Samuli Federley: Clinics originals on 7 and 8 strings

Here's yet another clinic video. I was performing at Rockways booth at Music Expo 2011. Helsinki. The song I'm playing here is called Seek & Find and it will be on my upcoming solo album. I hope you enjoy it! Please check out and
Samuli Federley @ Music Expo 2011

Here I'm performing my solo piece called Reality Check at AV-expo 2011, Helsinki. It was my first clinic I did with Palmer. I'm using their amp, FAT50 and a speaker simulator PDI-03. Check out, and

Samuli Federley - Reality Check & AV Expo 2011

This is my new solo tune called Liquid Fire. This is the first time I played it live at Palmers booth at AV Expo 2011, Helsinki. Please check out my band at, and

Samuli Federley - Liquid Fire & AV Expo 2011