Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sarah Longfield: drums too!!


and on guitar... the future looks bright :)

Misguided Mutiny (original) - By Sarah :D

Brett Garsed: Andy Mclaughlan shredknowledge audio interview

An informative chat with Mr Garsed for I hope you enjoy it!

Brett Garsed Interview 20/10/11

Richie Kotzen: 24 Hours CD Release Rehearsal Footage

Take a brief look into the rehearsals for Richie Kotzen's CD release party for his new album "24 Hours." The venue has changed! See Richie and his band live October 23, 2011 at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA. for more details..

Richie Kotzen 24 Hours CD Release Rehearsal Footage/Update

Chris Broderick: David Ellefson - Sudden Deat

Megadeth's David Ellefson and Chris Broderick bust out part of the solo on "Sudden Death" from their upcoming album, Th1rt3en. This is at the Jackson Guitars clinic in New Jersey.

Megadeth's Lick of the Day at Jackson Clinic

Glen Drover,Jim Gilmour: Colors Of Infinity - live at metal works

Glen Drover "Live At Metalworks" during Webcast presented by Magna Carta Records on September 25, 2011. Features Glen Drover - Guitar; Jim Gilmour - Keyboards; Paul Yee - Bass; Chris Sutherland - Drums. Seen by 25,000+ people in 64 countries.

Glen Drover - "Colors Of Infinity"

Dave Martone: Dinky Pinky

Dave Martone - "Live At Metalworks" . Webcast presented by Magna Carta Records on September 25, 2011. Dave Martone - Guitar; David Spidel - Bass; Gary Grace - Drums. The webcast was viewed by 25,000+ people in 64 countries.

Dave Martone - "Dinky Pinky"

News: Jam Track Central

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David Wallimann: V Picks tested

A Bunch Of V-Picks

Adam Ironside: Cosmology - Recording Blog 9

Cosmology - Recording Blog 9

Tom Quayle: Nonchalant noodle

Jazz Noodling on 'After You, Who?' (Cole Porter) Changes

Ron Jarzombek: 'Cretaceous Chasm' - scored for King Kong!

Technical extreme metal all-stars BLOTTED SCIENCE, featuring guitarist/mastermind Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, TERRESTRIAL EXILED, SPASTIC INK), bassist Alex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSE,HATE ETERNAL), and drummer Hannes Grossmann (OBSCURA, TERRESTRIAL EXILED), have posted the companion video to the song 'Cretaceous Chasm' at this location It comes off the band's latest effort, 'The Animation Of Entomology', released October 4 on EclecticElectric.

Described as "a cross between CANNIBAL CORPSE, SPASTIC INK, and a Bugs Bunny cartoon", 'The Animation Of Entomology' takes Jarzombek's life-long fascination with animated cartoons, bugs and assorted creepy crawlies to a whole new level: "We wanted to follow up ‘The Machinations Of Dementia’ along some of the same lines of science and gore, and came up with a killer concept and some great material with yet another 12-tone writing system. I totally busted my ass syncing things up, carefully orchestrated music to film, bug movies actually, and nit-picked notes to death on this material until my fingers bled and my brain nearly exploded. How everything falls into place I think is beyond incredible! Whether this is the heaviest or most technical thing I've ever done, I don't really know or care, but no other band/project is pulling off what we are doing with this EP."

The folllow-up to the band's highly acclaimed 2007 'The Machinations Of Dementia' full-length album was produced and mixed by Ron Jarzombek and recorded in San Antonio, TX, Tampa, FL, and V. Santura's (OBSCURA, TRIPTYKON) Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany where the drums were cut. Mastering duties were once again handled by Jacob Hansen(VOLBEAT, DESTRUCTION) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark. The cover art was done by Atlanta, GA-based artist Richard Morley of Morley Arts.

For more info visit:

Music scored to the movie 'King Kong' (2005)

NOTE: For those of you who want to view the video to match up to 'Cretaceous Chasm' on big screen at home, here's how to sync it up: Pull up the 'King Kong' DVD and when the time code hits 1:53:32, start the Blotted Science recording of 'Cretaceous Chasm'. You'll know that it is perfectly synced if when the worm guy's face appears (at 1:53:36), it is EXACTLY when the heavy Low C note is hit.

'Cretaceous Chasm' - Music by Blotted Science

Richie Kotzen: CD release party moves to Paladino's

The Venue for Richie Kotzen's cd release party on Sunday
October 23rd has changed from the House Of Blues to Paladino's
Tickets available at the door

Stephen Ross: Chromatic Shred Lick

Stephen Ross - Chromatic Shred Lick

Todd Duane: Bogner Fish in Cameron CCV FX Loop

Bogner Fish in Cameron CCV FX Loop. I'm just dialing in the "Shark" Channel. It sounds like a hottrodded Plexi to me ala early Van Halen. Running thru an older "vintage" CCV FX loop Return. The cab/speakers are a Mesa Standard 4x12 w V30 and 65's. The guitar is an '
'01 Gibson R8 w/ a Rebel Yell bridge.

Bogner Fish in Cameron CCV FX Loop

Joe Bonamassa: Jim Dunlop interview

The Cult Of Jazz III - Joe Bonamassa

Eric Johnson: Jim Dunlop interview

Cult Of Jazz III - Eric Johnson

Todd Duane: cranking out Van Halen on '69 Marshall Plexi

'69 Marshall Plexi cranked doing Van Halen songs

James Bell: Blues for Alzheimer's... lest we forget...

This is a jam to Blues Guitar Backing Track in Bm (B minor) live at Oddfellows in stafford. This performance was part of a show to raise money for Alzheimer's disease.

Heavy Blues Improvisation - SHRED - James Bell Live

Lou Villanova: tapping the 7th chord

TAP THAT AXE 7th chord Arpeggio tap

Ben Kuzay: Bass Shredder

Ben Kuzay's album "Perpetual Reign" from the following websites: (cd or digital download) (cd) Lead Bass: Ben Kuzay Keyboard: Daniel Kuzay Guitar: Barry Kuzay Drums: Allen Sklar Copyright 2009, Ben Kuzay Music All rights reserved.
Ben Kuzay "Defending The Fortress" (live 11-15-2009) Ben Kuzay "Metropolis/Passage Through A Strange Place" (live 4-16-2011) Ben Kuzay "Vortex" (live 4-30-2011)

David Locke: tribute to Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Hallelujah - David Locke - Mama Pickups