ramos Atoms and Space

Charles Altura: great improvisation with the Rufus Philpot Trio

Rufus Philpot Charles Altura Chris Coleman..Actual Proof sample..

Rufus Philpot trio LIVE! with Charles Altura & Chris Coleman..

Rufus Philpot trio- Live in SoCal...2011 w/ Charles Altura. Chris Coleman

John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess: Twenty minute Artisan News Interview


News: Free guitar lessons on Live4Guitar

Free downloadable guitar lessons are now available at Live4Guitar.
Check Live4Guitar out on Facebook too: 
Lick of the week no. 18 - Lydian Pentatonic - Live4guitar | Online Guitar 
Communitywww.live4guitar.comThis lick of the week focuses on the Lydian pentatonic. We are in the key of G Major scale and we are using the IV Mode starting from the 4th note of the G Major scale. Check it out

Kiko Loureiro: See Kiko at Jason Becker Fest, Amsterdam #1

Tickets: | Jason Becker's | Venue: See Kiko Loureiro at Jason Becker fest in Amsterdam on 13th November, 2011. Here Kiko Loureiro is on the Laney stand at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010.
Guthrie Govan
Stuart Hamm
Mattias IA Eklundh
Michael Lee Firkins
Kiko Loureiro
Atma Anur
Marco Sfogli
Daniele Gottardo
Stéphan Forté
Andy James
Joop Wolters
Marcel Coenen
Barend Courbois
Timo Somers
It's Show Time Band

Kiko Loureiro: See Andy at Jason Becker Fest, Amsterdam #1

Rob Chappers: Skype guitar lessons

Contact me at I charge £30 per 40 minutes, I can teach anything apart from Jazz or classical. I also teach MI business, new media marketing and all the tricks of this trade ;-)

I am on facebook here -

Skype guitar lessons with Rob Chappers - Beginners to advanced

News: Gearmanndude Luther Drive Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Pedal Time for the annual limited edition Lutherdrive overdrive pedal. Each one individually and uniquely painted using the BreastStroke. A portion of each sale goes to Breast Cancer Research. It's a wonderful cause, and one I've held close to my heart for many years. Pedals are $200 shipped in the USA, and $222 shipped Internationally. Email with questions... Pay Pal Payments to the same email address

Gearmanndude Luther Drive Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Pedal

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm: Eddie Lang Jazz Festival - Sunny

Greg Howe Band 2011 - 03 Sunny - Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011 Greg Howe

See Stu Hamm playing at the special one off Jason Becker Fest show.

Guthrie Govan
Stuart Hamm
Mattias IA Eklundh
Michael Lee Firkins
Kiko Loureiro
Atma Anur
Marco Sfogli
Daniele Gottardo
Stéphan Forté
Andy James
Joop Wolters
Marcel Coenen
Barend Courbois
Timo Somers
It's Show Time Band
Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Buy Tickets

Petr Henych: G-BOD live

Petr Henych & G-BOD - Visitors from outer space(live)

Petr Henych & G-Bod - New CD "Pleasure trip"

Petr Henych/G-BOD - Pleasure Trip (CD)
Petr Henych - a rock guitar player from the Czech Republic - first appeared in the public's eye in the year 1992 with the band John Dovanni. Through the years, Petr has been playing and composing alongside some of the biggest personalities in the Czech musical scene (Ladislav Kninek an Kreyson, Vilem nok, Bara Basikova and Precedems, Pancho and Petr Kolan. In the year 2007, Henych composed, recorded and released his first instrumental album "Na Vlastnich Rukou", and shortly after founded his own band - featuring bass player Martin Hronek and drummer Jakub Homola. The trio has been named G-BOD and is performing compositions from the "Na Vlastnich Rukou" CD, as well as a couple of cover tunes from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani. 2010 brings the latest band release with 12 all-instrumental rock tracks, Pleasure Trip, several years in the making - and well worth the wait!

Anthimos Manti: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition - Anthimos Manti Entry

Morgan Pettersson: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Morgan Pettersson Plays a Woodo Woodo GTC4 telecaster and Wyres Strings.

Morgan Pettersson Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Brenno Cezar Dinaroski: rock jams

HDG Contest 2011 - Cool Ways - Brenno Guitar

Concurso Cultural Eu Faço Música com Tecnologia - BRENNO GUITAR

Remy Hansen: in the Studio

Remy Hansen with Alex van Voorst messing around in the studio

Alex and Remy in the Studio

Arnaldo Garcia: Suhr Rock ballad

Rock ballad jam by Arnaldo

Py Marani: tribute to Blues Saraceno

PY MARANI plays Blues Saraceno " Remember When "

Brenno Cezar Dinaroski,Hussein Haddad: 1st and 2nd place Guitar Battle 2011

Congratulations to all those that took part and to the winners Brenno Cezar Dinaroski,Hussein Haddad 1st and 2nd respectively.

Guitar Battle - Brenno Guitar Winner

Expomusic 2011 Hussein Haddad Guitar Battle ( 2nd place ) Eagle

Adriano Ferreira conversation with the two finalists of the "Battle in Expomusic." Watch Haddad x Breno duel on the stage of Eagle. Support: Holy also a combatant: | Watch complete coverage: and check out photos of the fair: http://

Final Guitar Battle - Expomusic 2011

Semi-Final Guitar Battle - Expomusic 2011

Brian Carroll: Buckethead's three faces from the faceless

Awesome chops, fantastic fan base, a mask, a bucket for a hat... got to be a great way to make a living!




Airton Mann: rocking Expomusic 2011

Airton Mann - EXPOMUSIC 2011 - BORNE amps - Ibanez S770

Airton Mann - Expomusic 2011 - BORNE amplificadores - Ibanez S770

Airton Mann - Expomusic 2011 - BORNE amplificadores - Ibanez S770

Matt Raines: 7 String Forshage Ergo Klein Headless Archtop

Forshage Ergo Klein Headless Archtop Guitar WWW.MATTRAINES.COM

Ronnie Montrose: Bad Motor Scooter Dallas 2011

Ronnie Montrose Bad Motor Scooter Dallas 2011

Jordan Rudess: Tribute to the late Steve Jobs

Jordan Rudess:
Although I never met Steve Jobs personally, his work greatly influenced my life and my work. I'm grateful to have been touched by his wizardry and that he shared his vision with all of us. This is a song I wrote for my own iOS instrument called MorphWiz and is a tribute to an amazing and inspirational human being.
Jordan Rudess, Performed in Quebec, Canada on October 9, 2011 (filmed with a Zoom Q3 HD)

Tribute to Steve Jobs

Achilleas Diamantis: Fusionlity Band

Achilleas Diamantis: Fusionlity Band

Scott Jones: Freedom entire album on Sound Cloud

SCOTT JONES FREEDOM by scottjonesmusic

Bryan Aspey: Lydian Interlude

Tales From the Practice Room 1: Lydian Interlude by Bryan Aspey

Fred Brum: Blackmachine B7 - F.A.B.

Fred Brum
-- My album Atonement will be out on November 29 --
If you're interested in ordering a CD / tee, please visit the Store page at :)
Just like I promised to my mates on, here's a playthrough showcasing the Blackmachine B7 I own. It's one of the very few guitars I own without DiMarzio pickups in it, and it's fitted with BKP Aftermaths - Doug tried them on it, I gave them a spin, and they suit the guitar wonderfully IMO. I may try something different one day, but no rush.
Signal path is simple: Blackmachine straight into the Eleven rack, and the only bit of post-production is a bit of low cut on the rhythm tracks. I hope you guys enjoy the track (and the guitar, of course)!

Blackmachine B7 demo - F.A.B. Playthrough

News: 500th YouTube video posted!

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